Palmer's Hair Care!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

I literally love all things haircare, so you can imagine my excited when a couple of weeks ago, I received the nicest gift bag from Palmer's...

The only real experience I have previously had with Palmer's, was with using their gorgeous Cocoa Butter (this stuff smells absolutely amazing by the way!), so I was pretty intrigued by the fact that said brand also sold all manner of other skincare and haircare products. 

Anyway, the products that I got send from Palmer's were from the Coconut Oil collection, which is a new range and is specifically for treating 'dry, damaged, or colour treated' hair - so, considering that I recently had my hair dyed, I thought it would be the perfect timing to try out some new hair care products!!

Opening up my bag of goodies was pretty exciting - considering that the items are from the Coconut Oil range, I just had to have a smell of them straight away, and oh my gosh... they smell amazing, and totally make me feel all summery! 

Sunglasses Collection...

Sunday, 16 July 2017

I do really really love sunglasses... so much so that I always find myself gravitating towards the sunglasses stand whenever I enter a shop, which has ultimately meant that I now have quite a few pairs of sunglasses in my collection!

What with it being pretty sunny and warm here in the UK recently, I have found myself delving into my sunglasses collection quite a lot - whilst recently writing up a post about some of my new fashion items, I got the idea that perhaps a little round up of some of my favourite pairs of sunglasses would also make for a rather cool post. So, here we are today, and I have pretty much just picked out a few of my most worn, and most loved sunnies to share with you all!

Firstly, it seems only right to talk about my most recently bought pair of sunglasses - from Topshop, this lovely pair were mentioned in another recent blog post, but due to my immense love for them, they do definitely need to be mentioned here again. 

As soon as I neared Topshop's sunglasses stand, this pair immediately caught my eye. I have really been struggling to find these on the Topshop website, but I do believe that they cost me something like £18, which I think is a pretty reasonable price for such a cool, retro-looking pair of glasses, that I have already got a lot of use out of!

New Benefit Goodies

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Recently,  I have been lucky enough (and I mean seriously lucky!) to receive some really lovely items from one of my favourite beauty brands... Benefit

I have literally felt so excited by all my new deliveries, that I just had to put together a post on them as soon as possible - I have tried some of the items before, but still thought it would be nice to write up a first impressions post today, so you can all get to know a bit more about the newest items in my makeup collection...

I was pretty shocked to receive an unexpected parcel from Benefit, and was even more shocked to see that inside my parcel was a box set full of Boi-ing concealers! Benefit have recently rebranded a lot of their best selling concealers to make a full Boi-ing collection, and as someone who has really loved the original Boi-ing concealer for quite some time, I was pretty excited to start trying out the rest of the collection too.

Within my box set (which came in the prettiest of tins) are four different concealers...

Industrial Strength Concealer - this is the original Boi-ing concealer that I have actually been loving and using for a few years now, and I must say that I felt pretty happy indeed to receive a new one of these considering that my old pot is running a little low! I do absolutely love this concealer though, as it is really versatile and can be used to cover everything from blemishes to dark circles - it's full coverage means that it always comes in handy for me with my problematic skin, and is certainly going to remain as one the most beloved items in my makeup collection for the foreseeable future.

Brightening Concealer - this is apparently the same formula as Benefit's Erase Paste, which is an item that I have never actually tried before. However, I can safely say that I have been loving using this concealer so far as it perfect to give my skin a bit of a boost, and also works really well at covering the dark circles below my eyes.

Hydrating Concealer - this is also the same formula as another Benefit concealer, Fake Up, which is yet again another product that I haven't actually tried out before. Just like with the Brightening Concealer though, I have really been enjoying using this item so far as it's sheer coverage does make it really useful to use on dry skin and also to hydrate under the eyes.

Airbrush Concealer - this is the new concealer that Benefit have very recently released, and when I found out that I was getting to try out a new product I did feel pretty excited! The idea that this concealer wouldn't crease or look to cakey on my skin definitely appealed to me, because as someone who frequently gets bad break outs, it can often be hard to do a good job of covering any blemishes - and so far, this product has really lived up to my expectations, as it does look pretty flawless upon appliance, and although it is quite full coverage it still manages to feel nice and light throughout the day (not at all bad for £17.50, and definitely something that I wouldn't hesitate to purchase myself in the future)!

