A Day in London!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

London certainly is one of my favourite places to visit, and my year long wait to revisit this bustling city was ended yesterday when I in fact got the chance to head down south and explore the city once again. I have only been to London a handful of times, but each time I can safely say that I have definitely made the most of my visit and covered as much of the city as possible within the given time - my most recent journey to London was no different either, and after a good 7 or so hours on my feet, walking back and forth, I must say that I did feel pretty shattered (but of course, also pretty happy to have seen so much in one day)!

Anyway, I will keep this post pretty concise and try not to ramble on as I normally do.... We actually started our day off in Knightsbridge, with a brief look around the V&A Museum, which although wasn't really the best tourist attraction that I have been to in London (in my personal opinion, of course), was somewhere that I had wanted to pay a visit to for a very long time, so I was in the end actually pretty glad to have ticked it off my London visit wish list as it were.

After a walk around the aforementioned museum, we then proceeded to head on down the road to Harrods - which I must say just looked absolutely beautiful when it was all lit up of a night, and I managed to get some especially cute photos of it around sunset (even though London must be the most difficult place to try and take photos, as it's just so hard to stop when there's so many people around you). I knew from a previous visit that Harrods has a rather large MAC counter situated in one of it's cosmetics rooms, and therefore I made it a priority to go and visit said area as I really really wanted to find a new lipstick. Recently, I have noticed that my beloved Velvet Teddy is seriously running out (although it probably doesn't help that I once dropped it on my desk and some sort of came off in the process), and because of this, I desperately wanted to go an get myself a new nude lip product from MAC - I ended up steering clear of a Velvet Teddy repurchase though, and instead decided to by myself the equally nice Whirl... although, I will go into more detail on that in a later post!

As well as visiting the MAC counter, we did also (eventually) find the Harrods Christmas shop, after getting lost amongst the ginormous crowds and many rooms on a number of occasions ; yet, what is a trip to Harrods without getting lost in it's madly confusing, labyrinth style layout? The Christmas range was rather beautiful in the end though, and we ended up buying a rather cute little bauble covered in London buses, so as to be a little memento of our trip to the store.

By the time we had left Harrods, it was around lunch time, and what with us already having covered a fair bit of ground, we decided that it was most definitely time to go and get something to eat. My Mom had in fact already booked a table at a cute little Italian restaurant called Zia Teresa, that resides just next to Harrods, and as well as being insanely popular, also served the most gorgeous food - for starter I had some Arancini (little rice balls stuffed with cheese and tomato etc), and then for my main I had the most fabulous bowl of Spaghetti Carbonara ever (and I mean ever)! Of course, both courses were incredibly filling though and I did seriously struggle to finish off my spaghetti dish... however, I would definitely recommend a visit to this little restaurant if you are ever looking for somewhere to eat in the Knightsbridge area, as not only is the food really really good, but the prices are also really fair considering the area, and the costs of the other similar eateries around it.

After lunch though, we did decide to trek all the way over to Oxford Street (which is a lot further away than I first thought), only to be put off by the immense crowds and pretty much turn straight around and head back over to the Knightsbridge area. I did manage to pop into Bershka before this u-turn and actually bought myself a little satchel style bag for only £12.99, as well as quick visit to Liberty's merely to see how it had been decorated for the festive season.

By time we got back to Harrods and the museums that surround it, the sun was already starting to set, so whilst we still had the chance, we decided to pay a quick visit to the Natural History Museum, where again I had never actually been to before, and therefore did want to take a look at. We did actually only got about an hour or so of looking around the museum due to the fact that it closed at 10 to 6 (or something along those lines), but in fairness that was a reasonable amount of time to take look at a couple of exhibitions such as the dinosaur area, and also the human biology section too. It did feel really quite cool being in such a museum whilst it turned dark outside though, as what with the big dinosaur skeleton in the main foyer area, it seriously felt like something out of Night at the Museum - what's more, due to it being nearly Christmas (of course you are all perfectly aware of this), outside the museum entrance there were lights hung around all the trees, and the ice rink was also lit up, and looked rather magical indeed....

After this brief museum visit, it was pretty much time to head home though, and despite the fact that I had had a really fantastic day, I must say that after a much needed night of sleep, my feet and legs do still ache considerably from all the walking around the we did (and trust me, we did a hell of a lot of walking)!

I do hope that you all enjoyed this little roundup of my day in London though, as I must say that despite the lack of breaks in massive crowds throughout the city, it was really lovely to see all the buildings and attractions decorated for Christmas (and all lit up of a night too).

Olivia xo


  1. So fun!! Looks like a great time!

  2. Nice photos ;)


  3. Wow, great photos! It looks beautiful over there!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. Ahhh I miss London so much! When I went with my friends we had the best time, it would be magical to go at Christmas with all the cute lights! Shopping centres always look fab with the fairy lights and decorations! Glad you had a fab time lovely!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. It is so beautiful at Christmas especially, and thank you!!


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