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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It has been absolutely freezing lately here in the UK....and I mean bitterly, bitterly cold, so therefore, my large selection of jumpers and sweatshirts have really come into their own, and proved rather useful in my mission to keep as warm as possible. I do love this time of year though, when all of the knitwear and oversized jumpers are absolutely everywhere, and recently I have been buying my fair share of such items - and as I sat down to write this post, feeling particularly cold as we creep on over into December, I thought what better topic to detail than my recently bought, and recently worn jumpers and sweatshirts!

H&M Knitted Jumpers - I must say that despite the rather low prices of the jumpers from H&M, both of the items that I have recently bought, have already really proved themselves to be great wardrobe staples, and are absolutely perfect to wear on many of the very cold days that we have been experiencing in the UK recently... 

The first of the two jumpers that I bought from H&M is the lovely dark green one that you can see in the below couple of images, which I mostly picked out due to it's rather gorgeous colour (as soon as I saw it hanging up a few feet ahead of me, I just knew that I had to buy it!), but also because it was only priced at something like £7.99. This is a price which I felt incredibly happy to pay, especially after I gave said jumper a feel and found that it was actually rather thick and of pretty good quality too - because of this, and also because of it's general cosiness and ability to keep me nice and warm, it has probably been one of my most worn items in recently times, and was definitely one of the best bargains that I have come across in a long time!

The second jumper (which you can actually see in the first image of this post) was bought for quite similar reasons from H&M; firstly, I knew from wearing my lovely green jumper that such an item would certainly keep me warm in the freezing cold, and I also really liked the chunky knit style of this particular item too (plus, I didn't actually own any other jumpers in such a camel-ish colour beforehand, and therefore wanted to try something a bit different). Granted, it was a bit more pricey than the previously mentioned H&M item, but for around £15, it is still pretty cheap compared to many of the other high street alternatives that I have seen - plus, it does look really quite cool with t's baggy style, as well as being incredibly cosy at the same time.

Missguided Sweatshirts - many may be shocked to hear that I had never actually bought anything from Missguided until very very recently (I know, how awful!). After exhausting all the usual online shopping options (ASOS, Boohoo etc) when looking for a new sweatshirt the other week, I finally stumbled upon Missguided, and must say that I was immediately very impressed by the vast range of jumpers and sweatshirts that they stock on their rather fabulous site. 

After much deliberation (they really do stock a serious amount of lovely sweatshirts), I eventually ordered a really cool slogan item with 'West Coast' detailed on the front (I am so sorry about how creased this item looks in my pictures...whoops) - this particular item was actually priced at £20, which is a pretty decent amount to pay for such a style of jumper... especially, when you actually receive said item and find that not only is it incredibly soft to the touch, but it also fits really well in a rather relaxed style, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Due to my love of the first Missguided sweatshirt that I bought myself, I then decided only a week later to delve back into the masses of items on their website and choose out yet another similar item to wear in the colder months. This time, I bought another relaxed style jumper that is a lovely shade of burgundy, and also has another slogan on the front too (this time saying Nashville, Tennessee, and with a bird in the middle as you can probably see). Again, this sweatshirt cost £20, which is certainly a fair price considering you get the same (if not better) quality with this item, than you do with other branded items out there - plus, just like with the above sweatshirt, this burgundy number also looks rather good when just worn with jeans and a pair of trainers, because at the end of the day, comfort is certainly key in the autumn and winter months!

It has been really rather cold lately (although it is to be expected considering it's almost December), but thankfully by purchasing the items mentioned in this post, as well as several other jumpers and sweatshirts too, I have been able to try and keep myself that little bit warmer. It's almost guaranteed that if the cold weather continues (which it probably will), I will be back buying more jumpers and sweatshirts from both H&M and Missguided (Missguided in particular though, due to how impressed I have been by my first two items from said site), and when I do I will be sure to report back to you all on my purchases...

Olivia xo

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  1. I love the look of the green knit jumper! It's a great colour for you too :)

    xo, Liz

    1. Aww thank you! I love the colour of it so much!

  2. I love all of these jumpers, especially the green one! I prefer darker colours in autumn and winter, especially burgundy xx

    1. Me too, I think most of my clothing items are burgundy right now!

  3. Beautiful sweaters ;)

  4. Love these sweaters! The first two are my fave :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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