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Sunday, 25 September 2016

I just love a good movie, and lately have found myself watching a fair few new ones (as well as old favourites), as I continue with my film obsession and desire to watch as many movies as insanely possible. When it comes to picking the right movie to watch though, I love to have a read of other peoples favourites and also their recommendations - therefore, upon watching quite a few good ones recently, I thought I would compile a bit of a summary of several of them here today, to try and provide some inspiration for any of you on the lookout for a decent film to watch!


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After reading the rather fantastic book of the same name by Colm Tóibín over the summer, when this movie appeared on Netflix a few weeks ago, I have to admit that I got very excited indeed and simply couldn't wait to watch it. Set in New York in the 1950's, I was a little apprehensive that this movie wouldn't be all that great compared to the amazing book (I read it in about 3 days, due to the fact that I simply couldn't put it down!), but luckily the main character Eilis' trip to the Big Apple from a small town in Ireland, was just as enthralling as I had hoped....

Full of ups and downs just like the original book version of this tale, the film of Brooklyn starring Saoirse Ronan was actually rather magnificent and is definitely one that I would watch over and over again. It really captures New York life in a very beautiful way, and the costumes used throughout are simply gorgeous and really help to transport you back to, and help you envisage, what such a city must have been like so many years ago.

Short Term 12

I hadn't really heard of Short Term 12 until recently, and then only really thought to watch it due to the fact that Oscar winning actress Brie Larson takes the lead role in it. A couple of weeks ago, I watched this movie and also her other, more famous one, Room in short succession of each other, and whilst I did enjoy watching Room after also reading the book a few months back, I have to admit that Short Term 12 was probably my favourite of the two.

This movie is really rather emotional, yet touching at the same time due to it's look at a group of troubled teenagers and the adults who care for them in their group home. It really doesn't hold back where story is concerned, and intertwines the tales of many people in the home, whilst especially focusing on Brie's character's relationship with a new arrival. In all honesty, a few months ago, I never would have thought to even watch this movie, but after doing so, I felt pleasantly surprised with what I saw and definitely recommend everyone to have a watch of this not-so-well-known movie at some point in the future.

The Breakfast Club

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I was pretty gutted with myself for never having watched this movie before, due to the rave reviews it always seems to get, and also all the recommendations I have received about it over the past couple of years. As a lover of 80's movies, I had in fact wanted to give the Breakfast Club a try for quite some time, but had just never got round to it - although, if you have ever watched it before, you will definitely know that said movie is worth the wait to see!

Centred around 5 teenagers and their stint in Saturday Detention, this movie is actually really the perfect watch considering the majority of it only takes place in one room. Taking a look at the many different characters that you find in a high school, I really did enjoy this movie and how it depicted the teens getting to know each other and really opening up to one another, despite having nothing to do with one another on a usual school day (which is something most people can really relate to when it comes to high school, and the different sorts of cliques and groups you encounter there).

Pretty Woman

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Okay, so obviously I have watched Pretty Woman a couple of times in the past as it is simply just a classic romantic film that most people have probably seen. However, it is definitely up there with some of my favourite movies and for that reason when there was absolutely nothing on TV a couple of weeks ago, I decided to have another watch of it...

Of course though, if you never have seen the movie (if so, why on earth not?) I had better explain a little about the general story... it's a rags to riches, sort of cinderella tale where prostitute (Julia Roberts), is hired by a businessman (Richard Gere) to escort him to certain professional events over the course of a week, and whilst doing so the two begin to fall in love. Whilst a little predictable, this film is still one of the best romances in my opinion, and is pretty much a timeless movie for me, and one I could undoubtably watch over and over (and it is only helped by it's backdrop of Los Angeles, and such well known areas as Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills).

You've Got Mail

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Another romantic movie, and another one shot in a rather fabulous city (New York, which in case you were wondering is probably one of the places I most want to visit in the world). I had also wanted to watch this movie for quite some time due to how cute it had always looked, and of course because of all the good things I had previously heard about it...

This movie tells the story of two people (Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks) who speak (and pretty much fall in love) over email, but unbeknownst to each other, hate one another in real life. A typical heartwarming romance, this film is the perfect easy afternoon watch, and was one that I really did enjoy sitting through....which really makes me want to watch another movie starring these two, Sleepless in Seattle - another 90's romance that a whole lot of people also seem to say is worth seeing.


As you can probably tell from this post (plus all my other movie based posts in the past), I really do love a good film and simply cannot resist having a watch of a new (or old) film. Over the next few months, as it gets colder and the days get shorter, I will undoubtedly be settling down to watch a heck of a lot more movies...espeically all the lovely Christmas ones like Elf and It's a Wonderful Life that I simply cannot get enough of as the festive season starts!

Obviously, I also love to hear your movie recommendations, so please feel free to tell me about some of your favourite films below so that I can add them to my ever growing watch list...

Olivia xo


  1. The breakfast club is one of my favourite films =]

  2. So many movies I want to see! I've been meaning to see all of these, apart from Short Term 12 (which I have only just heard of - I'll have to look into it, it sounds interesting!), and The Breakfast Club (because I've seen it!). They all sound great. And I've been meaning to watch some of those Tom Hanks late 80s early 90s romance, they look so cute :) I always recommend Pirate Radio - it's my one true love! And The To-Do List is always great, though so many people have seen it!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. I'm glad you got a few ideas from the movies that I mentioned, I will definitely have to take a look at the ones you said...thank you!!

  3. The breakfast club is my all time favourite film! & you can NEVER go wrong with Audrey Hepburn :)

    1. Same here, and definitely...she's definitely one of my favourite actresses!

  4. Love it! Great list :)

  5. Short Term 12 was such a great movie!!

    Renee | Life After Lux


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