A New Eyeshadow Palette

Sunday, 28 May 2017

You may have looked at the title of this post and thought, 'Olivia, another new eyeshadow palette??'... well, I haven't actually purchased eyeshadow of any kind since I bought my Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Modern Renaissance' palette around January, and what's more, when I got a glimpse of the eyeshadow palette that I'm featuring in today's post, I just couldn't resist adding to my ever-growing palette collection once again!

Whenever I'm in Superdrug or Boots, I do like to have a little peek at the Sleek counter, as after purchasing my Solstice highlighter palette a few months ago, I have found myself rather in love with a lot of their products. Anyway, pretty much as soon as I reached the stand, I noticed the rather beautiful i-Divine Original eyeshadow palette, that especially caught my eye due to it being packed full of gorgeous shimmery shadows.

2 Years of Blogging + Some Photos of Food...

Saturday, 20 May 2017

So, my blog is now two years old... Yes, it's been a whole two years since I first plucked up the courage to write up a blog post, and in all honesty I can't really believe how far I have come since then! 

I don't really like being soppy and sentimental though, so all I really want to say is a big THANK YOU to all of you out there who have read and supported my blog over the past 24 months, I'm so grateful that you take the time to read my work, follow me on social media, and leave me such kind comments...

Anyway, now onto today's post - which just so happens to be about one of my favourite things, food!

I love food. Whenever I go out, I am that annoying person who has to take a photo of their plate before they start eating, and sometimes I'm even that person who stops another person from starting to eat, just to take a photo of their plate of food too - therefore, I thought it necessary to compile some of the nicest dishes that I have ate whilst out and about in restaurants etc recently, in a little post today!

Breakfast at Bill's - it seems only right to talk about the first meal of the day before all other foods, and what's more I just have to tell you all how gorgeous the scrambled egg on toast is at Bill's! Me and my Mom have visited Bill's in Birmingham a couple of times at breakfast time now, and on both occasions have both had the scrambled egg on toast - it really is rather lovely, and considering I'm awful at making scrambled egg myself (I burnt it last time I tried), it's really nice to go out and eat a nice plate of it elsewhere.

The Cutest Essie Nail Polish...

Sunday, 14 May 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that it was finally time to have a clear out of some of my old makeup, and an area that definitely required particular attention had to be my vast collection of nail polishes! In all honesty, I can't remember for the life of me the last time that I properly went through my box of nail polishes and had a clear out - therefore, I was pretty disgusted by the state of some of the bottles and the liquid inside of them, by the time I finally got round to having a clear out.

With the collection reduced considerably, I then thought it only right to go out and buy myself a new nail polish, and upon entering Boots, I of course found myself immediately gravitating towards the Essie stand. Most of my remaining collection is probably made up of Essie polishes - after trying out a number of different brands over the years, I have to say that Essie has slowly crept it's way up to the top of the rankings for me (don't get me wrong, I do also love OPI), and if it was up to me, I would probably just own the whole shade range that they offer!

Vinyl Shopping

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Music is clearly a big passion of mine, and collecting vinyl has literally developed into a hobby for me over the past few months - therefore, I am always buying new albums and finding new vinyl purchases, and as I have been doing every so often, I thought I would again compile a little post about some of my recently bought records today...

New Order - Power, Corruption and Lies

Not only does this album have the coolest cover ever ( I really do love it), but the music featured is also pretty fantastic. My love of New Order pretty much started with an adoration of their famous song 'Blue Monday', and it was when I delved deeper into their musical catalogue that I discovered that I liked a lot of their other songs too.

'Power, Corruption and Lies' stood out particularly to me as an album that I really wanted to get on vinyl due to the fact that it features so many great songs - particular favourites include 'Age of Consent', 'The Village', and also '5-8-6', and it must be said that since I got this album around a month or so ago, I have really been loving listening to it, as it serves as great music whilst revising or getting ready.

The Stones Roses - The Stones Roses

I honestly think that this album by The Stone Roses is probably something that everyone with a record player should probably try and buy, as it is quite simply a classic album by a really great band! All too many times I simply passed this album in HMV and didn't think to buy it, but after numerous listens to all of the songs on Spotify, I finally got round to making the purchase a few weeks ago - since then, I have been pretty obsessed with this album and all that it has to offer, as with classic songs such as 'I Wanna Be Adored' and 'She Bangs the Drums' featured, I do find that listening to this album can pretty much always put me in a good mood.
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