As well as all these lovely concealers, Benefit also decided to throw in some super cute little Beauty Sponges by Real Techniques, which again made me feel pretty happy as not only do I love the Real Techniques Beauty Sponges, but having them in a mini size makes them perfect to take on holidays or on weekends away!


A little while after my wonderful Boi-ing box set arrived, I was lucky enough to recieve another lovely product from Benefit - this time it was a brow product instead, Gimme Brow, which is an item that I have actually previously owned and loved by Benefit, so was pretty happy to be able to add to my collection once again!

You can get all manner of brow shades for Gimme Brow, but I got number 5 which is a pretty dark brown colour that suits my brows really well indeed, and is usually the perfect thing for me to just put onto my brows to neaten them up after applying whatever normal pencil or wax I have used.


So, as you can see, I have been very lucky indeed recently with the Benefit products that I have received - I must say that I am immensely grateful for all my new bits and pieces, and hope that you all enjoyed finding a little out about each of them today!

Olivia xo

This post was sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics.

June - Favourite Albums

Sunday, 2 July 2017

I haven't exactly been going that mad with buying records over the past few weeks, as I have instead been pretty busy with buying holiday clothes - therefore, I can't exactly write up a vinyl haul post at the moment, so instead thought that today I would just mention a couple of my most loved, and most played albums from the month of June!

Blondie - 'Parallel Lines'

This was actually the most recent record that I bought, and was a bit of an impulse purchase to be honest - I mean, this album was of course on my vinyl wishlist because it's fantastic and I have loved it for an incredibly long time, but at the time of it's purchase, I just sort of impulsively picked it up because I was in HMV and felt like I had to get something...

Anyway, that doesn't really matter now considering that ever since I bought 'Parallel Lines', it has sort of relentlessly been on my turntable! Blondie are definitely one of my favourite bands, and this is certainly my favourite album of theirs - beforehand, I already had 'Eat to the Beat' which is another great album, yet my new addition does seem to take the biscuit due to the fact that every song on the album is really really great (and I also really love the album cover too!).

Favourite Songs - 'Picture This', '11:59', 'Heart of Glass'

The Smiths - 'The Queen is Dead'

This album isn't such a new addition to my collection as I actually bought it back in January, but it is certainly one of my favourites - when people ask me what my favourite album is, this one is normally up there and rightly so, due to it being such an incredible album...

I own four Smiths albums on vinyl at the moment (although there are 3 more that I want), and would probably say that 'The Queen is Dead' is my favourite of the lot - whilst I love my two compilation albums, and also listen to 'Meat is Murder' a lot, this one is just the perfect LP to put on at any time, whatever mood I am in. June has seen this album on my turntable a heck of a lot again, and I'm sure that it will probably keep being played over and over again by me for the foreseeable future too!

Favourite Songs - 'There is a Light that Never Goes Out', 'Cemetery Gates', 'The Queen is Dead'

As you can probably tell, I am pretty passionate about my vinyl collection, and certainly love a lot of albums - hopefully today gave you all a little insight into two of my current favourites, and I do also hope to be back with some more music/vinyl related posts again soon as there are so many more records on my wishlist!

Olivia xo

Review - Pixi Vitamin Makeup Mist

Sunday, 25 June 2017

For seemingly ages, I have raved about how good the Pixi Glow Tonic is (it really is amazing though!), but until the other week I was yet to actually try another product from the Pixi skincare range...

A few weeks ago, my Mom kindly bought me a bottle of the Pixi Vitamin Makeup Mist to try, and as soon as I got my hands on said product, I felt really quite excited to have a try of it! Owing to my immense love of the Pixi Glow Tonic, I found myself putting a large amount of faith in this new item of mine before I had even sprayed the tiniest bit on my face...but was I right to be so excited by this Makeup Mist?

