Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Saturday, 30 July 2016

I simply have no idea why it has took me so long to get round to writing this post, as I would probably say that my Kat Von D Lipsticks are definitely up there with my favourite make up items that I bought whilst on my recent trip to California. When in Sephora, it's difficult to resist the urge to head over to the Kat Von D stand and muse through all the beautiful items- I had heard all too many good things about many of the products, but for some reason (probably my love of lipsticks) I chose to buy myself a couple of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, and today I thought I would tell you all a little about them...

California - Miscellaneous Holiday Memories

Thursday, 28 July 2016

You may well have noticed several travel-themed posts emerge on my blog over the past couple of weeks, all to do with my recent trip to California (previously, I talked about my visits to Disneyland and San Francisco, as well as some of the food that I ate whilst I was away). Now however, I thought I would just tie up some loose ends as it were, and briefly mention some of the other places that I was lucky enough to get a look at whilst in the US, and thus bring this little travel series of posts to a conclusion...

Beaches. To me, they are the first thing that pops into my head when I think of California- sunkissed individuals strolling along the sand, whilst wetsuit clad surfers brave the waves and Palm trees line the sea front. Maybe I have just been into Hollister way to many times, but I have come to associate the West Coast with sunny, sandy havens and I was fortunate enough to get a good look at several of the most popular beaches in Central California, as well as visit one that I had always wanted to see...Huntington Beach.

In respect of what I had envisioned in my mind for seemingly forever, I was very satisfied when Huntington Beach lived up to my every expectation. It was the loveliest of beach areas, and was lined with shops, restaurants and as I walked along the front there was a consistent stream of surfboard-armed men and women waltzing past me. Back to my Hollister-reminiscing, and if you have ever been in a store you might well have noticed a board/window thing that streams a scene from a Californian beach right your way- this beach is Huntington Beach, and in the video you can see a pier, an endless expanse of ocean, and many surfers in the water (well, I can now proudly saw that I have stood on that pier and watched the surfers go by, which is quite a big tick off the bucket list in my opinion)!

Whilst on the Pier, we also spotted a cute little diner right at the end (Ruby's Diner), and because I was yet to indulge in a milkshake whilst in the US, me and my mom decided to each have a strawberry one. Well, what can I say...the Americans do know how to do milkshakes, I will give them that! This quintessential USA-style diner served us up some incredibly frothy, thick shakes topped with lots of whipped cream and even a cherry (the perfect state-side treat to enjoy on the pier for sure).

Onto one of the most famous areas of California now (if not the most famous)...Hollywood! As a serious lover of all things to do with movies, I was incredibly excited to visit this area of Los Angeles and although we didn't really spend very long there, I did acquire a decent stash of photos to remind me of my visit. 

Walking along the Walk of Fame was rather hectic, with lots of people trying to sell you things and also quite a few individuals dressed up as certain characters that wanted to have their photo took with you, so we instead made our way over to the Chinese Theatre (the building in the above photo).

You may well know that outside the Chinese Theatre, there is a vast array of handprints on the floor by many well known famous people- I, being a massive fan of old movies, made it a priority for myself to seek out all the movie stars of yesteryear and did actually get a fair few good photos, despite the crowds that flocked around almost every tile on the floor. A particular snap that I am very happy with getting, is that of the handprints of Marilyn Monroe (I also did the typical touristy putting your hands into the prints thing, but I don't look all that good in those photos), who is of course an absolute legendary figure and one of my particular favourite old-school actresses (if you have never seen any of her movies, I definitely recommend a watch of Some Like it Hot or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which are two that I personally love!) 

And the award for the worst photo of the Hollywood sign goes too.....me! In all seriousness though, it is incredibly difficult to get a decent snap of this iconic landmark as you firstly can't get all that close to it, and it is also really quite smoggy in the city. The above photo was taken near the Griffith Observatory, which is actually a really nice area beside Hollywood that has a lot of hiking trails, and lovely views of LA from up in the hills- however, it was extremely hot on the day we visited, so sadly we only took a quick stop for a photo opportunity, which is when I managed to get this photo of the Hollywood sign (which no matter how bad, I will look back on for years to come and feel pretty chuffed that I got to see such a sight)!

