August Fashion Favourites (and Purchases)

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Instead of doing my typical monthly favourites post, this month I thought I would mix things up a little, and instead write about some of the purchases I have made throughout August in terms of Fashion. I really would like to start writing about style a bit more on this little blog of mine, so the other day I decided what better way to do that, than to compose my end of August post about such a topic...

August is a fantastic month in terms of fashion, as it is the time when all the sales start to appear in most, if not all, of my favourite shops. The late-summer month that is now near enough over was no different from any other year, and I managed to scoop up several lovely items from the sales as per usual- in this post I will just round up a few of the items that I stumbled upon recently (all of which seem to be carrying quite a nautical theme, which I definitely think makes for a nice set of colours to take through the transitional period between Summer and Autumn, as well as to keep in my wardrobe ready for next year).

More Travel Inspiration...

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel, and wanderlust is in fact something that I have very much been feeling lately. A mere scroll through my Instagram feed, a peek at Pinterest, or a read through the destinations on TripAdvisor always seems to end up with me adding ever more places to my Travel Bucket List...even more so lately, what with everyone seeming to be on their summer holidays currently, and because of that, I have decided to compile a little list of a few cities and areas that I have recently found myself desperately wanting to visit!

Photo from...
I am super excited to say that I will actually be visiting Italy for the first time next year, and although I am going to be holidaying in Sorrento (somewhere that I have wanted to travel to for an incredibly long time, and will now undoubtably spend the next few months getting incredibly excited to visit), there is still so much more of the country that I am determined to visit afterwards. Before I have mentioned that in Italy I would love to visit Rome and Sorrento, but upon scouring through places to visit on Trip Advisor not so long ago, I also noted that Florence looked absolutely gorgeous, and for that reason I would just love to go there some time too.

New Roller Lash Mascara & House of Fraser Beauty Event

Friday, 26 August 2016

As an absolutely ginormous fan of Benefit makeup, I was incredibly happy to recently be sent my very own Roller Lash Mascara by House of Fraser (previously, I had only owned the mini/tester version and although I had fallen in love with it, unfortunately hadn't got round to getting my hands on the full-sized version after it ran out). Now I finally have my own Roller Lash though (which you can find HERE, amongst a whole host of other beauty products on the House of Fraser website), I am reaching out to use it everyday, and therefore thought it would be nice to write up a little review of sorts on it today...and also to tell you all about the House of Fraser Beauty Event which is happening right now, and is very exciting indeed!!

First up, let me just tell you how much I love the packaging of Roller Lash- it really is pretty in every single way, from its font/logo to its colour scheme, it definitely makes for an absolutely gorgeous photo (hopefully my above image has at least done it some justice). Moreover, the actual bottle that the mascara comes in is also rather lovely as you may have seen before in the numerous photos of it online and in magazines (if not, I have also took a few photos of that below). For £19.50 though, you can really see where your money is going with this product, as it really has been made to a very high standard and before I have even got onto talking about the product itself, the bottle and packaging already show the extra detail added that make it worthy of paying a few extra pounds more for than your average mascara.

For the Love of Essie!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

When it comes to nail polishes, I must have a suitable shade for every single outfit in my wardrobe, and every occasion possible. Within my collection (that I really do need to have a sort through, but just cannot bear to part with the vast majority of my shades) I own polishes from many different brands - with my favourite brands including OPI, Barry M and MAC, but as I noticed the other day, most of my much-loved colours come straight from Essie.

If I think back a few years to when I started getting into the activity of nail-painting and collecting nail polishes, I do believe that my first colours were actually from Essie (I think my first polish was Turquoise&Caicos, which was quite frankly a gorgeous shade that sadly ran out some time ago) and that is most probably where my love of the brand started. For around £8, I then used to save up my money to buy new Essie polishes, and frequently asked for colours I had mused upon in store for Birthdays and Christmases.

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

Monday, 22 August 2016

How I love Autumn Fashion and yearn for said season to come around again so that I can fill my wardrobe with oh so many new pieces...well, these favourite months of mine are now fast approaching, and for that reason I thought now to be a fantastic time to share with you, My Autumn Fashion Wishlist!

(Just a little note if my item links aren't that clear, but if you click on the name of the items I am describing you should hopefully be redirected to the item in question, if you want to take a better look at any of the clothes and accessories mentioned throughout this post).

