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Sunday, 5 June 2016

In 2014, after growing my hair for quite some time, I decided to cut it all off to shoulder length.

In 2016, after growing my hair for around a year or so, I decided to cut it all off to shoulder length.

See the similarities? I am that person who always wants to change their hair, or is never happy with the style that it is in. I even spontaneously got a full fringe cut in last year because I wanted a change (however, that hair development didn't last long)! But the thing is, I have zero fear when it comes to cutting my hair (as long as it's to workable length still) : so unlike most people I know, I can merely decide to cut my long hair and follow through with the action without even the slightest hint of nervousness within me...

Therefore, after weeks of deliberating on whether I actually liked my hair being long, I finally decided to just go through with having it cut once again. A few days later, the hair was chopped off and I had the perfect shoulder length style that I had so desired- but, will I keep it at such a length now? My answer to that is (most probably) yes. It has only been a couple of days since I made the change to my locks, but in my mind I now know that if I am to change my hair in the future, it will merely be a change of colour, or be going a little longer or shorter. This is mostly because I have tried long hair (on a couple of occasions), and it has never worked out for me or looked right. Shorter hair however, does look better on me I have to say, and still does all the things that long hair does (it curls, it straightens, it goes up in pony tails and buns). Also, at a slightly older age, I now have the patience to style my hair and spend more time on it so as to make it work for me (plus, I also now know that the grass isn't always greener elsewhere, and seeing others with lovely long hair, doesn't mean that it will look so good on me)!

(Long-ish (well, long for me) locks beforehand)

(Shoulder length hair afterwards)

Plus, now I know I really need to up my hair game- recently I starting working with the amazing Bardou and even got some of their products to try out for myself! Firstly, I got some of their lovely dry shampoo- something that I absolutely regard as a must have in my handbag and hair product collection. This dry shampoo is perfect to spritz on when my hair looks a little on the greasy, lifeless side, as after scrunching some in it really lifts my locks and makes it look a lot more luscious than before. 

I also got some amazing smoothing spray that works wonders when I have crazy, frizzy hair that needs calming down. With rather thick hair, upon curling or even washing and drying, my hair can develop a bit of unwelcome frizz- therefore, I just spray on a light mist of this stuff (that smells pretty lovely too) and brush it in. 

And what's more, you can also get 10% off your purchase from the Bardou's website using the code OLIVIAR10They really do have an amazing range if products, so if you like the sound of the couple I have talked about above, do take a look at their website too (

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this little chat about taking the leap of faith when cutting my hair, and also about the new hair products that I just can't wait to use more of!

Olivia xo


  1. Your hair is gorgeous short!

    Parie x

  2. I go through a process every December, where I get my hair cut short, then someone tells me they prefer me with longer hair so I grow it out again. It's a vicious cycle haha! I have to say though, your locks look lovely at both lengths x

  3. Your hair looks so lovely short! I am the opposite to you and I fell like longer hair looks better on me than short hair does xx

    1. Thank you, it's so funny how everyone suits different hair lengths!

  4. Oooh I love your hair short! I think short is really "in" right now. Your hair is lovely long too. I've always had long hair, I usually let it grow to near my waist and then cut it just below my shoulders and repeat this cycle.

    corrie |

    1. Thank you! I love it so much more short as it's easier to work with!

  5. I love your new haircut it looks lovely!

    Ella xx

  6. You look gorgeous, the cut definitely suits you x

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE


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