Let's all admit though, that this photo of the Legowood sign is a lot better quality than that of my Hollywood sign photo. During my stay in California, I was also lucky enough to visit the lovely city of San Diego and its surrounding areas, and while we were there figured a stop off to Legoland made sense. To me, Legoland isn't really as great as Disney, but it was still a nice chance to stretch my legs after driving all the way from LA to San Diego- most of my time there was spent musing around Miniland USA where I found the above miniaturised version of Hollywood!

Whilst we never actually went into the heart of the city of San Diego (unless you count driving past), we did visit some of the areas around it- a place I would definitely recommend to any shopaholics out there like myself, is the Westfield UTC centre, which is a effectively an outdoor shopping centre that is jammed packed with cute places to eat and also many great places to shop (think Sephora, Abercrombie, etc etc etc). As well as this, we also drove across the bridge in San Diego to a really lovely area called Coranado Island (this seemed such a cute little place, although we didn't actually get out of the car, apart from to take a few photos), which I went over to visit because of a not so well known tourist attraction that's over there. Earlier in the post, I reminicised about my love of old movies, and my particular love of Some Like it Hot- those of you who have never heard of, or seen this movie will have zero clue what I'm on about now, but the hotel that the majority of said movie is set in, is on the island, and the above photo is of it in all its majestic beauty!

Well then, after talking about the above photos I do feel as though I have finally tied up all the loose ends on my tales about travelling to California. It is such a beautiful state that you just have to make plans to visit it at least once in your life, and if you have read my last few posts (thank you very much if you have) then you will have seen how much there is to see and do there also!

Olivia xo

NARS Creamy Concealer

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I wasn't actually going to write anything in particular about the NARS Creamy Concealer that I bought the other week, but after posting a photo of said concealer on my Instagram (@oliviabethh in case you were wondering), I realised that I should in fact type up a little review on it. My photo on Instagram recieved a number of comments- I noted below the picture that this product was in fact my first NARS product, which resulted in many telling me how much of a good decision I had made, and how that now I had tried a NARS product I wouldn't going to be going back anytime soon.

Reading through these comments made me realise how important it is to choose the right product, especially when you are picking out your first from a particular brand. I simply went into Sephora, and both wanting to try a NARS product and also needing a new concealer, I just dug my hands into my purse (almost automatically) to buy my Creamy Concealer. I hadn't really done any research into what I was going to spend my cash on, or buy as my first NARS item, and it was only thanks to good luck that I eventually opted for such a cult classic...

New Jewellery - JewelleryBox.co.uk

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Choosing out my jewellery for the day, and mixing and matching different beautiful accessories with my outfits, is one thing that I just love. My jewellery collection does, in some places, require a bit of an upgrade though as when I am out shopping it does sometimes skip my mind to head over to the accessories sections, and have a browse through all the lovely jewellery. 

Luckily though, the other day, I was fortunate enough to recieve a few beautiful new pieces to add to my collection from JewelleryBox.co.ukif you love accessories or anything to do with jewellery in the slightest, you really do need to have a look at their website as they sell, quite simply, something for everyone and what's more, all items are incredibly well priced. In this post, I will just be showing you a little snapshot of what you get when you order from JewelleryBox, and also a sneak peek of the two rings and bracelet that I have now added to my collection...

California - The San Francisco Diaries

Friday, 22 July 2016

After going on holiday for a good couple of weeks, and becoming a rather useless excuse for a blogger whilst I was there (we are all allowed some time off though aren't we?), I did promise some travel themed posts contained lots of photos and snippets of information from my trip. Well, I'm staying true to my word today with another California Photo Diary- however, whereas my last travel post was about Disneyland, I have now skipped ahead to talk to you a little about the wonderful city of San Francsico, which was another favourite place of mine that I visited whilst in the USA...

