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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I love rings. There we go, that's all there is to it.... I really, really do love rings. Recently, I have found myself wearing more and more, and have therefore found myself buying more and more too. Big rings, small rings, midi rings, gold rings, silver rings - you name it, I love it, and it has now reached the stage where I simply cannot go out the house without wearing at least a few of my favourite rings on my fingers; otherwise, my hands just feel....well, pretty plain to be honest.

Due to this sudden influx of new rings to my ever-growing collection, I therefore thought it wise to create a post about said accessory today, and within it just share with you some of my new, old, and favourite rings, that I most love, and most enjoy wearing....

*** Sorry that you have to look at my hands for the entirety of this post though - I know they may not be the nicest of hands (yes, they're pretty bony and strange), but obviously I needed to model the rings somehow!

The way that I think I will go about this post, is by talking about the rings from each image as I go along (yes, that sounds about right), so as that no one (especially me) gets confused about which one I am talking about, at each particular time. So, starting with the first image, both rings are from my latest ring set purchase, which was in fact from Miss Selfridge and cost £8.50 for six differing rings (that are all actually really quite nice, which is quite a rarity for a ring set, as you normally get at least one naff looking one, to put it politely).
After trying out a few of my newer rings from this set, I can safely say that I am very happy indeed with this latest buy - not only do all the rings fit well (I bought them in a medium), but they also feel like pretty good quality...which leaves me hoping that they won't be going from silver to a rather nasty looking bronze colour any time soon, as so many of my pervious rings seem to have done. Anyway, in the above image, I have one of my favourite rings from the set on my index finger (I just love how it looks to be winding around the finger, and isn't at all like any of the other rings that I currently own), and also a midi ring on my other finger (which I again love, mostly just because I really am quite obsessed with midi rings right now).

Next up, in the above image, there's a couple of the rings that I also recently bought in a set, but this time from Forever 21 - this set of around 5 or 6 rings (I actually can't remember how many were in there), cost only £3.50 and in fact contains several really nice ones... even if the quality of said rings isn't really all that great, and one of the many included in the set has already gone a bit of an offish colour. 

Despite this though, as I previously mentioned, there are a fair few rings that have really been loving to wear from said set, and in the above photo you can actually see a couple of those particular rings. Again on my index finger you can see the rings in question - two wavy band style rings, I just love wearing these together (or separately/with other simple style rings), as I really do adore the effect they have.

Onto a few more of my favourites now though, and in the above photo, on my index finger yet again, I have another of my so deeply loved midi rings. This lovely ring is also from my rather new Miss Selfridge set, and thanks to it's cool double band style, is really quite unlike any of the other midi rings that I currently possess - hence why, I am sure to be finding myself wearing it more and more over the next few weeks and months.

On the right hand side of the photo, you can also catch a glimpse at a couple of other rings that I quite like wearing together. Those rings are just a simple, silver band ring that was a part of my Forever 21 set, and also a gorgeous twisted sort of style band from (which I have to say is one of my most favourite rings in my current collection due to its style and quality... plus, whenever I wear it, I always seem get numerous nice comments on it too).

Of course in the above photo you can again see my aforementioned midi ring, but on my index finger is another of the lovely rings that I got in my Miss Selfridge set (as you can probably tell, there are a lot of nice rings in said set!) - this one, of course, is really rather similar to the midi ring that I'm sporting in the first image of this post, and due to the fact that I really love the style and shape of that ring, I'm pretty happy to have such an item in the form of a normal ring as well (even if it does seem to catch on my clothes sometimes, due to it's rather pointy nature)!

Lastly though, in terms of the rings that I most adore in my current collection, is the cute (and I mean really, really, super cute) ring that you can see me wearing in the above image. Just like my little twisted style ring from a couple of photos ago, this rather gorgeous accessory is also from,  and also like the previously mentioned ring, is probably one of the most frequently worn in my collection. As well as it's quite obvious lovely design (the heart is literally the sweetest thing ever), the quality of this ring is also rather superb, and I really like how you can sort of stretch and adjust the size of the ring itself, to get it on and off easily.

If you hadn't already guessed by now though, I really do like my rings, and despite the fact that I have only recently bought myself many a new item, it's quite certain that several other rings and sets will catch my eye again very soon...

I hope you all enjoyed this little ring collection overview of mine though, and even if you aren't as big a fan of this particular accessory as I am, hopefully it still maybe gave you all a little inspiration if you do want to buy some rings in the future.

Olivia xo


  1. Love the rings! Your manicure is perfect!!

  2. Love the rings! Your manicure is perfect!!

  3. Beautiful ;)

  4. Really nice pieces. And your nails color is lovely!

    1. Thank you, it's OPI Berlin There, Done That !

  5. Lovely collection! These rings are all so nice :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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