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Sunday, 15 May 2016

It was upon reading through a magazine a couple of weeks ago, that I first saw an advertisement for Barry M' s New Nail Polish Range- that range being the Coconut Infusion line of products.

The polishes themselves immediately eminated the feeling of summer from the glossy page before me, and their claims of rejuvenating and caring for nails thanks to the added coconut water and oil really intrigued me. Plus, with the extensive range of beautiful pastel-like colours that were on offer, I just knew that I had to get myself at least one of the lovely polishes lined up in front of my eyes...

So, guess what I did? Well it's undoubtably very easy to guess what I did from the title of this post- I went out and got myself one of the beautiful polishes from the aforementioned Barry M range. 

When I went to Birmingham to make my first purchase, there was very little variety in the way of shades in the store; therefore I opted for the luscious turquoise of 'Bikini', whilst my mom went for the vibrant orange 'Flamingo'. I will wear practically any shade of nail polish on my nails (if you were to take a peek in my vast collection of nail products, you would be sure to notice this upon first glance, as there is a whole lot of colour variety in there), so only picking from a small pool of colours really didn't bother me. Plus, for £4.99 there isn't a lot to grumble about, especially when I know from previous experience that Barry M Nail Polishes rarely ever disappoint in the quality stakes either!

Anyway, I gave my 'Bikini' polish a bit of a try out, and it would seem that I immediately fell in love with it. Not only is the colour of said nail polish incredibly bright and stunning in all it's turquoise glory, it also showed such a bright colour in little more than one coat. It also dried incredibly quickly, and actually did appear to give a gel-like look upon application (however, in terms of the nourishing your nails claim, I haven't really seen a difference in my bare nail appearance yet, but I suppose this may change the more I actually wear these polishes). Either way, I must say I was pretty hooked on these polishes, which lead me to want to go out and try out a few more shades from the Coconut Infusion Collection. 

And again, that's just what I did.! Last weekend on yet another shopping trip, I got a couple more of these gorgeous polishes, this time in the beautiful rosy pink of 'Surfboard' and the light nude shade 'Starfish'...

Obviously, I'm yet to try out these two new colours myself (I also don't think that my mom has tried out the orange one she got yet, so I can't ask for comment there either), but I will be sure to report back and let you know how those colours also look once applied to my nails. 

I'm pretty sure though, after the love I have felt for my first polish from this collection, that I will adore these other shades just as much, and find myself wearing them all too often over the next few months.

Anyway, thank you for having a read of this post- hopefully it gave any of you out there on the fence whether to buy one of these new nail polishes, the much needed nudge to actually make the purchase (trust me, they are definitely worth it)!

Olivia xo

P.S You can find the nail polishes mentioned in this post HERE 

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  1. I love Barry M. and I'm really excited to try these out. Anything with coconut oil has got me excited haha! The shades you've picked out are gorgeous, I especially love "Starfish" and "Surfboard"

    1. You will definitely love these polishes if you love Barry M!

  2. I have such weak nails and am all up for trying brands that claim they can improve and strengthen my nails! I had the same problem, everytime I go into Boots or Superdrug literally there are no shades left, it's so sad as I really want to try them! Bikini is definitely a good one, looks so vibrant! Please let me know if in the long-run they actually make a difference to the health of your nails :) xx

    1. The fact that the shops lack a good shade variety is so annoying! And don't worry, I will do an update post at some point to talk about any nail improvements X

  3. If it wasn't for your post I would have missed these so thanks so much for sharing :) I'm a Barry M fan so I definitely going to try these X

    1. Aww it's no problem! Glad you enjoyed and are going to get some of these!

  4. I love the new Barry M coconut oil range.I've bought the nude shade but am tempted to buy Flamingo after reading your post!

    Amy x

  5. I enjoyed reading your polish review and love the green and pink shades the best for summer! :)



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