The answer is almost certainly yes! Just a few sprays of this lovely product does indeed leave my skin feeling refreshed and moist, and as the bottle explains, it is the perfect thing to rehydrate skin at any time of the day. As well as this, you can pop the product on before moisturising, as well as after applying your makeup - this immediately makes me think of the Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray (which is probably a more superior product to this Pixi version), as just a spritz of product will help in adding a protective layer to your makeup.

As most of the Pixi skincare products are, this Mist may seem a little pricey for some... for £16 though, you do get a fairly large bottle of product (product that does seem to go a long way considering that I have been applying a couple of sprays a day for a few weeks, and the bottle has only emptied a little bit)! In all the honesty, the only minor fault with this product is the fact that the spray normally tends to come out in clumps, and not as mist - I have actually heard other people mention this about Pixi products though, but to me this is literally only a small fault to an otherwise great product!

Overall though, I must say that so far this product has really lived up to my expectations! The Pixi Glow Tonic is a difficult one to live up to, and whilst the Vitamin Mist isn't exactly right up there alongside it, it still is a lovely product by a fantastic brand, and is great to have at hand during the warmer weather, to help refresh your skin when it begins to feel a little clammy!

Olivia xo

REN Clean Skincare...

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The other week, I was lucky enough to be asked by REN Skincare whether I wanted to try one of the products from their new 'Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium' body range - of course, I jumped at the opportunity, as I particularly had my eye on their Exfoliating Body Scrub, due to the fact that I have been on the lookout for a good exfoliator for some time!

I had previously tried a couple of REN products as a part of beauty advent calendars from years gone by, and was therefore very excited to be trying out another item from their skincare range... This new range by REN looked pretty intriguing too due to the inclusion of kelp being used to fight stress and fatigue, whilst the magnesium and other anti-oxidants used can help to re-energise the skin.

So, when I saw that there was in fact an Exfoliating product being released within the range, I really felt compelled to try it out - a good exfoliator does seem hard to come by, especially one that both exfoliates and moisturises, so I was very much looking forward to give my new product a go once I received it!

Fashion (A Random Assortment of New Things)...

Sunday, 11 June 2017

I'm actually terrible at writing up blog posts to do with fashion, and normally tend to avoid the subject a bit in all honesty - however, to create a bit of a break from the usual makeup review or vinyl haul that you usually find on here, I thought that now was the right time to finally branch out and try and write up a little something about my most recently bought fashion items once again!

(Be warned, I'm actually quite awful at taking photos of pieces of clothing though!)

New Shoes

A few weeks back it occurred to me that I was really in need of getting myself some new, comfy shoes. At Christmas, I had a pair of Converse which are literally the comfiest, and have managed to rack up a lot of wear over the past few months., however, I did kind of need to purchase another pair of trainers so I could sort of mix and match between the two. Therefore, I decided to make the trip to Schuh to take a look at the collections of Vans that they stock...

Straight away, I set my sights on a pair of grey old school Vans, and after trying them on just knew I had to purchase them - and I was definitely right to do so, as the past few weeks have proved just how comfy these shoes are, let alone how nice they look!

May Favourites

Sunday, 4 June 2017

May has been a bit of a hectic month for me, and seems to have ultimately flown by considering that I have spend most of the month revising and doing exams! For that reason, I have been a bit stuck for blog post ideas lately... but, I just knew that I couldn't go wrong with a Monthly Favourites post, to help me wrap up all the things I have been loving over the past few weeks!


May saw me add to my record collection once again, and this time with two amazing albums that I have seriously been wanting to get my hands on for a very long time! Firstly, a trip to Sainsbury's (of all places) saw me purchase 'Definitely Maybe' by Oasis - I do already have their album '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?', but also adore my latest Oasis purchase too, as with songs such as 'Rock 'n' Roll Star', 'Live Forever' and 'Supersonic' featured, this is literally an album that I will never tire of listening to. Another album that I will simply never get bored of though, is 'London Calling' by The Clash... and this was in fact, the other album that I picked up on vinyl in May. I have wanted this particular album for such a long time, considering how much I have previously listened to it on Spotify - I again love literally every song on this album, and in all honesty think that the title track alone cements it as one of the greatest!

