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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

After a few weeks of rather staggered, and not so amazing posts, I'm now back with a lot of content ideas and plans to upload on here in the coming weeks. My exams are now all over, and I have a good couple of months off school before I head on to Sixth Form- I will therefore have a fair amount of time on my hands to get posting more frequently, and get writing lots more interesting blog posts.

Another reason for my lack of uploading recently, is the fact that I have been on holiday in California for a couple of weeks- whilst I was there I found most of my time took up by travelling about, and visiting lots of amazing places...but that now means that I can share posts with you about said holiday, (starting with a little photo diary of my few days spent at Disneyland California).

There are two theme parks at the Disneyland California Resort (the Disneyland Park and also Disney's California Adventure), and as I have been lucky enough to visit Disneyworld Florida three times in the past, I was incredibly excited to visit some Disney parks again-hence why I also took so many photos as I went about my days there, so as to create a good collection of memories of my trip!

Of course, upon visiting Disneyland (or any Disney park for that matter) a picture of the castle is a must-have. At the Disneyland Park in California, you will find Sleeping Beauty's Castle at the end of Main Street- which I will admit is a lovely castle, if not a little small compared to the astounding Cinderella's Castle, that I have also photographed each of the three times that I previously visited DisneyWorld.

Another photo I always seem to acquire when visiting Disney, is this one of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Statue. They also have this particular statue (or if not, a very similar one) at Magic Kingdom in Florida- I have also taken a photo of it each time I have visited if my memory is correct, as I just think that it is such a sweet addition to the park, and all the beautiful flowers around it just add to the lovely, warm feeling you get at a Disney theme park!

In the Disneyland park, you will also find the world-renowned It's a Small World ride. Love it or hate it, you just have to pay this ride a visit- again, I have been on It's a Small World numerous times in Florida, but this Californian version definitely differs a little as the inside area seems to take longer to travel through, and you also get onto the boats for the ride outside, instead of inside as you would at DisneyWorld (which is pretty good as it means you get to stand in the sun, and acquire more of a tan as you wait).

I also thought that I should mention that I did try my hardest to get into the full Disney spirit, and got some lovely, sparkly Minnie Mouse ears as soon as I entered the Disneyland park. In the above photo you can kind of see me wearing them (sorry that it's a pretty bad shot of me), although they did start to give me a headache after a bit, as headband style things so commonly do- they definitely did serve their purpose though, and I will definitely be keeping them somewhere pretty visible in my room, as they are just so cute!

One of my favourite rides at Magic Kingdom in Florida is Big Thunder Mountain (if you are not familiar with this ride, it is sort of like a runaway train-style rollercoaster), and fortunately they also had this ride in California for me to go on a few times. Another favourite ride if mine at the California park though, was the Matterhorn Bobsleds that go in and around the mountain that you can see in the above image (these bobsleds are pretty rickety things, that jolt you about a fair bit with some quick turns and small drops, but are ultimately very fun to ride).

But of course, every single Disney park is incredibly beautiful and really fun to walk around in general (and definitely not just created for adrenaline junkie, rollercoaster lovers). If you have ever visited a Disney theme park you will know just how intricately designed every area of the surroundings are-the above photo is simply of the Main Street you walk up when entering the Disneyland park, but hopefully just from that one photo you can see that Disney parks truly are an amazing place to visit.

On to Disney's California Adventure Park now, and I have to admit straight up that this was my favourite of the two parks that I visited. I think this is mostly down to the fact that it is so different from any other Disney theme park I have ever visited before- the gorgeous Paradise Pier there really adds to the lovely, sunny California vibes and literally makes it the theme park of dreams.

At California Adventure, they also have some pretty cool rides (Soarin, Grizzly River Run and Toy Story Midway Mania being some of my favourites), but one of the most iconic there is probably the Tower Of Terror which I have never been on (I'm such a chicken when it comes to theme park rides) but always seem to snap a photo of. There's also such iconic rides as California Screamin on the Pier, and a massive new-ish area of Cars rides and attractions that I will go on to talk about in a while.

As I previously mentioned though, I did try and get into the Disney spirit and since my Minnie Mouse ears were hurting my head too much, I decided to get myself a baseball cap later in the trip. Again, sorry for the poor photo of myself but I just wanted to again show off some Disney merchandise (because you have to treat yourself at Disney to some of their branded bits and bobs), and also show a glimpse of just how sunny it was whilst I was in Disney (it was completely blue skies, and around a sweltering 30 degrees each day that I was there).

Onto another favourite ride of mine though at California Adventure- Cars Radiator Springs Racers. The whole of the Cars area is pretty cool to be honest, and it's really great to have a muse around whether you are a fan of the Pixar film franchise or not. The rides there are also really great- I only got on the one of them though due to the incredibly long queues and popularity of the section, and that ride happened to be the Radiator Springs Racers.

If you have ever been to DisneyWorld and gone on Test Track, then you will more than likely see similarities between that ride and this one. You are sat in cars like the ones from the movie, that go around a little indoors area, and then race around outside- the only differences from Test Track being that obviously those ride is themed around the Cars movie, and I also think the outside track is quite a bit different (it takes up a longer part of the ride, and what's more there's also a lot more dips and curves in the track that made it a fair bit more exciting to me, as the sudden changes in pace definitely caught me by surprise)!

Anyway, I do hope you all enjoyed having a little glimpse at a few of my Disneyland California snaps- I can honestly say that I had the most amazing time there, although I knew before I stepped foot in the parks that I would, as every Disney park is simply a must to visit for anybody, whether you are a Disney fan or not.

And as always, thank you for reading- I will be back in a couple of days with some more posts themed around my recent travels...

Olivia xo


  1. I am so jealous! I have not been to a Disney place since I was six years old and I miss it so! I've been dying to save up to make a trip sometime in the fall. Looks like you had such a lovely time and looking forward to all the wonderful post ideas you've come up with :)

    1. Yes, you definitely need to visit one again, it's so exciting! Thank you for reading!

  2. I am a massive Disney fan and have wanted to visit Disney land/ world ever since I was little but I never have! :( Loved this post! I am glad you had a fun time xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. You definitely need to visit some day! Thank you!

  3. I've been to Disneyworld but never Disneyland! I so want to go there! Great photos! :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. It's amazing there, you would definitely love it!

  4. Wow, this is literally a dream of mine! Best start saving, such a lovely travel post! Hope you had the best time! Soph X

    1. Thank you Soph! It was amazing, and I hope you get to go someday too!

  5. I really want to go to Disney, soinds like you had such an amazing time! Lovely pictures xx

    1. It's such a beautiful place, you would love it!


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