A Visit To Edinburgh

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Quite some time ago, on one of my many previous 'Travel Bucket Lists', I mentioned that I would really like to visit Edinburgh - for some reason, I had never been to Scotland before, despite the fact that it isn't really very far from where I live in comparison to the 11 hour flight I took to get to Los Angeles last year... however, a couple of weeks ago, I finally made the visit to Edinburgh and after really enjoying my time there, thought it only fair to share some photos from my trip!

But... before we got to Edinburgh, we did make a stop off in Newcastle for a couple of days. The drive to Edinburgh would have been something like 5 and a half hours if we had driven directly there, so it definitely made sense to visit another city (another city that I had never visited before actually) en route. 

So as we drove up, I of course had to get a photo of the Angel of the North, as you can see above - this was taken as we drove up to the Metrocentre shopping centre, where I engaged in some well earned retail therapy after the long drive (although, I will probably share more details on my purchases another time).

On our second day we did actually pay a visit to Newcastle city centre. Unfortunately though, it was Easter Sunday so not all that much was open, and it was also raining which was a bit annoying but we still managed to have a nice walk around, with a quick visit to an art museum and also lunch in Wagamama (see the gorgeous vegetable yaki soba that I had below) - from this rather brief visit to the city, I can say that it did seem like a really lovely place though, and I would definitely love to visit again in the future to have a better look around.

So, after a couple of days in the Newcastle area, we did finally make the journey up to Edinburgh, where we actually stayed in the area of Leith (a photo of which you can see above), right by a really lovely shopping centre that had plenty of nice restaurants for us to eat in at night (and where I ate the lovely tiramisu that you can see below), as well as the Royal Yacht Britannia and it's museum being attached, which we also visited on one of the days that we were there...

I must say how much I really loved the city of Edinburgh though before I talk about the sorts of things we did and saw whilst we were there - whilst the city was quite busy with tourists, it was still one of the most picturesque places I have visited in a long time, with plenty of old buildings and cobbled streets about. A particular favourite area of the city for me was probably the Royal Mile, which you can see in the above photo, as it was just full of lovely old buildings and also housed a really great record store called 'Unknown Pleasures', where I managed to pick up a couple of really great records, as well as a Joy Division t-shirt (I will probably also be sharing about my recent vinyl purchases in another future post, so stay tuned for that).

Whilst in the city, we also managed to visit a few of the other shops on the famous Princes Street, as well as have a browse around a few of Edinburgh's many museums, including the Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh and Childhood. A really nice spot in the city to take some great photos though, was up Calton Hill - several of the photos featured in this post were took up there, and it is definitely a great place to go to take some pictures of the city away from the masses of people.

It felt so nice to be able to write up a (sort of) travel post once again, especially considering that said post is about a city that I have wanted to visit for a really long time and subsequently really enjoyed going to. Edinburgh is definitely somewhere that I would love to visit again in the future, and for any of you who are yet to visit, I would certainly say that a trip to the capital of Scotland is very worthwhile!

Olivia xo


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