A New Eyeshadow Palette

Sunday, 28 May 2017

You may have looked at the title of this post and thought, 'Olivia, another new eyeshadow palette??'... well, I haven't actually purchased eyeshadow of any kind since I bought my Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Modern Renaissance' palette around January, and what's more, when I got a glimpse of the eyeshadow palette that I'm featuring in today's post, I just couldn't resist adding to my ever-growing palette collection once again!

Whenever I'm in Superdrug or Boots, I do like to have a little peek at the Sleek counter, as after purchasing my Solstice highlighter palette a few months ago, I have found myself rather in love with a lot of their products. Anyway, pretty much as soon as I reached the stand, I noticed the rather beautiful i-Divine Original eyeshadow palette, that especially caught my eye due to it being packed full of gorgeous shimmery shadows.

2 Years of Blogging + Some Photos of Food...

Saturday, 20 May 2017

So, my blog is now two years old... Yes, it's been a whole two years since I first plucked up the courage to write up a blog post, and in all honesty I can't really believe how far I have come since then! 

I don't really like being soppy and sentimental though, so all I really want to say is a big THANK YOU to all of you out there who have read and supported my blog over the past 24 months, I'm so grateful that you take the time to read my work, follow me on social media, and leave me such kind comments...

Anyway, now onto today's post - which just so happens to be about one of my favourite things, food!

I love food. Whenever I go out, I am that annoying person who has to take a photo of their plate before they start eating, and sometimes I'm even that person who stops another person from starting to eat, just to take a photo of their plate of food too - therefore, I thought it necessary to compile some of the nicest dishes that I have ate whilst out and about in restaurants etc recently, in a little post today!

Breakfast at Bill's - it seems only right to talk about the first meal of the day before all other foods, and what's more I just have to tell you all how gorgeous the scrambled egg on toast is at Bill's! Me and my Mom have visited Bill's in Birmingham a couple of times at breakfast time now, and on both occasions have both had the scrambled egg on toast - it really is rather lovely, and considering I'm awful at making scrambled egg myself (I burnt it last time I tried), it's really nice to go out and eat a nice plate of it elsewhere.

The Cutest Essie Nail Polish...

Sunday, 14 May 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that it was finally time to have a clear out of some of my old makeup, and an area that definitely required particular attention had to be my vast collection of nail polishes! In all honesty, I can't remember for the life of me the last time that I properly went through my box of nail polishes and had a clear out - therefore, I was pretty disgusted by the state of some of the bottles and the liquid inside of them, by the time I finally got round to having a clear out.

With the collection reduced considerably, I then thought it only right to go out and buy myself a new nail polish, and upon entering Boots, I of course found myself immediately gravitating towards the Essie stand. Most of my remaining collection is probably made up of Essie polishes - after trying out a number of different brands over the years, I have to say that Essie has slowly crept it's way up to the top of the rankings for me (don't get me wrong, I do also love OPI), and if it was up to me, I would probably just own the whole shade range that they offer!

Vinyl Shopping

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Music is clearly a big passion of mine, and collecting vinyl has literally developed into a hobby for me over the past few months - therefore, I am always buying new albums and finding new vinyl purchases, and as I have been doing every so often, I thought I would again compile a little post about some of my recently bought records today...

New Order - Power, Corruption and Lies

Not only does this album have the coolest cover ever ( I really do love it), but the music featured is also pretty fantastic. My love of New Order pretty much started with an adoration of their famous song 'Blue Monday', and it was when I delved deeper into their musical catalogue that I discovered that I liked a lot of their other songs too.

'Power, Corruption and Lies' stood out particularly to me as an album that I really wanted to get on vinyl due to the fact that it features so many great songs - particular favourites include 'Age of Consent', 'The Village', and also '5-8-6', and it must be said that since I got this album around a month or so ago, I have really been loving listening to it, as it serves as great music whilst revising or getting ready.

