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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

For quite some time now, I have been after a new foundation. It isn't that all my other foundations aren't any good, or that they have all ran out or are in the process of doing, definitely's just that as a hoarder of all things beauty, I am pretty much always on the lookout for new things to add to my collection. So, seeing as I felt a little light on foundations, I decided that the next makeup item that I wanted to look out for, was exactly that.

I did all the research. I questioned Twitter over which foundation I should get. Yet, I still couldn't make my mind up - queries about shade, price and suitability to my skin were all whirring round my mind and it seemed that no matter how long I spent scouring Feel Unique, I would never be able to make a decision.

Then...whilst I was watching TV one night, I saw an advert for a Loreal Foundation (that foundation, of course, being the True Match) and after hearing about its endless shade range and coverage capabilities, I decided that this was most likely the foundation that I was going to get. Into Boots I went a few days later, and after trying a couple of the many shades (out of the 23 that are available) I decided that my skin tone was most similar to 1W (Golden Ivory), and upon seeing that said foundation was priced at only £7.99 (in some places the price does vary though), I almost immediately got it firmly implanted into my head that I was going to invest in this lovely little bottle of foundation rather soon.

But, luckily enough, I didn't have to wait all that long for the True Match Foundation to fall into my hands as only a few days later, my Mom kindly bought me it as a sort of 'Good Luck at your New School' gift (thanks Mom)! Of course, I then got straight on with trying out the foundation, and after seeing how much it reached (and exceeded) my expectations, I decided to write up a small review of the product below....

Packaging - I have to firstly say, that I do in fact think that this foundation has a rather sleek and elegant bottle that gives it quite the look of a more high end item, and not a drugstore foundation as it in fact is. For your money's worth, you get a rather large bottle of this stuff, that is simplistic (yet elegant) in design. The pump of this product is also pretty cool- a silvery, button-like pump, this foundation does really keep growing on me day by day where appearance is concerned, and definitely looks a lot nicer than previous bottles that I have owned (and that have cost a similar price, if not more).

Applying - I wasn't all that sure how well this foundation would actually apply...but I can safely say, that I was in fact pleasantly surprised with how well it went on in the end. After getting a small dollop of the True Match onto my hand, I then proceeded to use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply the product in circular motions all over my face. Some areas at first looked a little cakey, it must be said, but once I had got to work on them with my Beauty Blender the overall appearance of this foundation was in fact rather good, and in fact stayed smooth even after I had popped some concealer on top too!

Wearability - when worn over primer, and under concealer, powder and several other base products, this foundation does in fact have a rather nice finish. However, for me a big matter of importance when it comes to foundation is how long it actually stays looking so good! Well, the True Match actually lasts quite well on my combination skin, although after a rather long day of school (or shopping in my case), it does start to subside a little and not look so smooth and polished. I did also notice that it tends to collect a little around my areas of dry skin throughout the day - however, this isn't really all that noticeable unless you really analyse my face, and for that reason I still find myself very happy with the quality of this foundation.

After wearing this foundation for a good few days now, I can safely say that I am very happy that I eventually got it (well...more like my Mom got it), as not only is it a good coverage foundation (probably medium to full coverage), that stays (near enough) in place all day, it also works incredibly well with my skin tone and doesn't leave me with any horrible dark lines...but doesn't make me look ghostly pale either.

If you have in fact seen this foundation advertised either on the TV, or whilst you were out and about, and though "ummm, that looks pretty good, perhaps I should give it a try" (this was basically what went through my head upon seeing it) then my advice is to absolutely go for it! As you have probably guessed from the contents of this post, I have really liked using this foundation so far...and I'm pretty sure you will too as with so many shades to chose from, and the matter of it only costing £7.99, you seriously cannot go wrong with this product!

Olivia xo

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  1. I love this foundation - it makes your skin so flawless and glowey x

    1. Definitely!! It's really great to give the skin a boost, especially at this time of year!

  2. This is my favourite foundation ever! It's good for an everyday look but also for a fancy event or a night out.
    hugs, Maria

    1. I completely agree! It lasts really well!

  3. Love it!

  4. Great post! Might give this a go! :)

    Sammii Ox

    1. Yes! You really should try it, it's a great foundation for everyone!


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