We spent three days in the city (staying outside and then travelling in by ferry each day), and during that time I seemed to amass a good collection of photos of the city, and especially photos of all the glorious Victorian houses (or 'Painted Ladies')  that line many of the streets and are somewhat world-famous. Above and below, are photos of two of my absolute favourite houses that I spotted whilst exploring the city on one of the many sightseeing bus tours- the beauty of each of these houses, and many of the others within the vicinity, stood out a mile off as their lovely colours and intricate detail cemented them as some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen in my life (it's not like many could dream to live in such an abode though, as they in fact cost millions per floor to own)!

Another destination in the city that attracts a great mass of tourists, is the Pier area (predominantly Pier 39 and Fishermans Wharf). We visited these parts of San Francisco a couple of times, and I have to say that I did like looking around them very much indeed- Pier 39 in particular, is a vast hub of shops and restaurants where you can find anything from Bubba Gump Shrimp to the pretty amazing Left Handed Shop that you can see a photo of below (this incredibly cool shop featured everything perfect for lefties like myself, including scissors, notebooks and non-smudge pens).

Fishermans Wharf was also a rather jam-packed area full of both people and places to visit (plus lots and lots of seagulls, pigeons, and also the overwhelming smell of fish that anyone who has ever visited the seaside will know all too well). It is definitely an area of San Francisco that you just have to visit though, and is also not very far from other hotspots such as Ghirardelli Square- if you are a chocoholic like myself, you must make time to visit this place, as you can snap up free samples of really lovely chocolate as well as go in the chocolate shop and cafe there)!

Of course though, the iconic landmark that most people conjure up in their heads upon hearing the name San Francisco, is the Golden Gate Bridge. Again, this is a sight that you just have to see if you have travelled all the way to the city, and is a feature I saw several times (sadly though, each time I saw it, it was pretty much smothered in smog as it is in the above photo). Despite the obscuring of the whole bridge, it did still feel pretty amazing to drive across it, as now whenever I see this bridge on TV or in movies, I know that I too have been there and seen the glorious landmark for myself.

Another bridge in San Francisco that is well worth taking a snap of though, is the Bay Bridge which is pretty much at the other end of the city to the Golden Gate. We went under this bridge every day on our ferry journeys in and out of the bustling metropolis, and on the final day I actually managed to take a photo of it amidst a gloriously sunny backdrop (this is probably one of my favourite photos of the city, as I really do think that the perfect blue sky and glistening sea, frame the bridge in a very beautiful way indeed).

Another place I am very happy that I can say I got visit on my holiday, is Alcatraz. This tourist attraction is incredibly (and I mean incredibly in the strongest sense of the word) popular, and with only a certain number of ferries departing to the island on which it is situated every day, it can be very difficult to secure a place on a tour. Thankfully, my parents booked months in advance, so we easily got a place, but even then you still have to be given a time slot and arrive up to 30 minutes before at the certain pier, to make sure you can get in the boat.

All of this planning and waiting is worth it though, because Alcatraz is one of the most iconic places to visit in San Francisco. The tour around the landmark itself is also very interesting- an old prison that housed many notorious prisoners back in the day, the walk around Alcatraz and its surroundings whilst listening to an incredibly informative audio device, is enough to send shivers up your spine! Below you can see a few photos that provide a glimpse into a couple of the areas in the prison (the building is so well preserved and presented during the tour, that you get a really good insight into just what life was like for the prisoners that once called Alcatraz their home).

You can also capture some rather beautiful views from 'The Rock', or Alcatraz Island, especially on a sunny day. On the day that I visited, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by sunshine and therefore achieved some rather lovely photos like the one above, of the bright blue sea and sky, as well as a glimpse of the city of San Francisco in the distance.

Back into the city now, and another legendary sight to see- Lombard Street. The crookedest street in the world is definitely something to marvel at, and the views of it from both the top of the street and the bottom are pretty wonderful. Beware though, if you are going to walk in order to reach to the top of Lombard Street, it is a pretty tough journey as the monstrous hills do really test your fitness to say the least (but of course it is worth it, if you get to keep photos like the one above at the end of the trek)!

