Summer Lip Colours on a Budget

Sunday, 22 May 2016

On the most part, I simply cannot leave the house without putting on a decent coat of lipstick. Spring and Summer especially, are the months where I really want to add that extra something to my makeup, as when the temperatures rise I try to turn down the fullness of my base and eye makeup, and hence need something to replace that colour. 

In a world full of high end lipsticks, it can be difficult to want to pay out such a price just for a new lipstick, for a new season- hence why, today I have rounded up three of my favourite drugstore lip products that are perfect for the next few months, and will hopefully save you some money at the same time!

Loreal SexyBalm in 'As If!'

I noticed this new balm range of Loreal Lip Products on one of my recent visits to Superdrug, and was pleasantly surprised by the low price tag of £4.99, and also rather intrigued by the lovely range of shades they had available. I personally chose the shade 'As If!', which is a lovely light pink that just gives the lips a bit of a boost and shot of extra colour (think your lips but better). Of course, there are a whole range of colours available in this new collection, as well as more vibrant shades if light pink isn't your thing - on the whole, the idea of these balms is perfect for summer though, as they really seem to moisturise the lips, and the product itself is really perfect just to pop in your bag for when you're on the go!

Rimmel Lipstick in 'Pink Blush'

I have had this particular lipstick for quite some time, but have always marvelled at its beauty (as well as its pretty low price of £4.99). From previous experience, I have found that Rimmel Lipsticks are perfect if you are on a budget, due to their excellent shade range and also the general quality of the lipsticks themselves- my 'Pink Blush' is the most beautiful of light pinks, that just looks lovely on the lips and seems to last all day as well! Again, this lipstick is perfect for the coming months, and where drugstore lipsticks are concerned, I definitely  recommend taking a look at the Rimmel counter for a low-cost lipstick for summer.

Bourjois Colour Boost in 'Peach on the Beach'

I absolutely adore Bourjois, and definitely regard it as one of my favourite drugstore brands- this lip product, amongst other things, have absolutely put their brand up their when it comes to deciding which stand I'm going to hit first when I enter Boots or Superdrug. This Colour Boost Lip Crayon is a really gorgeous little thing; its colour is the most lovely of corals (it's not too bright to wash me out, but still stands out on the lips at the same time). Being from Bourjois, the quality of this product is also very good, with the cute coral shade staying on my lips for quite some time. So overall, not bad for £7.99, (plus you can often find products like this from Bourjois in little gift boxes in Boots when you spend so much).

I do hope that this post proved helpful to those of you who are on the lookout for a nice, but not too pricey, lipstick for the next few months. All of the above lip products are, in my opinion, definitely great purchases and perfect for when you are on a budget and cannot afford the high prices of say, a MAC or Nars lipstick. Plus, of course all of the above lipsticks come in a vast array of colours to suit everyone (I merely only own pink as that is the colour that most matches my rather pale skin)!

Thank you for reading anyway, and you can find all of the lovely lipsticks I talked about today HERE 

Olivia xo

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P.S. Sorry that I didn't get round to swatching these lip colours for you all- sadly, I have put my Loreal Balm somewhere and now simply cannot find it, but when I do eventfully get my hands on it I will be sure to share what it looks like on the lips with you all!


  1. these lipsticks are the perfect Spring colour. Will be checking these ones out on my nxt trip to boots.xx

    1. Ahh I'm really glad that you like them!

  2. Those look like great lipsticks!! I always have lipstick or gloss on. :)

  3. Really gorgeous shades, thank you for sharing dear! xxxxx

    1. It's no problem! Glad you liked them!

  4. Great recommendations, products look lovely :)


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