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Sunday, 16 October 2016

'Okay, Olivia so perhaps the pizza obsession is getting a little out of hand', I hear you cry. Yet as someone who highly regards pizza as their favourite food, I do think its only right to type up a little post on the matter of said foodstuff today. 

To be honest, I think I have always loved pizza, and I'm pretty sure most other people love it too (of course, I totally accept the fact that it's not for everyone, and that some people aren't so much of a fan), and with the amount of pizzas that I consume, it's a surprise that I haven't wrote a post dedicated to this glorious food before. Seeing as I'm one of those annoying people who always takes photos of their food when they go out, I have quite a large stock of images of the pizza's that I have eaten in the past - therefore, after scouring through them not so long ago (when I was made to delete half of my photos off my phone due to its storage filling up again), I decided to pick out some of my favourites, and get the tastebuds going with a pizza themed post.

I will literally eat any kind of pizza in all honesty (apart from if it has seafood on, because then...just no), and for that reason I am quite partial to a veggie pizza (although if it's too onion-heavy, then that's a no too). When I was in the US not so long ago, we visited an incredibly cool little restaurant called Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which I have in fact mentioned on here before, but just had to talk about again due to the fact that the pizza I ate whilst there was just so good. Anyway, said restaurant was situated at one of the shopping outlets we visited whilst near LA (I do believe that they also have various other outlets across the country though, in places such as Orlando), and after scouring the long list of pizzas that they served, I eventually opted for a vegetable one.

I have to say that Cafe Tu Tu Tango got the vegetable pizza spot on; and by that I mean not too vegetable-covered (although this probably defeats the point), and instead quite cheesy, with just enough of the veggie element. This pizza really was quite flavoursome, and to be honest, it upsets me that we don't have said chain of restaurants here in the UK, as not only do they serve a very good pizza, but they are also the cutest of Spanish-themed cafes and are genuinely just really lovely to sit in and eat.

Another of the many pizzas that I indulged in whilst in the US, was the above pizza which I ate whilst in Spin! Neapolitan Pizza. I have also mentioned this pizza outlet before in a previous post, but for the sake of today, I just had to mention it again because the two pizzas that I ate there were rather lovely indeed.

As you may well have guessed from the name of this restaurant, Spin! primarily serve a whole host of differing pizzas, with literally all the different toppings you could think of (of course, they do also serve dishes for the non-pizza loving individual, like salads and soups). On my first visit I indulged in a lovely Primavera pizza that was covered in tons of goats cheese and vegetables, and then on my second visit, I opted for a Patate Pizza, which of course had potatoes on it. To be honest, I would never have thought to eat a pizza with potato on top before (in all honesty, I don't think I had ever come across such a pizza actually), but this one was just incredibly lovely, and is hands down one of the best I have eaten in recent times!

Back over to some pizzas that you can actually indulge in in the UK now though, and I will start with one of my favourite places to get said dish - Ask Italian. Over the years, I have had numerous pizzas in Ask and have never once been disappointed by the range of options that they offer in terms of toppings, or the actual quality of the pizza itself. A particular favourite type of pizza from there, for me, has to be the Prima pizzas - these are long, thin flatbread looking pizzas (like the one you can see in the above image), and for me they are just enough, when piled high with the toppings that Ask so readily apply.

I have now took to having pretty much the same pizza whenever I go to this restaurant, and usually opt for the Prosciutto e Bufala (basically prosciutto ham and buffalo mozzarella) every time I visit. It's quite a different pizza from what I usually go for and like, as the toppings are mostly put on cold on this particular one - don't let this put you off said meal though if you are ever to visit Ask in the future, as I can assure you that it only adds to the niceness and totally works well with these sorts of toppings.

Finally we have what must probably be one of the best pizzas that I have eaten in a very long time - as you can see from the above photo, said pizza did look very lovely indeed (I just had to upload a photo of this dish onto my Instagram the other day, as it goes so well with my autumn coloured feed at the minute), and what's more, it tasted pretty darn good too!

From Zizzi's, which is another of my favourite UK restaurants to go and grab a pizza, this gorgeous pizza was covered in a good helping of butternut squash (which, despite my original apprehension, actually works really well on top of a pizza), goats cheese (a particular favourite topping of mine) and also some caramelised onion (also very good). I'm pretty sure that this lovely option is still on the menu at Zizzi right now and is in fact a part of their more autumnal themed menu - so whilst it's still there, I definitely recommend any pizza lover like myself, to give it a try!

So, now you all know... I am a self-confessed pizza addict and I, in fact, have no shame in admitting so! I do think that I could genuinely eat pizza everyday and never get bored of it (although, I probably won't as I'm guessing every diet needs a little variation), and if you do in fact like pizza as much as me (I'm guessing there will be some of you who do), then I do hope you liked this post, even if it was a little random, and that it didn't make you feel too hungry!

** Since writing this post, I can confirm that I have in fact eaten yet another pizza... oh, and am actually probably going to have another one for dinner tomorrow too!

Olivia xo


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