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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Music is one of my great passions, and in all honesty, I do spend the vast majority of my day listening to my favourite songs, as whether it be whilst I'm travelling to and from sixth form, or when I'm at home getting on with some studying, I normally have my headphones on or my record player going. I haven't actually had the chance to purchase many new records lately though for my turntable, and instead have been indulging in some of my favourites from my already rather large collection, as well as having a listen to some of the albums and singles that I perhaps hadn't given much of a chance before....and therefore, decided to compile a list of sorts of some of my current favourite records here today for you all to have a browse of...

Favourite Albums -

The Beatles - The Red & Blue Albums - most of you may well be aware that I am quite a big fan of the The Beatles (maybe 'quite a big fan' is a bit of an understatement), and therefore, when my neighbours kindly donated a few of their old Beatles LPs to me a couple of months ago, I was pretty much over the moon, as one might expect. Within the selection of records that they gave me, were two that I had desperately wanted to get my hands on for quite some time - said albums being the infamous red and blue albums containing some of the bands greatest hits. Both albums contain two separate records packed full of amazing songs, that I could simply listen to all day long....leaving me wondering how on Earth I lived without such a selection of Beatles songs on vinyl beforehand.

Lorde - Pure Heroine - I bought this particular record from HMV several months ago now, after having adored the Pure Heroine album for quite some time (I can't believe its been out for 3 years now!) and having wanted to add the vinyl version of it to my collection ever since I came to own my own Record Player. Since the day I got it, I can honestly say that it instantaneously became one of my favourite records, as aside from a few skips in several of the songs (this is of course to be expected on vinyl though), I just really do love this album, as it certainly is one of the few that I can claim to like every single song on. What's more, I still cannot get over just how aesthetically pleasing this album looks - what with it's sleek black cover and cool book of lyrics inside, I must say that it's design is one of my personal favourites and completely reflects the artist, Lorde's, style too!

(Taking a photo of a record without getting your reflection in said picture turns out to be really quite difficult, so sorry that you can see bits of my arm in several of the photos).

The Police - Every Breath You Take, The Singles - my Mom actually found this particular record out for me in a charity shop a few months back, where it probably cost a couple of pounds at most; a price which is kind of insane considering that their other albums sell for £20 plus in places such as HMV. Anyway, I do really love The Police, and therefore totally enjoy listening to this great album which is again a bit of a compilation of said band's greatest hits. Despite the fact that the record cover is a bit tattered (mostly held together by sellotape) most of my favourite songs by The Police are on this album, which makes me very happy indeed, and certain singles like Message in a Bottle, Don't Stand So Close to Me and I Can't Stand Losing You, are regularly played on repeat.

Blondie - Eat to the Beat - this is yet another album that contains a whole host of well-known songs by said artist, and furthermore holds some of my favourite hits by Blondie too. In all honesty, this album (which was retrieved from a record fair some time back) is slightly warped and the quality of it isn't all that great - however, I do still love it, and to be fair this haphazard sort of version of Eat to the Beat only adds to the retro vibes of the vinyl, and definitely won't stop me blasting out songs like Atomic and Union City Blue every now and again. Of course, being a big fan of Debbie Harry and Blondie on the whole, I do also own a few singles featuring songs like Heart of Glass and Sunday Girl which I seemed to have amassed over time (and are also incredibly cool in terms of their covers and design)... but that being said, I certainly wouldn't say no to buying some more Blondie albums in future too.

INXS - Kick - I wasn't really all that much a fan of INXS until fairly recently, when I rediscovered this album that had been passed down to me many months ago, and realised how much of a good record it truly is. At first glance, I only really knew one song on this album (that song of course being Need you Tonight, because in all honesty, most people know that one too), but after a few plays I also started to recognise several other songs, and now must say that I really like most of the songs on here - with ones such as New Sensation and Mystify being particular favourites, I can safely say that I am now very glad to have found this album out again, and shall definitely enjoy listening to it for the foreseeable future.

Favourite Singles -

 As well as a whole host of albums by some of my favourite artists, over the past few months I have also seemingly built up quite a collection of singles as well to play on my record player. Considering I have so many, it does make the decision of choosing some of my current favourites rather difficult indeed, although I did manage to pick out a couple of my favourites for the purpose of this post anyway....

The Kinks - You Really Got Me & Sunny Afternoon - I like so many bands, but the Kinks are definitely up there with some of my favourites and therefore when I got my hands on a couple of their more well-known songs on vinyl a while back, I was very excited indeed. Considering these two are pretty old indeed, they are still in rather good condition, and listening to them as often as I do, only cements the fact that I would like to get myself some more Kinks records in the future.

David Bowie - Lets Dance - for some strange reason, this is the only Bowie song that I possess on vinyl (although I do plan to change this fact soon by hopefully purchasing another of his records, Nothing has Changed, which is a sort of compilation album), but it's also one of my favourite songs so is therefore probably one of my most played singles at the minute. Just like so many of my other singles, I found this particular gem at a record fair in the summer and have been regarding it as one of my favourite singles ever since.

As you may well have all guessed from the contents of this post (and my other, previous music-themed write ups), I really do adore all things music, and particularly worship my record player, and my record collection itself. Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to go out and get myself a couple of new records (I mean Christmas and my Birthday are coming up after all)... but for now, I am quite content with the albums and singles that I have, and certainly have more than a few favourites to listen to.

Please feel free to tell me all about your favourite music in the comments below as well, as I just love to know what sort of artists and songs everyone else likes!!

Olivia xo


  1. Great post dear! ;)


  2. I love the Red and Blue albums! I have only a handful of Beatles studio albums, and while I'd love to have a few more, it's great to have those compilation albums to hear some faves :) And I'm slightly jealous of your Kinks single, haha! I'd love to have one of their albums.

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. I completely agree, I do love the compilation albums so much - and I really need to get a Kinks album too!


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