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Sunday, 26 June 2016

As I was sorting out all my holiday bits and pieces the other day, I found myself making some big decisions about what items I actually want to take away on my travels. I want to travel light, as I know I am bound to buy quite a lot whilst I am actually at my destination (I can already hear Sephora calling to me)- therefore I had to whittle down through the clothing, beauty and body stuff I am to take with me.

Today, I therefore thought I would just share with you some of the beauty and body bits and bobs that I am definitely going to pop into my suitcase, and just know that I wouldn't be able to survive without whilst I am away...

TheBalm Balm Voyage Palette

I bought this palette a few months back, and was ultimately going to save it for the sole purpose of being perfect to pop in my makeup bag whilst on my summer holiday. However, when I went away for the weekend a few weeks back, I simply couldn't stop myself from using this palette any longer, and decided to give it a little try!

Thankfully, this product by TheBalm, very much lived up to my high expectations- each section of the palette is incredibly good quality, with fantastically pigmented eyeshadows, a beautiful contour selection and some lip colours to top it all off! I now simply cannot wait to take this lovely item away with me on my holiday, as I know it will effectively cover so many of the items in my makeup regime, and take up very little space in my luggage at the same time.

When going to a rather warm destination, BB cream is an absolute must for me to take in my makeup bag! Unless I'm going swimming, or it's absolutely sweltering, I do like to have a bit of coverage on my skin to even out the areas of redness and blemishes on my face (especially before I get a tan, as my pale skin definitely needs a bit of a boost). Therefore, I always make sure I have a good old bottle of BB cream (my product of choice being the Maybelline one, that isn't all that expensive, and also contains an SPF), as it is perfectly light to rub into my skin, and doesn't clog my pores unlike a much thicker, heavier foundation alternative.

Bumble&Bumble Travel Set

I mentioned in a post a few months back that I really wanted to become the owner of a Bumble&Bumble product, especially something like the Travel Set... Well, my Nan actually went on to get the above set for me a little while after, and I am now incredibly excited to try all the products included out whilst I am away!

The little sized shampoo and conditioner that comes in the Surf Travel Set, will be perfect for me to store in my toiletry bag and will definitely not take up too much space; not to mention that the products are Bumble&Bumble, so are hopefully going to be amazing quality and keep my hair in tip top shape whilst I am away! I am also very interested in finding out what the surf spray is like- if it does live up to its wave creating claims, I am sure to find it very useful to scrunch in my hair for natural waves (hopefully it won't make my hair feel too gross, like other salt/surf sprays have done in the past), so I don't have to subject my hair to any extra heat from styling tools, when it is already under the glare of the sun all day anyway.

Face Wash and Moisturiser

These are probably no brainers for most people when it comes to travelling, as whilst on holiday it is pretty important to take care of your skin. Flying, a different routine, and a different climate can really cause mayhem where my skin is concerned, so I find it especially important to clean and moisturise my skin regularly whilst I am away. Simple offer the most perfect little travel bottles like the ones in the above photo, and I know that I am sure to take such products away with me as for one they are a great size for travelling, and I also know that I can trust Simple to look after my skin whilst I am away (I only very recently raved about the quality of Simple Skincare products, so I just know they won't let me down when caring for my skin in the weeks to come).

If there is a pool at the hotel I am visiting, you can guarantee that I am going to be in it a lot! I love swimming, and just generally cooling off in the water whilst on holiday, but my frequent visits to the pool often play havoc with my hair- cue major drying out (my hair often ends up resembling straw after a long holiday of swimming and sun)! However, I recently found out about the Philip Kingsley Hair Mask, and after recieving it as part of an M&S Beauty Box, just knew that it would be perfect for taming my holiday hair.

I have previously used hair masks in the more common sense (for example popping one on my hair as a bit of a revitaliser, before or after washing my locks), but have never even thought about using one to care for my hair whilst on holiday. However, I am set to change this, and will definitely give this little wonder a bit of a whirl- this item's promise to protect my hair against chlorinated water, and to also keep my colour vibrant, has really got me excited to try it out whilst I am away!

In terms of where to find the above products,
You can find the lovely Balm Voyage Palette HERE, the Bumble&Bumble set, BB Cream and Simple Skincare items HERE, and finally the Hair Mask HERE!

I do hope you all enjoyed having a muse through this post anyway, and hopefully liked getting a bit of an insight into the items that I just know I am 100% set on when it comes to packing them in my holiday luggage!

Which products could you not got on holiday without? Please do let me know in the comments below!

Olivia xo

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  1. The Balm Palette looks stunning! I could not go on holiday without a mascara, as mascara makes me look so more awake.

    Amy x

    1. Ohh I definitely agree about the mascara! I can't go anywhere without it either!

  2. The balm has the cutest stuff. :)

  3. I don't usually take a lot of stuff with me on holidays. I just make sure to bring the product I use for my skincare regimen, and I never ever leave my sunblock!

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

    1. I have got lots of sun protection to take with me too- I burn so easily!

  4. This reminded me to buy some mini tubes for my shampoos etc. so thanks! x


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