Breakfast in Birmingham

Sunday, 2 October 2016

They say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

...and in all honesty, I would definitely have to agree! I do love Breakfast, and therefore often find myself regarding it as my favourite meal of the day...especially when I get to go out and eat said meal in a pretty nice restaurant or cafe somewhere.

Every time that I have visited Birmingham recently, I have found myself going into one of the many places to eat (in both the Bullring and the amazing Grand Central) and indulging in a spot of breakfast. Whenever I see food related blogposts though, the vast majority of the time, eatery recommendations are never about breakfast or places where you can enjoy a nice mid-morning meal - therefore, today, I thought I would write up a few little reviews of sorts on some of my favourite places tuck into Breakfast in Birmingham.

Bill's ( This is actually the most recent place that I have dined in in Birmingham, as I decided on my most recent trip that me and my Mom should try breakfast there. After doing a bit of research on this restaurant chain (for some Business Homework would you believe it!) and finding out the sort of things that Bill's serve and the locally sourced ingredients that they use, I was really tempted to give their Birmingham Outlet a go...

Both me and my Mom opted for a plate of Scrambled Eggs on Toast, and oh my gosh did Bill's deliver?! Two slices of gorgeous buttery toast, with a pile of creamy scrambled eggs on top (and of course, a big dollop of Tomato Ketchup for me) - what more could I ask for? Bill's has now firmly placed itself up there with another great eatery in Birmingham, and as not only a restaurant that is great for breakfast, but as somewhere that I would definitely love to try for lunch or dinner too!

Ed's Diner ( - I absolutely love this place, and have in fact now visited on a number of occasions. For a long time though, I would simply walk past Ed's and remark at how cute it looked (I just love the 50's diner theme)....but it wasn't until late last year that I actually stepped over the threshold as it were, and went into this marvellous restaurant.

With dozens of Ed's outlets all over the UK (my A-Level Business tone is definitely seeping through here again), it is quite likely that you have seen one of these lovely eateries before - I have personally now ate in the Birmingham, Selfridges one quite a few times now, and have for some reason always gone there at breakfast time. I would just love to have a burger or hotdog there some time too, but so far on my previous visits I have always found myself enjoying a big old plate of waffles (plus, I also had a breakfast bagel one time as well). Ed's Waffles are simply to die for though, and are quite easily one of the best meals/breakfasts that I have ever tucked into before - plus, the Ed's in Selfridges, Birmingham is literally the nicest place to sit and eat (you can happily people-watch as you dine, as well as listen to any number of 50's tunes on the nearby juke boxes).

Crepe Affaire ( - A bit of a more fast food option now though, and I must say that Crepe Affaire really ticked all the boxes for me in terms of a great breakfast! In Birmingham Grand Central you can eat at a number of different restaurants and cafes, that all serve different types of food from varying cuisines. My Mom had mentioned Crepe Affaire to me before, but I hadn't really thought anything of it...yet after having a look at their menu and seeing all the gorgeous looking Crepes that they serve, I just knew I had to pay this place a visit.

At Crepe Affaire, you can order your crepes to eat in or to take away, but of course (me being me) I wanted to take my time with my breakfast and sort of sit down and make a bit of a meal out of it. They also serve a whole host of different sorts of crepes, for eating at all different times of the day....there's sweet crepes, savoury crepes, crepes for breakfast, for lunch, and even for dessert - but obviously due to the time of day, I personally opted for a gorgeous breakfast crepe that contained egg, bacon, and tonnes of cheese. Some people may not be a fan of the whole savoury crepe thing, but I personally really (and I mean really) enjoyed mine, and would happily go back and get myself another one (oh my gosh, just talking about it makes me want another one right now)!

Quite clearly, as you may have guessed, I do love a spot of Breakfast, and hopefully if you do too then you would have enjoyed this little post of my favourite places to eat said meal in Birmingham. I have tried to mention quite well known chain eateries above, because then if you do like the look of them, then it should be a little easier to find an outlet of one of them a bit closer to you (especially if you don't live anywhere near Birmingham) - plus, I have also popped each places' website above so you can take a sneaky peek at their menu if you are interested!

Thank you for reading...and I hope this post didn't make you too hungry!

Olivia xo


  1. The food looks amazing!!!! The crepe looks delicious

  2. The food looks amazing!!!! The crepe looks delicious

  3. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too!
    If I ever stay at a hotel, the breakfast is always my favourite bit haha. xx

    1. Oh my gosh, same here...I love breakfast!

  4. Everything looks great!

  5. Looks amazing babe! Great post x


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