Spring Time

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I must say that usually I'm that person who is all about the winter months, and just adores the big jumpers, warm drinks and dark nights... However, this year, I have felt rather different and in all honesty the sunny days of spring have felt like a bit of a welcome change for me after months of cold weather.

I don't really know where this change of heart has come from, but although that I do still like the autumn and winter months, waking up to the sun shining in through my blinds has really made me feel rather happy! Therefore, today I thought I would just talk a little about some of the Spring-related things that I am loving (and what better to way to write such a post, but on a super sunny day with the birds chirping just outside my window)...

I do feel like I say this all the time (and I mean all the time), but I do really really love flowers. I literally hate to see my room void of a vase full of lovely flowers, and so over the past few weeks have been getting through a fair few bunches. If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably have realised that I have a particular love for yellow flowers - I can't get over just how cute and spring- like yellow flowers look, and apart from the bunches of daffodils and roses that are so often sat in my room, I have also really loved seeing all the trees and plants outside in full bloom again, as they do all look so pretty (especially on a sunny day!).

I have also been really loving all the sunny weather that we have been experiencing recently too - for some reason, this past winter I found myself getting really sick of all the doom and gloom of cloudy, rainy weather, so to see the sun shining once again is the nicest thing. When the sun is out, everything really does seem to look that bit prettier, and in all honesty my mood does instantly lift on a sunny day...

What's more, it's also been pretty nice to start wearing all my more colourful clothing items again, and despite my usual love of wearing all things black and grey, I have been loving seeing all the bright colours return to the shops (particularly, there seems to be a fair bit of yellow floating around which is completely fine with me if the below shirt, and also my Instagram feed is anything to go by!)

Well, you may well have guessed that I am really revelling in all things spring at the moment, and just can't get enough of the sunny days and cute flowers - as well as being able to dig out all my brightly coloured nail polishes and lipsticks once again!

I am sorry that this has only be a short post though, but I have just had so much revision to wade through recently - however, I do have a fair few more interesting posts lined up for the next few weeks, detailing my recent travels and purchases.

Olivia xo


  1. Beautiful blouse! ;)


  2. I'm love with this blouse and these flowers xx


  3. I am so loving Spring right now, even though I don't usually. And you can't beat a vase of flowers to brighten up your home. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I completely agree, I love flowers so much!!

  4. I'm a big Autumn/Winter gal and I don't think it'll ever change but I am glad to see a little bit of sunshine and the rain to of stopped. I'm not looking forward to summer because I just don't like it when it's mega hot!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. It is so nice to see the sun again isn't it! But I completely agree, I hate it when it's too hot, it just makes me feel like I can't be bothered to do anything!


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