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Sunday, 26 March 2017

I love music, and can scarcely walk past somewhere like HMV without sneaking in to have a look through the vinyl, and probably buy an album! Therefore, recently I shared a post detailing a couple of my favourite albums, and after really enjoying being able to write a bit about the music I love, I thought that I would again type up another short post today on some of my recent vinyl purchases...

Blur - Parklike

I'm not a massive fan of a wide range of 90's music, but I do love the whole Britpop sort of genre featuring bands such as Oasis, Pulp and of course, Blur. I have loved Blur for quite some time, but only recently ticked 'Parklike' (probably their most famous album) off my Vinyl Wishlist - I have zero clue why it has took me so long to get round to actually buying any Blur album on vinyl, hence why since I finally made my purchase just a month or so ago, I have had Parkilfe on my turntable quite a lot!

This album has quickly become one of my favourites in my collection due to how much I love the vast majority of songs on there; particular favourites include 'Girls and Boys', 'End of a Century', 'London Loves', and 'Trouble in the Message Centre'. Therefore, I definitely want to purchase another Blur album on vinyl at some point in the near future, and I do in fact already have my eye on 'The Great Escape' which also has lots of cool songs on.

The Smiths - Louder than Bombs

You have probably all guessed by now that I really do love The Smiths, and because of this I am pretty focussed on trying to purchase near enough the whole collection of Smiths albums for myself on vinyl. So far, I am doing pretty well, and my most recent purchase of 'Louder than Bombs' has helped me to get even closer to my goal - now, only 'Strangeways, Here We Come', and 'The Smiths' remain on my wishlist.

Anyway, 'Louder than Bombs' is pretty much a compilation album full of singles and b-sides, and in all honesty, I really love it and have been listening to it near enough everyday since I made the purchase a few weeks back! I adore literally every song by The Smiths in all honesty, so it would be quite difficult to say which I am loving listening to the most on this particular album; however, 'Ask' and 'Panic' will always be favourites of mine, and recently I have also been listening to 'Shakespeare's Sister', 'Rubber Ring' quite a lot too.

The Beatles - Abbey Road

I actually got 'Abbey Road' as a bit of a bargain, because recently there has been a new magazine launched that features a different Beatles' album with every issue - in all honesty, I only got the first issue featuring 'Abbey Road' due to the fact that the magazine cost only £9.99, which does save some money considering that normally the vinyl album alone would cost about £18 from somewhere like HMV.

I do love the Beatles, but already have quite a few of their albums so hadn't really planned on purchasing anymore, anytime soon; although, I couldn't really refuse the offer when I saw it a few weeks ago, and have since really been enjoying listening to 'Abbey Road', with particular favourite songs being 'Here Comes the Sun', 'Come Together', and 'Oh! Darling'.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed another little write up about some of the music that I love, and the vinyl that I have recently purchased...

Olivia xo


  1. I love listening to The Smiths and The Beatles on vinyl because it's like all these songs you've listened to a thousand times become new again. Such a nice sound. Love to bond over vinyl with you!

    1. I completely agree, I can listen to the same song over and over on my turntable and it sounds so good each time! I'm so happy that you're just as passionate about vinyl as me!


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