The Stones Roses - The Stones Roses

I honestly think that this album by The Stone Roses is probably something that everyone with a record player should probably try and buy, as it is quite simply a classic album by a really great band! All too many times I simply passed this album in HMV and didn't think to buy it, but after numerous listens to all of the songs on Spotify, I finally got round to making the purchase a few weeks ago - since then, I have been pretty obsessed with this album and all that it has to offer, as with classic songs such as 'I Wanna Be Adored' and 'She Bangs the Drums' featured, I do find that listening to this album can pretty much always put me in a good mood.

A Visit To Edinburgh

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Quite some time ago, on one of my many previous 'Travel Bucket Lists', I mentioned that I would really like to visit Edinburgh - for some reason, I had never been to Scotland before, despite the fact that it isn't really very far from where I live in comparison to the 11 hour flight I took to get to Los Angeles last year... however, a couple of weeks ago, I finally made the visit to Edinburgh and after really enjoying my time there, thought it only fair to share some photos from my trip!

But... before we got to Edinburgh, we did make a stop off in Newcastle for a couple of days. The drive to Edinburgh would have been something like 5 and a half hours if we had driven directly there, so it definitely made sense to visit another city (another city that I had never visited before actually) en route. 

Review - Smashbox Mascara

Sunday, 23 April 2017

I must admit that it was a good couple of years ago that I first tried any makeup by Smashbox, and it was on that occasion that I first got my hands on the Smashbox Full Exposure mascara. It was only a miniature, travel-sized mascara that I tried back then, as a part of a box set of bestsellers by the brand, but from my first use of the product I just knew that I loved it, and was ultimately quite sad when it dried out and became unusable some months later...

Despite my love of the Smashbox mascara, I didn't exactly make an effort to go out and repurchase it afterwards, and instead just slipped back in with my usual pattern of merely buying my mascaras from Benefit. It wasn't until my Mom bought me one of the Smashbox mascaras for my Birthday, that my love of this product was rediscovered, and I therefore thought it would be nice to tell you all today, a little about why I love this particular mascara so much!

Spring Time

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I must say that usually I'm that person who is all about the winter months, and just adores the big jumpers, warm drinks and dark nights... However, this year, I have felt rather different and in all honesty the sunny days of spring have felt like a bit of a welcome change for me after months of cold weather.

I don't really know where this change of heart has come from, but although that I do still like the autumn and winter months, waking up to the sun shining in through my blinds has really made me feel rather happy! Therefore, today I thought I would just talk a little about some of the Spring-related things that I am loving (and what better to way to write such a post, but on a super sunny day with the birds chirping just outside my window)...

I do feel like I say this all the time (and I mean all the time), but I do really really love flowers. I literally hate to see my room void of a vase full of lovely flowers, and so over the past few weeks have been getting through a fair few bunches. If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably have realised that I have a particular love for yellow flowers - I can't get over just how cute and spring- like yellow flowers look, and apart from the bunches of daffodils and roses that are so often sat in my room, I have also really loved seeing all the trees and plants outside in full bloom again, as they do all look so pretty (especially on a sunny day!).

I have also been really loving all the sunny weather that we have been experiencing recently too - for some reason, this past winter I found myself getting really sick of all the doom and gloom of cloudy, rainy weather, so to see the sun shining once again is the nicest thing. When the sun is out, everything really does seem to look that bit prettier, and in all honesty my mood does instantly lift on a sunny day...

What's more, it's also been pretty nice to start wearing all my more colourful clothing items again, and despite my usual love of wearing all things black and grey, I have been loving seeing all the bright colours return to the shops (particularly, there seems to be a fair bit of yellow floating around which is completely fine with me if the below shirt, and also my Instagram feed is anything to go by!)

Well, you may well have guessed that I am really revelling in all things spring at the moment, and just can't get enough of the sunny days and cute flowers - as well as being able to dig out all my brightly coloured nail polishes and lipsticks once again!

I am sorry that this has only be a short post though, but I have just had so much revision to wade through recently - however, I do have a fair few more interesting posts lined up for the next few weeks, detailing my recent travels and purchases.

