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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

You may well remember a recent post of mine detailing some rather amazing socks that I received from the pretty fabulous Happy Socks brand... well, since writing up that post a few weeks ago, I have been enjoying sporting my socks on a regular basis, whether it be to keep my feet nice and cosy whilst in the house, or warm against the cold weather outside. Then, the other day, I received yet another parcel from Happy Socks (who are quickly becoming my favourite brand like, ever!) that caught me completely by surprise and was, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, filled with Christmas Socks!

So thank you very much to Happy Socks for this rather amazing delivery, and here again today is another round up of the socks that I received in said package!

Before I start on the socks themselves, I must say that I just adore the little box that my items came in - as you can see in the below photo, the packaging of this gift really is rather lovely, and totally Christmassy with it's cute present pattern, so would definitely make the perfect gift for anyone really...as to be honest just who doesn't love cute, patterned socks? I do think that opening up such a box on Christmas morning would be really quite nice though, as this Happy Socks gift is quite different from the usual, simple sock packaging that you get - I may just be rather easily impressed when it comes to presents, but this box is certainly something that I would be very happy to receive!!

Anyway, onto the socks now, and within this lovely little gift you actually get three pairs of super cosy socks...

Personally though, I would only say that one of the three pairs is overly Christmas-themed, as that pair is in fact covered in little presents just as the sock box itself is - this pair is actually my favourite due my adoration of the pattern, as well as the glittery toes and heel section. The other two pairs though are rather quite versatile in terms of when you can wear them throughout the year, with one of them sporting a cute little confetti-style pattern, and the other having red and black stripes on.

I do really love each pair in this set though, and just like with the three pairs of socks that I previously received a few weeks ago from Happy Socks, each and every item has already proved itself to be incredibly comfortable and cosy, as well as pretty darn cool in terms of pattern and design!

If you are still yet to take a peek at the Happy Socks website though, I do seriously suggest that you have a look at some point in the very near future... if the socks I have featured in my latest posts aren't enough to tempt you in, then I'm pretty certain that a look at the Happy Socks website (as well as other websites that stock said brand such as House of Fraser and John Lewis) will convince you of the coolness of these socks.

Sorry that this post has only been a very short one, but I really did just feel the need to share my lovely new Christmas socks with you all, because at the end of the day it is getting closer and closer to the big day now, and what better way to keep up with the festive spirit than to talk about Christmas socks!!!

Olivia xo

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