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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Before I start today's post, I must apologise for having not posted for a week now - it was actually my Birthday on the weekend so I decided to give myself a bit of time off! However, I am now back, and to start February off, I thought I would write up a little something on one of my recent beauty purchases...

After what feels like forever and ever and ever, I am finally the proud owner of the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Modern Renaissance' Palette! Yes, after months upon months of deliberating over whether to actually buy this palette for myself or not (and then once I had finally decided to get it, looking around to find someplace where it was in stock), I can actually, finally say that this beautiful palette is a part of my makeup collection!

After a rather long search, I eventually opted to purchase my palette from Beauty Bay (a great choice as well, considering that it actually arrived the next day) for £41 (I think as of the time that this post goes live, the palette is still in stock on Beauty Bay too!) , which I think is pretty much the staple price of this product. Due to it's high-endness, I definitely don't regard a product like the 'Modern Renaissance' Palette as something that I could simply go out and buy any day - but considering that it has recently been Christmas, I thought that I might as well treat myself to this lovely palette, that I have seemed to yearn for for such a long time.
I must say though, that my wait to own this product has certainly paid off... as soon as I opened up my Beauty Bay parcel in fact, I forgot all the jealousy that I had felt upon seeing tons of other people post pictures of this beautiful palette. The outside box that holds the 'Modern Renaissance' Palette is the prettiest pink, and the actual casing of the palette itself is of a sort of velvet effect, which definitely shows the sort of attention to detail paid when designing and making this product - and also absolutely makes you feel not so bad about just blowing over £40 on an eyeshadow palette!

Of course, having had this particular palette stuck at the top of my 'Beauty Wishlist' for the past few months, I had a pretty good idea about what sorts of eyeshadow shades I could hope to find inside the palette when I finally purchased it myself. I must say though, the shadows themselves do in fact look even more beautiful in real life (if that's even possible), and just one glance at the selection of 14 colours on offer proved too much for me, and I was immediately off swatching them all.

Although the vast majority of views and comments on this all seem to rave about it's fantastic quality and the high pigmentation of each of the eyeshadows, I still don't think I was all the prepared for just how good the product itself was! A quick swatch proved just how pigmented each shadow was, and when I finally got round to actually applying some to my eyelids a day or so later, I must say that I got really rather excited - I honestly couldn't believe how beautiful all the shadows appeared to look, with particular favourites of mine so far being of the red and pink variety, like 'Red Ochre', 'Love Letter' and also 'Venetian Red'.

I have of course tried to swatch all of the lovely shadows from the 'Modern Renaissance' Palette here in this post (see below), for any of you out there who are facing the same deliberation that I did in terms of whether to buy this product of not - even from my first impressions of this glorious palette, I would have to say 'Yes! Go for it'!

(1. Tempera 2. Golden Ochre 3. Vermeer 4. Buon Fresco 5. Antique Bronze 6. Love Letter 7. Cyprus Umber)

(8. Raw Sienna 9. Burnt Orange 10. Primavera 11. Red Ochre 12. Venetian Red 13. Warm Taupe 14. Realgar)

Hopefully if you all did enjoy finding out a bit about this beautiful Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette today, I will try and get round to actually pairing a few shadows together in a later post to display how I have been applying and wearing the colours of this product!

Olivia xo

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  1. Beautiful colors! ;)

  2. I'm glad you liked this palette. It's my absolute fave! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I really really love it! I'm so glad I finally got it!


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