Olivia xo

A New Lipstick

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sometime last year, my local Boots store finally got itself a NYX stand, and to celebrate such a momentous occasion I of course had to buy myself a lipstick! The lipstick in question was from the Matte Range, and was a cute shade that goes by the name of 'Strawberry Daiquiri' - it is in fact a lovely coral/red lip shade that I do still wear to this day (you can take a peek at my original review of this lipstick HERE), and due to how much I have found myself loving this lipstick over the past months, a couple of weeks ago I decided that it was about time that I ventured back to the NYX stand in Boots to buy myself another Matte Lipstick...

This time around, I kind of wanted to opt for a bit more of a nude shade (especially considering that my favourite nude lipstick 'Velvet Teddy' by MAC, is rapidly running out), and so after watching literally all of the nude-looking lip products available, I eventually opted for the shade 'Euro Trash'. For £6.50, I really don't think you can go wrong with these lovely Matte Lipsticks, as with 'Strawberry Daiquiri' I have so far got nearly a year of use out of a really beautiful, good quality lipstick... hence why, I had no problems with parting with my money this time around either!

Dr Botanicals

Sunday, 2 April 2017

To coincide with Earth Day which is happening later this month, Dr Botanicals have kindly sent me one of their lovely products to try and review for you all. The product in question is in fact the 'Advanced Anti-Oxidant Superfood Facial Oil', which to fit in with the whole Earth Day theme is Dr Botanical's greenest product yet, featuring just 15 ingredients that are contain no preservatives whatsoever!

I must say that I was pretty intrigued by the Dr Botanicals brand, as I had heard of them before but had never actually tried any of their products - a quick look at their website and massive range of items convinced me that giving the Superfood Facial Oil a go would be a great thing to do though, and the fact that such a product has also won Silver at the 'Free-From Skin Care Awards' in the Face and Body Oils category, definitely interested me even more.

More Music

Sunday, 26 March 2017

I love music, and can scarcely walk past somewhere like HMV without sneaking in to have a look through the vinyl, and probably buy an album! Therefore, recently I shared a post detailing a couple of my favourite albums, and after really enjoying being able to write a bit about the music I love, I thought that I would again type up another short post today on some of my recent vinyl purchases...

Blur - Parklike

I'm not a massive fan of a wide range of 90's music, but I do love the whole Britpop sort of genre featuring bands such as Oasis, Pulp and of course, Blur. I have loved Blur for quite some time, but only recently ticked 'Parklike' (probably their most famous album) off my Vinyl Wishlist - I have zero clue why it has took me so long to get round to actually buying any Blur album on vinyl, hence why since I finally made my purchase just a month or so ago, I have had Parkilfe on my turntable quite a lot!

This album has quickly become one of my favourites in my collection due to how much I love the vast majority of songs on there; particular favourites include 'Girls and Boys', 'End of a Century', 'London Loves', and 'Trouble in the Message Centre'. Therefore, I definitely want to purchase another Blur album on vinyl at some point in the near future, and I do in fact already have my eye on 'The Great Escape' which also has lots of cool songs on.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

I will say from the off that I'm not all too sure where this post is actually going to go, other than down the route of some things that I have bought or received recently. You see, when looking through the bits and bobs that I have recently bought, it turned out to be a bit of a random mix - mostly, I have just bought a heck of a lot of shirts and blouses, so I thought it only right to mention those in this post. But then, I have also purchased such things as earrings, as well as also receiving some more adorable socks from my favourite sock brand (their socks are just the comfiest thing ever!), Happy Socks...

Hence why I thought I would just compile everything together in a bit of a random way, as you will probably see...

New Loreal Purchases

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Only the other day I was sat thinking about how it had been quite some time since I actually went out and bought myself some new makeup - for me, this is of course very strange, because as a 'self-confessed lover of makeup',  I'm normally always in Boots scouring through the many beauty stands they have. Therefore, I thought I would quickly right this wrong, and purchase some new makeup goodies as soon as I next went shopping... hence why, I found myself at the Loreal stand only days later purchasing two new products for myself!

The two new products that I got myself were, as you may have guessed from the above photo, the Infallible Concealer Palette, and also one of the Blush Sculpt Trios.

