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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

I love all things music, and do spend the vast majority of my time listening to music either on my laptop or on my record player. When I am doing work or studying, I really find that music is the best thing to keep me nice and de-stressed, but I do of course love listening to it in my free time too - so much a hobby has my love of music become, that I am regularly out buying myself new records, and lately it seems that I have managed to amass a fair few more vinyls to add to my collection... some of which I thought I would share with you all here today!


Maroon 5 - 'Songs About Jane'

I have adored this album for such an incredibly long time, and can remember listening to it on CD when I was young - therefore, when I saw the vinyl version of it sat in HMV a few months ago, I just had to put it right at the top of my 'Record Wishlist'. This album is literally jam-packed with easy listening tunes, and since purchasing it a couple of weeks ago I have found it the perfect LP to put on my turntable if I want some more laid back music on whilst I study!

Current Favourite Songs from this LP - 'Harder to Breathe', 'This Love', 'The Sun'

David Bowie - 'ChangesOne'

I have found myself wanting to buy a Bowie album for quite some time now, after merely owning just one of his singles ('Let's Dance) up until very recently. So the fact that I have now got two new Lp's by David Bowie to add to my ever growing record collection makes me very happy indeed. 'ChangesOne' particularly appealed to me as it is a sort of 70's compilation, and considering it was on sale in HMV, I have already got a good amount of use out of it, and will of course continue to do so too!

Current Favourite Songs from this LP - 'John, I'm only Dancing', 'Suffragette City', 'Space Oddity'

David Bowie - 'Legacy'

As I previously said, I have recently bought myself two new Bowie records...with 'Legacy', of course being the second of those two. This new compilation album was actually only released on vinyl on 6th January, but within the short time of me owning it I have certainly made the most of playing it - packed full of literally every Bowie hit (sadly apart from 'Modern Love', which happens to be one of my favourites), I was so excited to receive this album once I preordered it, and now that it is in my possession I literally couldn't be happier with it!

Current Favourite Songs from this LP - 'Life on Mars', 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Heroes'

The Police - 'Synchronicity'

The other day, I was literally only saying to my Mom how difficult it is to get hold of The Police's albums on vinyl - then, about half an hour later, I found 'Synchronicity' at a record fair! To say that I was happy with this discovery is probably a bit of an understatement (in all honesty, it completely made my weekend), but in my defence I really do love The Police and had been wanting to own this album so badly for such a long time... so much so that I literally haven't stopped playing it since I got it!

Current Favourite Songs from this LP - 'Every Breath You Take', 'King of Pain', 'Wrapped Around Your Finger'


The Cure - 'The LoveCats'

I just love scouring through all the singles at Record Fairs because in all honesty you never really do know what you are going to come across - finding 'The LoveCats' was a prime example of this, because after really loving this song for quite some time, I never did expect to find and purchase it the other weekend, and was obviously very happy to do so!

Duran Duran - 'The Reflex'

I do already own a few Duran Duran singles, but because their albums are so expensive to buy, finds like these at record fairs are literally the perfect thing - 'The Reflex' is literally such a fab song, that for only £1 I really couldn't resist buying it (not doing so would definitely have been a crime)!

Tears For Fears - 'Mad World'

'Songs from the Big Chair' by Tear for Fears is literally one of my favourite vinyl albums, so when I found another Tears for Fears single to add to my collection at the recent record fair I attended, I was very happy indeed as I do love the aforementioned band and song a heck of a lot!

Prince - '1999'

I thought that this particular single was pretty cool considering that the main song on it is '1999' and the b-side track is actually 'Little Red Corvette' - therefore, for £2.99 I thought that I definitely couldn't miss the chance to buy this single!

Prince - 'When Doves Cry'

There did seem to be a fair few Prince singles at the recent record fair that I went to, so as you can probably tell that I took full advantage of that and also bought 'When Doves Cry' whilst I was there - I do really love this song, and although my little vinyl single has a bit of a skip at the start, I am still very happy to add it to my collection.

I must say that I am really sorry that a fair few of the records in this post still have little price tags on, but I did try to get them off before thinking better of it due to the fact that I didn't want to tear any of the sleeves of my vinyls...

Despite that minor hiccup, I do still hope that you all enjoyed this post - as you can probably tell, I do love any sort of retro music, and therefore all the music in my collection does seem to be a good thirty years old at least! However, I do adore all of the records that I have recently bought and am pretty chuffed to have found so many vinyls by artists that I love lately, as well as a fair few 80's tunes (which so happens to be my favourite musical decade)!

Please feel free to comment about the music you love in the comments below also, as any inspiration on other songs and artists for me to listen to in future is always welcome!

Olivia xo 


  1. Love this!

  2. Great picks! I really want to grow my vinyl collection this year :)

    xo, Liz

    1. Me too! It's like my main aim of the year to do so!

  3. I always sing along to old 80's songs in the car with my mum but I never listen to them outside of it! I really want to start thought and this post definitely inspired that xx

    1. Aww I'm glad that it inspired you, as you can tell, I love old music - it's the best!!


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