A Day in the Life - Shopping in Birmingham

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hi Everyone,

I must say that I have never put all that much thought into sharing my daily life on my blog, but after having this little space on the internet for almost a year, I kind of liked the idea of detailing what I have done on a particular day in a post. Last weekend, I went shopping in Birmingham and whilst I was there thought that such a day of retail therapy would be perfect to share as my first 'Day in the Life' post, as it definitely gives an insight into how I like spending my days!

I wake up pretty early most days, and last Saturday was no exception. This is for two reasons really- one; my body clock just seems to wake me up early and two; I do like to get up and go, and to make the most of each day (even more so now that it's so light in the mornings, and I get to wake up to the sun streaming through my blinds, and the birds chirping outside my window). 

After getting up, I went straight into doing my makeup and hair (I went for pretty much my usual weekend makeup and curled hair look), before sorting out my outfit and leaving to catch the train.

Hungry was an understatement to how I felt once I got to Birmingham, which is about a 20 minute train ride from where I live, as I hadn't eaten any breakfast before hand (I did have a cup of tea but forgot to drink most of it as I was pretty preoccupied with getting ready at the time). Therefore, me and my mom headed straight for Ed's Diner in Selfridges to have a bite to eat.

If you have never been to Ed's before, I highly recommend that you pay a visit there sometime in the near future- it's the most amazing chain of restaurants all styled on 50's diners, that sell gorgeous food and play all the cute music of yesteryear. They serve such lovely things for breakfast, and on my latest visit I had waffles and a strawberry milkshake (which were absolutely scrumptious as per usual), whilst my Mom had a bacon sandwich and coffee.

Breakfast was insanely nice, but afterwards I was pretty full up, so to burn off such a calorific meal we had a good old walk around the shops. Birmingham has some really great shops- the Bullring is jam packed with practically all of the stores you could ever think of (my particular favourites in there include the massive Topshop, Victoria's Secret, Superdrug and Forever 21), whilst the new Grand Central centre which is attached to the train station also has many amazing shops like MAC and Tiger. 

During my musing of the shops, I picked up a new top and set of earrings from Forever 21, some shorts from Topshop, a new MAC Lipstick (in the shade Koi Coral if you were wondering, but you can find my post all about that HERE), some new DVD's (becuase you can't beat a good film) and a new concealer... However, I will probably share some of there purchases with you all in other posts in the future!

After a few hours of shopping, the Bullring was starting to get rather busy indeed, so we decided to call it quits and get the train back home (although where shopping is concerned I could probably look around all day long). All in all though, as you probably can tell, I had a really lovely time shopping in Birmingham, and also bought a fair few bits and bobs along the way!

I have to say that documenting a bit about a day in my life was also rather fun- I really hope you all enjoyed this sort of post too, as I would definitely love to write some similar posts in the future...

Olivia xo 


  1. Thanks for sharing your day, the MAC lipstick you picked up looks great!



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