February Favourites

Sunday, 5 March 2017

I honestly have no idea where February went, and that may well be because I was actually quite busy for a fair amount of the month - my Birthday was at the end of January and so in early February I was still busy shopping and spending my money from that, then for the rest of the month I spent a fair bit of time revising for my mock exams at Sixth Form, as well as having a week off and also going on my first driving lesson... 

So, with quite a bit packed into one month, I thought it was finally about time that I got round to writing out a monthly favourites post once again. It has literally been so long since I last sat down and wrote up a post of this kind, but now that February has come to an end, I have found it pretty easy to come up with several things that I have been loving over the past four weeks!


I have mentioned on a few occasions now just how much I love flowers, and how I really love to keep the vase in my room stocked up with a bunch - this month really hasn't been any different for me in terms of my love of flowers, as throughout the month I have had lots of lovely bunches of tulips on show in my room, as well as some rather beautiful daffodils at one point too. Although I do like the winter months, I must say that now we are into March, I love the thought of all the gorgeous spring flowers appearing once again, and making everything look so pretty!

After my birthday, and with sufficient money to finally make the purchase, I decided that it was definitely the right time to go out and buy myself a new denim jacket. Before I made my new purchase, I did already have a denim jacket, but it was old and didn't really have the sort of style that I was after - therefore, when I spotted the lovely looking MOTO Denim Jacket in Topshop a few weeks ago, I just knew that I had to get it for myself!

This new jacket of mine is really nice and oversized, which is exactly what I was looking for, and because of this I have been constantly wearing this new wardrobe addition of mine ever since I bought it back in mid-February...which makes the price tag of £45 not seem so bad after all.

Vinyl - What's the Story (Morning Glory)? - Oasis

My vinyl collection has been growing considerably over the past couple of months, but for quite some time now one particular album title has been missing from my hoard - that record being What's the Story (Morning Glory)/ by Oasis. 

I have loved Oasis for years, after listening to all their CD's that my parents have since I was young. Therefore, I certainly regard What's the Story to be one of my favourite albums of all time, due to the fact that I just love each and every song on there so so much! After a few failed attempts to find this particular album in HMV though, I finally managed to buy it for myself just a couple of weeks ago, and of course have been absolutely making the most of owning it ever since, by playing it almost every day!

Afternoon Tea

I had never actually been to have afternoon tea before, so really didn't know what to expect when I was invited along to have some for my Mom's friend's birthday earlier in February. I must say though, that it was a rather fun experience - whilst a few of the cakes weren't really to my liking, I did enjoy trying out each one, as well as a few of the sandwiches that they offered too. I must say though, that my favourite piece of the whole afternoon tea selection had to be the scone, which I piled high with jam (not a big fan of clotted cream), and thoroughly enjoyed along with my cup of tea!

After going so long without posting my monthly favourites, it actually felt rather good to create a summary of my most-loved things from the past month once again! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post though, and I also hope you all have a fantastic March!!

Olivia xo

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A Weekend In Oxford

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Just last weekend, I was lucky enough to pay a visit to a city that I have never in fact visited before...that city being Oxford (but of course, you probably already guessed that from the title of this post).

Whilst I was there, I did in fact get to have a good wander around the city, and snap a few photos as I went, to share with you all today - as you will know if you have been to Oxford before, or as you may notice when you take a look at the next few images in this post, the buildings in the aforementioned city are indeed very pretty... for example, I just couldn't resist savouring the memory of the colourful shops in the picture below!

Review - MAC Strobe Cream

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ever since I saw the emergence of the new MAC Strobe Creams on their website a couple of months back, I just knew that I had to add one to my collection sooner or later. Therefore, when I recently found myself near a MAC stand, I immediately went on the hunt for the strobe cream selection, and in fact managed to get my hands on one of the last bottles in store! 

I wasn't originally all that sure which shade of Strobe Cream would suit my skin the best, but thankfully the MAC assistants steered me towards Silverlite, which I of course now know suits my skin rather perfectly indeed. This wonderful item did however cost me £24.50, which some may think is a tad expensive (especially when I did splash out £41 on my Modern Renaissance palette little under a month ago as well), but from my past MAC purchasing experiences, I know just how fantastic their quality almost always is, and I had seen more than enough positive reviews on these particular Strobe Creams to convince me that my purchase was worthwhile!

