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Saturday, 16 July 2016

I love food, and I mean seriously love the stuff, so much so that I literally take a photo of most meals that I have when I'm out (as long as they do actually make for a good photo, and are eventually going to be worthy of appearing on my Instagram feed). There was no deviation from this habit of mine when I was recently on holiday in California, and by the time I got home a few days ago, I realised that I had amassed quite a collection of food photos...enough to make a pretty decent post about a lot of the places that I dined at whilst I was away. Therefore, I have been able to create this little post, to show you some of the lovely food that I got to eat whilst exploring a small part of the USA (although, do be warned, a lot of the below photos are of pizza)!

Okay, so here's the first pizza that I gorged one whilst over in the US- like most of the pizzas that I eat, it was a vegetarian one (I am not a vegetarian though, and merely enjoyed veggie based pizzas and dishes a lot of the time), topped with lots of lovely vegetables and also lots of stringy cheese. I actually ate this particular pizza at a cute little bar/restaurant called Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which was at one of the shopping outlets that I visited during my two weeks over in the states. There, they served lots of gorgeous Mediterranean themed dishes, and me being me, I obviously opted for a pizza (and I'm so glad that I did, as even now I can remember just how good this dish was)!

A few days into the holiday, we travelled from Los Angeles down to San Diego, and whilst there we stayed in a cute Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, that served some really gorgeous food. I had three meals there of a night, but by far the chicken and bacon sandwich with sweet potato fries in the above photo was my favourite! On the other two nights, I shared a goat's cheese and beetroot pizza (yes, another pizza) with my mom, and also gorged on a lovely bowl full of spaghetti and meatballs.

At the lovely Hilton Garden Inn, I also enjoyed a number of lovely breakfasts that were made to order as opposed to the buffet style ones that I had in the other hotels that I stayed in whilst away. In the above photo, you can see my particular favourite breakfast dish at the hotel-French Toast with Nutella. I had never actually had French Toast (I know, the shame of it!) before I ordered the above plate of the gorgeous stuff, but I now know it to be one of my favourite breakfasts dishes, and would quite happily eat it again (I did actually order the French Toast again the next morning after I took this photo, which goes to show just how much I enjoyed it).

Now onto one of my favourites places to eat that I visited in the US...that place being the Cheesecake Factory. It's hard to believe that I have visited America four times now, and my most recent visit was the first time that I actually ventured into the Cheesecake Factory. 

I actually visited this well known restaurant chain twice during my trip- the first was to have some lunch, and as you can see in the above photo I had a gorgeous plate of enchiladas that were actually really good, and pretty spicy too. On my second visit I, of course, had to treat myself to a big old slice of cheesecake! I personally had a slice of the gorgeous Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake (the one you can see in the top left hand corner in the below image), whilst my Mom and Dad had a slice of the Key Lime Pie one (sadly, I didn't get a photo of this one). Both slices were absolutely massive, and when you have them to take out as we did, they also come with cream and other extras- I did manage to eat most of my lovely cheesecake, but my Dad had to finish of the remains as it was an incredibly filling desert!

Within the final few days of the holiday, I visited a cute little pizza restaurant called Spin Neopolitan Pizza, a couple of times for lunch and dinner. The menu in this restaurant is perfect for pizza lovers like myself, as it is completely jammed packed of absolutely loads of different pizzas, all with lots of lovely toppings (although you probably guessed that from the name of the restaurant)!

On my first visit, I had the large Primavera pizza that you can see in the above photo- this again was a vegetarian pizza, that was gorgeous and covered in lots of lovely vegetables, as well as piles of mozzarella and goat's cheese. By the time of my second visit, I had become slightly tired of eating unhealthy food over the course of my holiday, so opted for a smaller sized pizza with a salad- that pizza being the Patate one that was topped with potato slices, vegetables and cheese, whilst the salad was a really lovely spinach and goat's cheese one.

As you can probably tell from the photos I have shared throughout this post, I ate pretty well whilst on my recent holiday (now I am home, I really do need to up my healthy eating game again)! In California, there seems to be somewhere to eat every few steps you take, or every couple of minutes you drive, so it is pretty easy to find some good grub over there- but beware, I did find the portions to be quite a bit larger than what I am used to in the UK!

I do hope you all enjoyed this food-themed post anyway, and didn't get too hungry whilst having a browse of it...

Olivia xo


  1. Oh my goodness everything looks delicious!! Nutella on french toast!? I need that in my life!!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. It was so good! I need to try and make some of my own at home!

  2. Oh wow! These look incredible!
    Amy x

    1. Thank you! They were so good to eat!

  3. Oh man I am SO bladdy hungry now! All of this looks absolutely incredible. Need. Pizza. Now. Immy x

    1. Sorry about that! But I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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