A Visit To Spain

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Hi again! You may or may not have noticed that I have been a little bit absent from my blog and social media over the past week or so... the reason for that break of sorts, being that I have recently been on holiday to Spain! I actually went to Benidorm for a week, and although this may not be the most sort after travel destination for most of you reading (said holiday resort does have rather strong connotations of being more suited to the older generation, particularly at Christmas time), I must say that despite all my original apprehensions I really did find my holiday to be the perfect escape from normal life to a bit of winter sun. 

It was really quite lovely to have a bit of a detox from everyday life, and instead enjoy many an hour lounging around on the beach - it was particularly helpful that the weather was glorious for the entire week (staying in the early 20's every day), and despite the difficulties that I usually face when trying to get a tan, I must say that my very pale skin does seem a little more sun kissed now that I'm back home! Due to the gloriously sunny weather that we were lucky enough to have (I managed to wear shorts/skirts/dresses everyday which really was an incredible feat considering I had been expecting jeans and shirts weather), I snapped a number of rather pretty beach and seaside photos during my trip that you can see throughout this post, and also managed to rack up a heck of a lot of miles in terms of walking about the resort and surrounding areas everyday. 

We actually stayed in the old part of Benidorm which was lovely due to the fact that it was a fair bit quieter than the newer part, and also (in my personal opinion) a fair bit more picturesque! The Old Town itself is really quintessentially European with it's cute little winding side streets filled with all manner of shops and bars. What's more the beach that stretched endlessly just steps from the front of our hotel, was also rather beautiful - it's sheer vastness meant that there was always somewhere to sit and relax, and because of this we did spend a number of hours just chilling out on the sand and making the most of the sunny weather.

It is sort of hard to top my summer holiday to California when you think about it, but I must say that my very recent get away to Spain also proved to be very enjoyable as after a fair few months of cold weather, my body definitely needed to feel a little sunshine once again! I didn't really get the chance to go out and try much of the local cuisine though like I did in the US, due to the fact that we ate in the hotel (although I did manage to squeeze in a rather gorgeous pizza at one point when we visited a cute little bar by the beach, along the coast in another area called Finestrat). Although, like any true shopaholic, I did manage to squeeze in some retail therapy on my week long trip - just a short bus ride away from the hotel was a fantastic shopping centre that contained some of my favourite stores such as Pull&Bear, Bershka and Zara... there will be another little post of my holiday purchases coming very soon though, so more about that then.

Just like at the end of any holiday, I am rather happy to be home once again, but did really enjoy my week of sunshine and shall certainly miss being on holiday and travelling about until my next trip abroad which is to Italy in the summer...

Despite my original thinking that Benidorm would hold little for someone like me, I did still have a really great time in Spain and managed to keep myself very occupied with daily walks to explore the area, as well as numerous beach visits!

I hope you all enjoyed this post about my recent holiday, and what's more I hope you all had a lovely Christmas - a post about what sort of lovely things I received for Christmas will be up on the blog within the next few days!

Olivia xo


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