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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I really really really adore autumn and winter, and all of the fashion and accessory trends that said seasons bring with them (as you may well all know thanks to my mention of this on numerous occasions), and a particular item that I love to buy and wear at this time of year are scarves! Stripy scarves, checkered scarves, plain scarves, big, ginormously cosy scarves, I really do just love this accessory, and definitely seem to be building up more and more of a collection as time goes by - so much so that I now struggle to even shut the drawer in which my scarves are meant to be kept, and yet, knowing me, this probably won't even stop me from buying ever more scarves in the future...

Because of this evident love of scarves and the wearing of them in the colder months (as well as at other parts of the year too, because the weather never really gets all that scorching in the UK), I thought it only right to make a post about some of my current favourites of the aforementioned accessory... (I do apologise that my photos aren't the best for this post though - who knew that it was so difficult to take good photos of scarves?!)

Both of the first two scarves that I'm going to mention were bought a good few weeks ago when I last visited Primark in Birmingham. I have in fact mentioned them before in a previous post detailing said shopping trip (so sorry if I seem to be repeating myself a bit), but despite my in-depth description of both scarves, I actually failed to include a photo of either of them, so therefore thought it would be alright for me to speak of them again today.

Anyway....these two rather lovely scarves were in fact only £4 each, just like many of the other scarves in Primark (so definitely go and take a look at their large selection if you are on a bit of a budget like myself), and mostly caught my eye due to their really cool patterns - I have in fact wanted a houndstooth patterned scarf for the best part of forever, and what's more, I just generally really liked the look of the other scarf due to the cute little elements of lime green that are added into it. For £4 each though, I really don't think you can possibly go wrong with such items, as not only are they really quite stylish and cool in terms of their design, but they are also of surprisingly good quality for such a cheap price and are so far doing a great job of keeping me nice and warm in the colder weather (and boy, has it been cold lately?!).

Next up is an old favourite of mine - well, when I say 'old', I do mean that it's been about a year since I bought this scarf, but in terms of clothes and accessories turnover for me, that is pretty old. This particular scarf (the grey checked one that you can see part of in the below photo) was actually from New Look, and although I can't remember exactly how much it cost, I would hazard a guess at around £15, which I must say was definitely a very fair price considering how much I have worn and loved this scarf since I got it around 12 months ago. Firstly, the thickness and general comfort of this scarf are just something else, and during the spells of freezing cold weather that we always seem to encounter in the UK, wrapping this gorgeous scarf around my neck really seems to make all the difference and immediately helps to warm me up! As well as the serious comfort levels that come with this scarf, I also really adore it's pattern and general colour theme - not only does the grey go incredibly well with all manner of different outfits, the fact that this scarf has two differing patterns on either side also adds to it's versatility ever more, and firmly cements it as one of the most-loved scarves in my collection.

The last couple of scarves that I will mentioned today are quite different from those that I have previously spoke about in this post - these items are probably more suitable than those above for use throughout the whole year, as with them being made of lighter materials, they don't feel so stuffy and thick when worn around the neck. 

The first of these really quite versatile scarves, is actually also rather new to my ever-growing collection - from Forever 21, this snood-style scarf is the most lovely coppery colour and only cost around £10. Due to it's simplistic nature, it really is a great scarf to throw on with just about any outfit, as there is no chance of a pattern clash occurring if you pair it with stripes, slogans or anything in between...making it the perfect buy, and also rather essential to any scarf collection.

I can't actually remember for the life of me just where the second, lighter scarf that I want to mention came from, mostly because I in fact bought it some years back (a tad ironic considering that earlier I was saying that to have a scarf for a year is a long time for me), and have no idea just where it was actually bought! That being said, it is still a really lovely scarf, and one that I have actually only recently rediscovered, and hence realised that I need to start having a wear of again. With it's rather gorgeous checked pattern, this item never really seems to go out of style and due to it not being too majorly thick either, it is quite a practical scarf to wear for a large proportion of the year, and not just when it's absolutely freezing as with my other scarves - the fact that I can't think where I bought this scarf from will continue to annoy me though, yet it is very unlikely that said store will still stock this accessory considering how long ago I purchased it anyway!

In terms of my current favourite scarves though, hopefully you can all see from this post just why I love the items that I have mentioned, and why I will continue to make the most of wearing them all (especially the more wintry ones) over the course of the colder months.

Olivia xo

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  1. The hounds-tooth scarf is so pretty, I might need one!!! I love black and white scarves and this one is perfect!


    1. Thank you!! I love houndstooth so much!

  2. Love them all!


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