Vinyl Vibes...

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Due to my immense love of all things music (mostly old, retro music), I thought it might be nice to write up a little post every so often of the albums and songs that I am most in love with. Over the past few months, you may have noticed the occasional musically-themed post emerge as I talk about the vinyl records that I have recently bought or am currently loving... now though, I would really like to make such posts a more permanent theme on my blog, along with my other displayed passions of fashion and makeup!

So today, to start this new feature off, I thought I would just talk a little about two of my vinyl albums that I am currently playing a heck of a lot of, those albums being 'Hatful of Hollow' by The Smiths and also 'Songs from the Big Chair' by Tears for Fears.

I had wanted to buy myself a record by The Smiths for quite some time, so when I was in Sainsburys the a few weeks back (yes, Sainsburys do now stock vinyl, and a pretty good selection of it for that matter) I decided that it was finally about time that I made a purchase! 'Hatful of Hollow' was certainly at the top of my Smiths Record Wishlist, and so I was really really happy to finally be able to add it to my ever-growing vinyl collection. 

Rituals Gift Set!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

For some time now, I have found my self feeling rather intrigued by Rituals and their range of skincare products - after trying a couple of their lovely items in the past, I had marvelled at how nice they left my skin feeling, and so when given the chance to try out a few more products from the incredibly large Rituals range, I of course, couldn't refuse such an opportunity!

I really should talk a little about the brand itself first though before I go off on a tangent about my new products though...Well, Rituals was formed over 15 years ago in Amsterdam and since then has become a major company that sells all sorts of gorgeous products in the body care, skincare, fragrance and even homeware categories. They also have stores dotted around the UK, and are even planning to open more this year!

The gift set that I received goes by the name of 'The Ritual of Hammam', and contains 4 Purifying bestsellers - a body scrub, a shower paste, a shower foam, and a body mud. Before I even got onto looking at the products themselves though, I have to say that I was actually pretty impressed with the lovely box that my goodies came in. For one thing it is blue, which happens to be my favourite colour, so will most likely be used as some sort of storage box in my room once I have removed the items inside, and secondly it came with a really cute little bow around it which makes the 'Purifying Gift Set' really perfect for presents of any kind.

In terms of the products that I received within my gift set though, I must say that I am also really really quite in love, and therefore though I would provide a little summary of each one below...

(Firstly, I must explain that within my set I found a little booklet that explained to me what Hammam is (it is actually 'one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world', and 'this steam bath experience from the East purifies both body and soul'), which left me feeling quite intrigued to see the purifying effects that the products in my gift set would have on me!)

Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel - this item has quickly become a firm favourite of mine, because after having tried one of the foaming shower gels by Rituals before, I was really quite pleased to have another in my possession. The scent of this product is lovely, and after using it I have definitely found myself feeling refreshed, which has left me reaching out for it shower after shower!

Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste - I must say though, that I have also really loved using this product recently, because due to the fact that it contains Olive Oil it really has been leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated, which is especially good for someone who suffers from dry skin like myself.

Hammam Body Mud - this item is quite different from anything that I have tried before, and I must say that I really do like how you can use it as a deep cleansing mask for the skin, by applying to dry skin and then washing off in warm water in the shower afterwards.

Hammam Hot Scrub - this product is actually a sea salt body scrub, and from the couple of occasions I have used this item, I must say that I have been rather impressed. As I previously mentioned, I do suffer from bouts of dry skin, and so to have such an exfoliating product now in my possession that helps get rid of my dry skin, whilst still leaving my skin nice and soft, is definitely a bonus.

So far, I am really enjoying using my lovely Rituals products, and am sure that I will continue to do so as time passes as well! Such a gift set as 'The Ritual of Hammam' really has helped me to get a really good look at some of the items that Rituals offer, and has certainly left me wanting to browse their range of products ever more in the future!

Olivia xo

This post was sponsored by Rituals.
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