Halloween Baking

Sunday, 30 October 2016

It really doesn't seem like five seconds since it was last Halloween, yet, here we are again, a year later, with Halloween only a day away! Last year, I don't actually remember doing Halloween baking of any sort, but this year, after a quick look around Hobbycraft at all their seasonal baking goodies, I thought I would try my hand at some themed sweet treats...

After much deliberation, I opted to bake some biscuits, and after scouring through the cookie cutters in fact found a really cute little ghost one. I have seen several ghostly biscuits on my feeds and in magazines before, so decided that such biscuits would be perfect to have a try of whilst I'm off school on half term...so, after finding out an old recipe (I have no idea at all where it came from, and like most of my recipe folder was just wrote on a piece of scrap paper), and gathering together all of my ingredients, I made a start...


For the Biscuits

225g Self-Raising Flour
150g Butter
100g Caster Sugar
A Beaten Egg to Mix

For the Decoration

Ready to Roll White Icing
Strawberry Jam
Black Writing Icing Pen


1. Firstly, I sifted the flour into a mixing bowl, and then I also added the butter and rubbed it in until fine breadcrumbs had formed. Next, I added the sugar and beaten egg, and then mixed everything together so that a stiff dough formed.

2. After kneading gently on a floured board and rolling into a ball (of sorts), I wrapped the dough up in foil and then left it in the fridge to chill for around 30-40 minutes. Then, whilst my dough was chilling, I pre-heated the oven to 180 degrees, and also lined my baking trays ready for when I had cut out to my biscuits.

3. After the half an hour, I proceeded to knead my dough again for a while on a floured board, before rolling it out and cutting out my biscuit shapes with my ghost-themed cutter. Out of my dough, I managed to get about 12 biscuits - I then popped them in the oven for 15 minutes or so (or until they turned a nice, golden brown).

4. After removing my biscuits from the oven, and leaving them to cool for a while, I set about preparing my decorations. The ready to roll icing that I bought came with a set of instructions on the packet in terms of how to use, but it was pretty easy as you only really had to knead it and roll it out on a board sprinkled with some icing sugar (just as you would with things like dough and pastry).

5. To apply my icing, I spread some jam on top of each of my biscuits, and then cut out icing shapes with my ghost cutter from earlier, and carefully placed them on top. After doing this for every one of my 12, I then drew on some ghostly faces (not very scary, I know) with my icing pen to complete the look...said faces later decided to distort into some sort of mess that looked a little like the mask out of Scream though, when I tried to move them for storing somewhere (yet, I suppose this just adds to the Halloween theme).

Despite my original concerns and apprehension (after not using this recipe in such a long time, I did fear the worst for my ghosts), these biscuits actually worked out pretty well in the end (even if I do say so myself), and in fact such a recipe does make for the perfect Halloween post after all. As someone who isn't the biggest fan of Halloween, I think baking is probably my limit in terms of joining in with the celebrations....hopefully you all enjoyed this post though, and can maybe take some baking inspiration from it in the future...as next Halloween will probably be here sooner than we'd like to think!!

Olivia xo


  1. Olivia, these biscuits are soooo cute and perfect for Halloween xx


    1. Aww thank you, I's glad you like them!!!

  2. These are adorable! Halloween is one of my favourite times of year to bake - second only to Christmas! I bet these taste delicious!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  3. These are so cute, love the faces! I love baking in Autumn so I will try and have a go at making these xx

    1. Yay!! I'm glad you like them, let me know how you get on with them if you do try them!!

  4. So cute!


  5. These are so cute, thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  6. Aww they looks so cute I wouldn't wanna eat them! You've inspired me to bake ;)


  7. These biscuits look so adorable and have definitely got me in the baking mood
    Hollie xx

  8. These are adorable!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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