I just love to bring a bit of burgundy into my Autumnal Outfits, and will therefore start this post off with the ASOS Scallop Skirt that you can see in the top left hand corner of the above image. Last year I had one of these skirts in black, and was very happy indeed with it's fit and price (I believe it was only around £20), so for that reason would love to treat myself to another of the same sort this year. This style of skirt is guaranteed to look lovely when worn with black tights, and is perfect when styled with a more casual looking T-Shirt - for that reason I have also picked out the Pull&Bear T-Shirt that you can also see in the above photo to add to this Wishlist.

Baking - Raspberry, Almond and Coconut Traybake

Saturday, 20 August 2016

I really do enjoy baking, and try to take every opportunity I have to get myself in the kitchen and cook something up. Considering that it has recently been the Summer Holidays (well, it still is in fact), I have found a lot more time to actually do some baking, and the other day in fact tried my hand at a new found recipe...

The recipe in question was for a Raspberry, Almond and Coconut Traybake, and was a cake that really sounded quite mouth-watering to me- I absolutely loved the idea (and look) of the dish that was sat on the webpage before my eyes, and really felt intrigued by the thought of the Raspberries adding that extra bit of zing to the almond and coconut mix. So, I went ahead and tried out the recipe for myself and am now going to take you through how I went about making it...feel free to take a look at how the professionals do it over on the GoodFood Website as well though, which is where I stumbled across this lovely recipe in the first place!

New NYX Purchases

Thursday, 18 August 2016

I have expressed my love of NYX cosmetics several times in the past, and also detailed my joy at finding that a NYX counter had popped up in my local Boots store a couple of months ago. Until the other day though, I had only bought myself one thing off of said stand (a Matte Lipstick that I did a review of HERE), but with so many enticing items sat before me, recently I just knew that I had to purchase some more goodies...

As you have more than likely guessed from the title of this post though, I have in fact now bought myself a couple more things from NYX cosmetics- just two things have now been added to my ever-growing makeup collection, but both items are just what I was looking for and will hence be talked about a fair bit in this post.

Vinyl Record Haul!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I think that I may well have mentioned my love of old (well older) music before, and also talked about my much-loved Record Player and some of the Vinyl Records I have bought/inherited to play on it (actually I just found the post where I introduced this passion of mine, and you can have a read of it HERE)...

Anyway, since I received my Record Player as a gift for my Birthday some six months ago now, I have sort out and bought myself a good few records- some brand new ones that cost me a little more from places like HMV, but also a lot from the odd Record Fair that I have happened to chance upon, as well as a couple of decent ones from Charity Shops (you should never underestimate the Charity Shop when it comes to Records, thats for sure). Lately though, I seem to have add quite a few new Records to my rather modest collection, and for the music lovers out there I thought it would be nice to today, mention some of the items that have recently come into my possession.

Victoria's Secret Body Sprays

Sunday, 14 August 2016

How I love body sprays! For some reason spritzing myself with them and dousing my room in their glorious scent always makes me feel that little bit better...

 The other day though, I realised that the vast majority of body sprays I own are actually by Victoria's Secret and upon this discovery I decided to round up all my bottles, and write a little post about why I seemingly love the VS Body Sprays so much!

Within my modest collection (which is probably in no way as big as other people's out there) I have two Pink body Sprays and also two of the own brand Victoria's Secret ones. None of them were really all that cheap to buy if I remember correctly (apart from my Aqua Kiss one that I got sent by the lovely LookFantastic team a few months back), but I do think you can often find offers on in VS when you buy such products- plus I don't think price really mattered to me all that much when I actually smelt how good the sprays are...

New Phone Case - From PINKU

Saturday, 13 August 2016

As soon as I see a rather cool looking phone case, I find myself almost drawn towards it- hence why, when I found out about PINKU Stationary and their cute little range of phone cases I was sold on the subject of getting one! 

It's quite likely that you have never heard of PINKU before, and in all honesty neither had I until last week when the lovely store owner Peggy, told me all about it. A newly launched website (it actually launched on Wednesday 10th August), this beautiful site is just getting up and running and starting to sell some of its wonderful products...

