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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Seeing as it has recently been Christmas, I figured what better to do with my holidays than go out and have a good old spend! It feels like I haven't gone out and had a proper spending spree for an incredibly long time, so to do so on a few occasions over the past couple of weeks certainly felt very nice indeed!

And, as per usual, a lot of new purchases means a brand new haul - after a very large time lapse since my last haul of any kind, it really does feel strange to sit and write this one up... but with clothes, accessories and new vinyl records involved, I do hope you all enjoy reading this post!

A New Bag 

For quite some time now I have known that a new bag was certainly on the cards for me as soon as I got some money to treat myself at Christmas, because after a cull in the bag department a few months back, I literally only had two usable bags at my disposal... and for me, this wasn't at all good!

So, when I visited Stradivarius (for the first time ever) on my recent trip to Spain, one look at their rather fabulous bag department was enough to convince me where my new bag was going to come from! After a brief period of decision making (mostly over which colour bag to buy), I ended up purchasing the pretty lovely red bag that you can see in the above and below photos. 

In all honesty, I really am rather chuffed with this bag - not only was it pretty inexpensive (about 20 Euros I think), but the colour of it is perfect and the roomy, medium size of it also makes it perfect to use on a daily basis and fit all of my bits and pieces in. 

 A New Hoodie 

I must admit that I'm not the biggest hoodie wearer out there (more of a jumper fan to be honest), but when I saw the below hoodie sat in Bershka whilst I was shopping in Spain I just knew that I had to get it...

First, let me backtrack a little and tell you about the first time that I actually saw this item - I was in London a couple of months ago, and amidst a crowded Oxford Street Bershka Store, saw this lovely hoodie. It really did seem perfect; soft, cosy, rather baggy and also with a cute little slogan on the front ('Sweater Weather'), yet I didn't buy it and pretty much regretted that decision the moment that I got home.

So, when I saw this hoodie again a couple of weeks or so ago, I knew that I had to purchase it this time around... and just like I expected, I have already fallen in love with everything about this item (that also wasn't really all the expensive at about 22 Euros), from it's cosiness to the way it can effortlessly keep me warm in the winter chill.

A New T-shirt

You can't really go wrong with purchasing a new tee at any point in the year, especially when said t-shirt is actually from Pull&Bear, and is really super cute with a little dragonfly motif on it!

In Pull&Bear they seem to stock tonnes of really cute slogan and patterned t-shirts, which made the decision of which one to get really quite difficult. After a bit of deliberation though, I eventually settled on the cute little tee that you can see below, which I personally think is a really lovely colour (you have just got to love a bit of burgundy!) and also only cost about 10 Euros, which I would have to say is a bit of a bargain, all things considered.

A New Pair of Shoes

It's true that I only received a new pair of shoes at Christmas time (those shoes being a pair of Converse), but due to most of my other shoes being in a bit of dire state after months of constant wear, another thing that I really wanted to treat myself to after Christmas was a pair of black shoes.

My first port of call for nice, new shoes is usually Schuh and this time was no different - as soon as I walked into the store, I spotted the pair of sleek black trainers that you can see below, and fell in love with them pretty much straight away. After trying them on for size and style, I had made up my mind... these lovely shoes were definitely going to become my next purchase, and so far I am really loving wearing them, and pairing them with all my different outfits!

A Couple of New Records

By the time we reached Christmas, it has been a good few months since I had gone out and purchased a new vinyl record for myself, so you can imagine the happiness that I felt upon receiving some money for Christmas to buy myself some new records with, as well as a HMV voucher too!

I did have a bit of a struggle at first trying to find some of the records that I wanted though, as following the Christmas period many on my wishlist were seemingly out of stock. After a good look around Amazon though, I eventually found Maroon 5's 'Songs About Jane', which is an album that I have wanted to buy myself for quite some time, after having listened to a lot of the songs on there since I was younger.

What's more, for quite some time now, I have known that I need to buy myself some David Bowie records considering that before the Christmas period, my collection (if you can even call it that) consisted of only one single! So, after finding out that a new compilation album called 'Legacy' was soon to be released, I quickly ordered that for myself, before going in to HMV later and pursing yet another album called 'ChangesOne' - this again is a bit of a 'the best of album' which although has a few song overlaps with my other new album, is a really cool lp and one I have found myself listening to a heck of a lot since I bought it!

*** I do have a Vinyl Haul post coming up very soon though, containing more of my recently bought records, so stay tuned for that too!

As you can probably tell, I have certainly made the most of my free time recently, and packed in a lot of much needed retail therapy following the Christmas period! I'm really happy with the purchases I have mentioned in this post today though, as well as some of the others that I have made over the past couple of weeks... I also really hope you all enjoyed this haul post, especially as it is also my Birthday soon so there will probably be a few more similar upcoming posts!

Olivia xo


  1. i love the little bits you've bought - especially that bag. the colour is so pretty!
    jen | velvet spring

    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with the handbag, it's my favourite thing right now!

  2. Such a great shirt!

  3. Lovely haul! The bag is really nice! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. That bag is such a lovely colour! Love a good haul post :) x x


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