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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Only the other day I was sat thinking about how it had been quite some time since I actually went out and bought myself some new makeup - for me, this is of course very strange, because as a 'self-confessed lover of makeup',  I'm normally always in Boots scouring through the many beauty stands they have. Therefore, I thought I would quickly right this wrong, and purchase some new makeup goodies as soon as I next went shopping... hence why, I found myself at the Loreal stand only days later purchasing two new products for myself!

The two new products that I got myself were, as you may have guessed from the above photo, the Infallible Concealer Palette, and also one of the Blush Sculpt Trios.

My main reason for wanting to purchase the Blush Sculpt was really just because I kind of wanted a new blusher to try out and add to my collection, and when I saw this lovely looking product for just £7.99, I couldn't really say no - you see, blusher is always something that I sort of disregard and forget about when makeup shopping, but due to the fact that spring and summer are on the horizon now I thought it would be nice to venture out and get myself a new pretty pink blush product!

From my few uses of this product so far, I can already really tell how much I'm going to like using it for the foreseeable future... I really love how you can use the shades included in this trio separately depending on what sort of pink you are after, or all at the same time to achieve a more ombre blush look.

I also had my reasons for wanting to purchase the Infallible Concealer Palette - firstly, I needed some new concealer to be honest, and secondly, I had never tried all the different tones of concealer shades out before and so thought that a new product such as this was definitely the path to go down in order to give it a go.

Again, I must say that from what I have seen so far of this product, I am really impressed with it, and although I am still getting to grips with what shade of concealer I need to use to combat each sort of skin problem, I do love the creaminess of each of the concealers, and how easy they are to blend into my base. I also really love the sleek packaging of this palette, as as well as the fact that you do get a fair amount of each shade of concealer inside, which makes me feel not so bad about spending £12.99 on it!

All in all though, I am extremely happy with my new makeup purchases, and in honesty it did just feel good to go out and buy myself some new beauty products anyway, after going a few weeks without doing so...

Olivia xo

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  1. Oooh I've been tempted to buy a concealer palette with colour correctors in and this has definitely tempted me even more! x

    Kayleigh /

    1. I was tempted for ages but I wanted to find one that wasn't too expensive and would still be good, I'm really happy with this one and totally recommend it!!

  2. That concealer palette looks good. Such a pretty blush

    1. They are both really lovely products!

  3. Love it ;)

  4. That blush looks so pretty!!

    xo, Liz


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