Review - 'Fortune Favours the Brave' Eyeshadow Palette

Thursday, 11 August 2016

So, I promised a post on the beauty that is the Fortune Favours the Brave Palette a couple of weeks ago now, and finally after getting through all the other things I have wanted to post about in recent times, I have got round to fulfilling said promise! 

I just knew that I had to dedicate a single post to this beautiful eyeshadow palette, as I had in fact wanted to buy it for myself for quite some time after seeing several rather appealing images of it on social media and other blogs that I enjoy reading. For that reason, when I saw it sat before my very eyes on the Makeup Revolution counter in Superdrug it was almost instinctual that I reached forth, grabbed it and headed straight to the till to buy it- for just £10, and with 30 eyeshadows inside how could I not have!

New in from Quiz!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

In the past, I have found myself walking past sections of Quiz clothing (namely in Department stores I have visited) and felt immediately drawn in by all the beautiful clothing that they sell...although mostly by their beautiful dresses! The other day, I found myself lucky enough to receive a few gorgeous pieces from Quiz (thank you!), which include a stylish shirt dress, a glistening flowery bracelet and a super cute clutch bag.

Today, I thought I would therefore write up a post on my new Quiz items (which are also all new in online and in stores) and tell you a little bit about each of them, including how I'm going to wear them, and why in fact I love them so much! Quiz really do sell a vast range of items (I didn't even know that they sold jewellery before the other day), so before I get going I absolutely have to recommend a good old browse of their website (HERE) to all of you!

Recently Read...

Sunday, 7 August 2016

I adore reading and find the escape into fiction rather enthralling, yet as I live my day to day school life I do find it very difficult indeed to find time to actually read some of my own book choices. Therefore, as soon as my summer holidays started following my endless stream of exams, I decided to create a sort of list of the books that I wished to read before I was to go on to sixth form in September- what with going on holiday to California and having the last few backs back home in England, I have managed to get through a fair few books, and will even hopefully get through a couple more before the impending date of my return to school.

In this post, I thought it might be nice to share with you all a few of the books I have read and enjoyed reading over the past few weeks. I really do like to read a vast array of genres and types of books, so there is hopefully something for everyone on this list, to give you all a little bit of inspiration of something to read in the future maybe (I do hope so anyway, as I definitely know the struggle of trying to find a book that I feel in the mood to read)...

Benefit Mini's - Hoola Bronzer

Friday, 5 August 2016

For quite some time I have looked upon the cute little row of Benefit Miniature Beauty Items in my local Boots store, and what's more, have for some time thought about treating myself to one. Never in my life have I owned a Hoola bronzer (well, I suppose I did once own one that came in a set, but I didn't actually use it all that much), so the last time I went into Boots, I thought what better excuse to get a mini Benefit product, than to finally try out said bronzer! 

It was quite tragic that I called myself a lover of Benefit makeup products, when I hadn't in fact ever properly owned or tried the cult classic and best-seller that is the Hoola Bronzing Powder- now however, I do believe that I have redeemed myself, and after trying out this product at long last I can openly admit to feeling very angry that I didn't start using this beauty a little sooner...

Favourite Films - The Classics

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

If there's one thing I love, and have an immense passion for (apart from the usual topics of beauty and fashion) then it would just have to be movies! For a very long time now, I have been an admirer of all things film, and in my rather short life have so far watched a rather large amount of movies. 

A particular favourite area of the movies for me though, is the classics- I have very much been enjoying watching older movies, from the more classic age of Hollywood, for several months now and although I do think that I would like to create more posts in future about other films that I like to watch, I figured I would start with the oldest ones as I do fear they are quite often forgotten by many people out there...

July Favourites

Monday, 1 August 2016

It occurred to me the other day, that July was in fact almost over and I hadn't yet even contemplated what on earth I was going to feature in my Favourites post for said month. The months seem to have been flying past me way too quickly this year, and I in fact didn't even write a Favourites for the month of June, as my life was way too full of exams at that particular time, and in all honesty it probably didn't feel like two seconds since I had thought out my favourite things for the month before either.

This month though, despite the end of the July creeping up on me rather quickly, I did find it quite easy to come up with some bits and bobs that I have been loving over the past four weeks (or thereabouts). Since my exams have ended and my holiday has started, I have been able to buy and enjoy a lot more things...hence this post will feature some new makeup and clothing items, as well as a bit of of an appreciation for the holiday that I recently went on in late June and early July...

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