As I previous (briefly) mentioned, we did in fact go on a sightseeing bus tour of the city, and from my experience I would definitely recommend that newbies to the city get themselves on a similar excursion, as you really do get to see everything you could possible dream of seeing in a rather short space of time, and also gain a lot of information from the tour guides that talk you through the journey. 

Another couple of sights that I photographed whilst on the tour bus include the rather marvellous looking City Hall that you can see in the above photo (that is in fact decorated with real gold at the top), and also Union Square (that I later visited on foot) which is in the heart of the city and contains most of the shops- in my photo below, that is sadly kind of obscured by a bit of a building site, you can see enormous Tiffanys and Saks stores, and behind that there is also a massive Macy's and a Westfield just around the corner!

Overall though, I am really happy with the amount of amazing sights I got to see whilst in San Francisco, and feel as though I got to do an awful lot in the space of just three days! Hopefully my photos have done the city of San Francisco justice, and also have hopefully this whistle stop tour have given you all some ideas on what to see, and what to do if you are to ever visit the city in the future!

Olivia xo

HerClutterBox - My New Makeup Storage!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Finding somewhere to store all your makeup can be a momentous challenge, especially when you have a pretty large makeup collection. I personally have, what I would call, a moderate amount of cosmetic products, yet I have recently been finding myself struggling more and more to make room for any new purchases. It would seem that my prayers got answered though last week, in the form of a HerClutterBox delivery...

When HerClutterBox told me all about their amazing storage solutions, I just knew that I had to try out one of their boxes for myself. This fantastic brand offer a large selection of storage boxes that you can pop anything in (not just makeup as I have done), and each and every one of them are made to a great standard so are incredibly sturdy and strong to keep all your belongings safe. 

The item that I received was a lot bigger than I first expected (or course, I was very happy with the amount of space I got in my box though), and has four large drawers that come with a bundle of separators, so you can pickand choose where to separate your drawers and chosen items. You can take a look at the exact box I got HERE on the HerClutterBox website, although I will now go onto to share some photos of my box, to show you all how I have chosen to use this new product of mine, and just how much you can actually fit inside such a box!

Considering there is four drawers to this particular box, I decided to spread some of my makeup across those areas, separating them into categories of sorts. In the first drawer I have put all my base products (for example, foundations and concealers as you can see in the above photo), in the second drawer I have stored away my bronzers and blushers etc, in the third there's all my current favourite lip products (along with some beauty blenders) and finally in the bottom drawer there is my eye and brow products (although I am still not finished moving my palettes over to this drawer, hence why it looks a little bare)!

I just can't get over how much space there seems to be inside of this HerClutterBox though- so far, I have moved over a fair amount of my makeup to some of the drawers, yet I have so much room left that it is a real reassurance that I won't have to worry where to store new makeup purchases in the future. The little acrylic separators you can see in my photos, that go up and across the drawers, are also a marvellous addition to this already wonderful product. With your storage box you get a fair few of these separators, which are auite easy to fit into the draws and slot together when and where you want, in order to get little spaces for different items.

Aside from the space and usefulness of this storage box, I must admit that it also does look rather good when put on display in my room. I, like many others, would have thought that a giant box would look rather unattractive when plonked on a surface (my ClutterBox is currently residing in the corner of my desk), but how wrong I was! The sleekness of this box makes it perfect to display anywhere you wish- it's rather quaint look and transparency really help it to just blend in amongst the other pieces of furniture in a room, whilst at the same time, being able to see straight in to what you are storing inside helps it to stand out at in a rather interesting way (it's also helpful as you can merely look in the side of the box, and see straight away which drawer to open for a specific item).

As you can probably tell from the contents of this post, I really am quite chuffed with my new HerClutterBox, and simply can't thank the lovely brand themselves for sending such an item to me! It's a real honour to talk about such a fantastically helpful and incredibly well made product, and for that reason I definitely recommend you all take a look at the HerClutterBox Website to see what other lovely items they sell!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and hopefully gained a bit of makeup storage inspiration from reading it!

