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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

It's so very nearly Christmas (just over a week to be more precise), and I must admit that I am rather excited. My favourite part about Christmas probably has to be the couple of months beforehand that form the whole festive build up to the day itself - I really do enjoy making the most of these weeks, and like to indulge in all the Christmassy things about... hence why today, I thought I would just talk a little about some of my favourite festive things, including Advent Calendars and Decorations!

As well, of course, as Christmas socks... because what's more festive than a pair of socks with Christmas presents and glitter on!!

Advent Calendars.... these are really the coolest things aren't they? I mean, chocolate every single day up till Christmas, what more could I ask for? What's more, in recent years all sorts of different advent calendars have also started to appear in the shops, and after having (and loving) the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar last year, the 2016 one is also now in my possession and although half of it has now been opened up (don't worry, there's a post coming very soon about what I have received inside said calendar), the rest of it's little boxes of goodies are still waiting to be opened up!

Whilst some may think that these sorts of calendars are a little pricey (especially when the chocolate ones are so cheap nowadays), I must say that from personal experience they are totally worth the money, as not only do you get the excitement of opening up a beauty gift in each day of December, you also get really quite fantastic items inside - last year in my M&S calendar,  I recollect getting several lovely nail polishes, a couple of lip products by brands such as Stila, and also a travel sized bottle of the Pixi Glow Tonic, which has since gone on to become one of the essential skincare items in my collection. Therefore, I have been finding myself really rather excited to open up the 2016 addition everyday... as well as opening up my Cadbury's one as well, because.... I just love chocolate!

Christmas Drinks.... there's also really nothing better than going into coffee shops such as Costa and discovering that their Christmassy drinks are back (as well as their other Christmas-themed cakes and sandwiches of course). I started off the colder months with a fair few Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Frappuccinos from Starbucks to get me in the autumnal spirit, and now that we are fast approaching Christmas itself I have been trying out a few of the Costa drinks as well - I particularly love the new Toasted Marshmallows Hot Chocolate, as well as my old favourite the Black Forest Hot Chocolate too... and to be honest will feel quite disheartened when they have left stores again!

Decorations... we also managed to put our Christmas decorations up a couple of weeks ago too, and to get further into the festive spirit I thought I would also add a few bits and bobs to my bedroom considering how much time I spend in there working etc, on a daily basis. Just like last year, I bought myself a couple of Christmas postcards from Paperchase that I have popped on my pinboards (these only cost about 70p each, and I have pretty much been collecting many from the collection throughout the year, but the Christmas ones are by far the cutest!), and I also have my M&S Beauty and Cadbury's Advent Calendars in full view from my bedside drawers, to try and add to the festive look!

Lights... I seem to mention all the time how much I love the dark nights, and how cosy they make me feel - however, a big part of what makes me love them so much at this time of year, is all the christmas lights and how pretty they look when driving alongside them, or when catching a glimpse of them out of the windows of my house. This love of mine was particularly emphasised whilst I was in London a few weekends ago, and when walking past Harrods at sunset, I saw the whole building lit up in the most beautiful way... as well as outside the Natural History Museum, where lights were hung all over the trees to create a really lovely wintry feel by the ice rink that is there for the colder months!

As you can probably tell from my festive round up, I am a reasonably big fan of Christmas and the festive season... everywhere definitely looks that bit more pretty when decorated for Christmas (and of course, that bit more crowded when it comes to shopping), and to be honest I will be quite sad when Christmas is over once again... yet, in all honesty, Christmas comes around that quickly, that by next year it will probably feel like hardly any time has passed since I last proclaimed my love of the colder months!

I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas, and enjoying the season as much as me!

Olivia xo


  1. Love this time of year. I always enjoy all the lights and festive flavored drinks.

  2. I fe like I've missed out on so many Christmas traditions because I've never had a pair of Christmas socks before or a single advent calendar!

    1. Aww that's a shame, christmas socks are definitely a must!!


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