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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I think that I may well have mentioned my love of old (well older) music before, and also talked about my much-loved Record Player and some of the Vinyl Records I have bought/inherited to play on it (actually I just found the post where I introduced this passion of mine, and you can have a read of it HERE)...

Anyway, since I received my Record Player as a gift for my Birthday some six months ago now, I have sort out and bought myself a good few records- some brand new ones that cost me a little more from places like HMV, but also a lot from the odd Record Fair that I have happened to chance upon, as well as a couple of decent ones from Charity Shops (you should never underestimate the Charity Shop when it comes to Records, thats for sure). Lately though, I seem to have add quite a few new Records to my rather modest collection, and for the music lovers out there I thought it would be nice to today, mention some of the items that have recently come into my possession.

For some strange reason, most of the Records that I have bought recently have been Singles and not Albums (or LP's as they are so often referred to in the Vinyl World), whereas up until a couple of months ago, I didn't actually own any Singles whatsoever. For that reason, I will just put in a short mention of the LP's I bought first (there is only three rather new ones to talk about after all) as they are made up of quite a variety of genres/artists. Firstly there's my beloved Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' Soundtrack which I found in HMV a good couple of months ago- an amazing album by all accounts, this was a Record that I actually had never seen before but contains such well known songs as All you Need is Love, Eleanor Rigby and of course Yellow Submarine (quite simply, this is the perfect LP for a Beatles Fan like myself). The other two LP's that are now a part of my ever-growing collection are Tears for Fears 'Songs from the Big Chair' (fantastic for a fan of 80's tunes) and also the Funny Girl Soundtrack (this contains all the songs from the film of the same name featuring Barbra Streisand, which is definitely a movie that I would recommend a watch of, and I believe is currently on Netflix).

Onto the Singles now, and I promise you I won't waffle on too much here, as there is a fair few songs and artists to cover...

The first Single Vinyls I bought comprised of Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf', and Blondie's 'Sunday Girl' and 'The Tide is High'- all songs that I adore and could quite simply listen to for hours considering they are by a couple of my favourite artists. A fair few weeks later, I stumbled upon another Record Fair and after scouring the endless scores of songs found myself 'It must be Love' by Madness, Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' and Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' (all pretty good finds in my opinion, as again they are all songs that I love, and at Record Fairs like the one I visited you can actually find said Singles for fair prices that you really don't mind paying).

My latest purchases occurred last weekend, when at another Record Fair (actually it was run by the same people but had popped up again in another town that I was visiting), and are perhaps some of my favourite finds to date. Firstly upon searching through the 80's Section, I found myself 'Lets Dance' by David Bowie, whilst my Mom found me another Duran Duran single and also one by ABC in the process. Then, upon finding the Beatles Area I discovered a rather old looking 'Hard Days Night' single, which for £3/£4 (I can't really remember which it was) I just knew I had to get myself as in all honesty, Beatles records are incredibly rare to find in Fairs of any sort!

All of the Albums and Singles above, are ones that I am destined to play over and over again though, and am ultimately very happy that I bought. People might be thinking that paying £3 for a single seems a little extortionate when you can probably listen to most of the songs I have mentioned on Spotify for free- however, I would have to protest against this, as for such a price tag you are not only buying a song you love, but you are also buying something very rare on the most part (plus there are two songs to every single: one on each side of the record). 

I hope you all enjoyed having a little read about the Records that I have most recently added to my Vinyl Collection...I know such a topic isn't everybody's cup of tea, but hopefully by reading this you have learnt a little more about me (especially about my taste in music) and also maybe seen a couple of songs mentioned that you would like to have a listen to in the future!

Olivia xo


  1. Great!

  2. Such great picks! The queen and madness singles are some of my faves and most played :) Really recommend 'slade' if you can find one or XTC, they are such great groups :)

    Lotte |

    1. Aw thank you for your recommendations!


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