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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that I realistically cannot decide which season of the year is in fact my favourite, as yet again now that Autumn and Winter are on the horizon (okay, so Autumn is actually more or less here) I have found myself feeling the all too familiar excitement that I felt only a few months ago when Spring and Summer were on the way...

I'm pretty sure that I wrote a post very similar to this last year, detailing all the things that I love and look forward to when Autumn and Winter come around. However, upon looking through my photos from last year, and feeling the pang of memories and anticipation for what this year's seasons will bring, I decided to just go ahead and write another post about my Favourite Autumn/Winter Things...

New season, New Wardrobe... every year (well, actually every season) I mention just how excited I am to get myself a load of new clothes to add to my wardrobe. This year, the change can't come sooner as although I do like the fact that it's still rather warm (for September at least), the amount of lovely jumpers and hats in the shops are really making me wish it was a tad cooler already.

I really am, as usual, very excited to adapt my wardrobe to the next few months of guaranteed coldness (as well as rain and wind), and cant wait to start bringing in some more of the Autumnal colours (Burgundy is a particular favourite of mine) into my outfits. Already I have been eyeing up the cute little ankle boots, patterned scarves and roll neck tops in many of my favourite high street shops- now, I just need the weather to wear such items (well, and also the money to buy it all). makeup... I have also already started with this one, and have so far bought myself a couple of new items (you can find out more about them in my latest post HERE) to add to my Autumn/Winter makeup collection. I think that I probably said this last year, but I just adore wearing more darker makeup looks in the colder months...therefore, plum and red lipstick shades, smokey eyes, and lots of eyeliner are definitely on the cards (although, I would literally use anything as an excuse to buy more makeup, and those who know me well enough will probably presume that I'm going to buy more makeup almost every time I go out shopping, and not just because it's a new season).

Food... after months of salad, cold drinks and ice cream (bit of a random mix, I know), I do have to admit that I am very much ready for the yearly influx of warm, comfort food to creep back into my diet (although I do obviously still eat ice cream pretty much all year round). All the warming meals of Autumn and Winter are just lovely, and what's more, I also cannot wait to head out to some of my favourite coffee shops and start to try some of their festive drinks and treats (for some reason unbeknownst to me, I am still yet to have my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year)! You do definitely feel like you can indulge in a lot more over the Autumn and Winter months though (especially at Christmas, when everyone who is everyone pigs out just for the sake of it) - so bring on the pots of Cheeselets, giant tubs of Roses, and also all the mince pies!

Winter Nights... I feel that hardly anyone really likes the dark nights, but although I enjoy the summer time light nights, I really do love when it gets dark that much earlier in winter. Waking up and having to do my hair and makeup via artificial light isn't really my favourite thing, but sitting in my cosy pyjamas and layers of blankets of a night, while the Christmas lights sparkle outside the window, really is a lovely feeling.

I am also super excited to be going to London towards the end of November, and can't wait to be there of an evening as it gets dark...I can only imagine just how lovely it would be to walk around one of my favourite cities and see all the Christmas Lights and decorations on show (not to mention looking through all of the beautiful seasonal displays in shops like Harrods, during the day).

Christmas Time... of course, Christmas is basically the culmination of the Autumn and Winter months (well, it is for me anyway) and it's around about now (September) when I start to get pretty excited for the occasion. Looking back on my photos of last years festivities gets me all excited for what's to come this year too- decorating the house, buying all of the presents, watching the seasonal movies and TV shows, and finally in the days leading up to the 25th, opening the advent calendars...all these components are just too much for me to handle in terms of excitement! I really do love every single part of Christmas, and even though afterwards you do feel pretty deflated, its still my favourite thing to get all excited for it beforehand, and make the most of enjoying the winter months.

And there you have you can probably tell (okay, can definitely tell) I really do love Autumn and Winter (although when it comes to the end of these seasons, I do then feel the same sort of excitement for Spring and Summer) and am really going to enjoy the coming months and all the lovely things they bring...although to be honest, a large part of my enthusiasm stems from going into Lush as often as possible and raiding their shelves of Halloween and Christmas goodies!

What do you love the most about Autumn and Winter? ... Let me know in the comments below!

Olivia xo


  1. I love dark nights, not so much of a fan of the dark mornings though! Halloween and Christmas are the best too!

    JaynieShannon Beauty & Lifestyle


  2. Loving the pictures. Halloween is coming and I am so excited!!!!

    1. Thank you, they are pretty old photos but I still love them!

  3. Love this post! This is my favourite time of the year :)

    xo, Liz

  4. Love this! Fall is my favorite time of year for sure!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  5. Have fun in London! Autumn is my favourite season because I love all the colours xx

  6. I love autumn!


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