Olivia xo

Miscellaneous Makeup Purchases

Monday, 18 July 2016

I had been incredibly excited (that's probably a bit of an understatement) for my holiday to California for months upon months before the trip finally took place. Of course, I was ecstatic at the thought of visiting Disneyland, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, but I was also pretty thrilled to be returning the amazing, cosmetic filled isles of Target...

Throughout my two weeks in the US, I payed several well-earned visits to Target, and treated myself to a fair few beauty items- in this post, I will just be sharing my thoughts on a few of those new additions to my makeup collection (however, me being me, I didn't just buy the five items below and actually bought a few more in my haste to purchase a bunch of the cosmetic items I had been longing for, but I will sharing more detailed reviews on those over the next few weeks).

California - Lots of Lovely Food!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

I love food, and I mean seriously love the stuff, so much so that I literally take a photo of most meals that I have when I'm out (as long as they do actually make for a good photo, and are eventually going to be worthy of appearing on my Instagram feed). There was no deviation from this habit of mine when I was recently on holiday in California, and by the time I got home a few days ago, I realised that I had amassed quite a collection of food photos...enough to make a pretty decent post about a lot of the places that I dined at whilst I was away. Therefore, I have been able to create this little post, to show you some of the lovely food that I got to eat whilst exploring a small part of the USA (although, do be warned, a lot of the below photos are of pizza)!

First Impressions - L'oréal Infallible Contour

Thursday, 14 July 2016

I do feel like I have been a little slow to get on board when it comes to getting myself one of the new (or maybe not so new by now) Loreal Contour Kits. Either way, I am now the proud owner of one- mine is however the US version of the kit, and is a powder product compared to the more creamy consistency of the UK equivalent, as I purchased said product after spotting it on Target whilst I was in California.

As I have seen a lot of people talk about this product in recent times, I thought I would also give some of my opinions on it today in a first impressions sort of post- I haven't really been able to give this contour kit a full try out yet, as I didn't really feel the need to start using it until I got home (most of the time in California it was simply too hot to bother with a lot of makeup) hence why this post will merely contain my first impressions and thoughts on the lovely Loreal product.

How to Cope with Flying...When you're a Bad Flyer

I, like many others, have a definitive yearning to travel the world and see so many of the wonders and countries that make up this planet of ours. I, like many others, want to travel far and wide across the great expanses of the globe, and check destination after destination off my bucket list.

But I, like many others, hate flying. Yes, I really do despise it, and from the moment I take off, to the moment I land, I really am not in the best of places or moods- the thought of flying thousands of feet above the ground scares me a fair bit, and the uncomfortableness of sitting in such a small space for such a long time makes me feel pretty ill. Nevertheless, I do still fly, because at the end of the day I know that I have to in order to reach the destinations that I so look forward to visiting. I hate the idea of flying, but get by, and do it anyway...and I therefore thought I would share some of my tips on how to cope with flying (if you hate it as I do), and how to ultimately make the best of a bad situation.

California - The Disneyland Diaries

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

After a few weeks of rather staggered, and not so amazing posts, I'm now back with a lot of content ideas and plans to upload on here in the coming weeks. My exams are now all over, and I have a good couple of months off school before I head on to Sixth Form- I will therefore have a fair amount of time on my hands to get posting more frequently, and get writing lots more interesting blog posts.

Another reason for my lack of uploading recently, is the fact that I have been on holiday in California for a couple of weeks- whilst I was there I found most of my time took up by travelling about, and visiting lots of amazing places...but that now means that I can share posts with you about said holiday, (starting with a little photo diary of my few days spent at Disneyland California).

My Kate Spade Purse...

Friday, 1 July 2016

For some months, maybe even years now, I have admired upon the bags and accessories of Kate Spade. So perfectly pretty did each and every item from their brand look, that I just knew deep down within me that one day, I wanted to call one of their products my own. 

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