May Favourites

Sunday, 29 May 2016

It really doesn't feel like two minutes since I wrote my last monthly favourites post, and in that post I remember expressing my surprise at how quickly this year is passing me by- now, yet another month has almost passed, and we find ourselves little more than a couple of days from June!

This past month has been jam packed of exams and studying for me, so I must admit that I found it rather difficult to actually think of some bits and bobs that I would class as favourites for May. Nonetheless, I managed to unearth several items that I have recently been loving in the end- items which consist of shoes, makeup and even beautiful flowers...


I don't know what has got into me lately, but I have found myself falling completely in love with flowers! Since spring began a couple of months back, I have really cherished the feeling of seeing a beautiful, bright bunch of flowers about the house, and have even gone so far as to establish a little Pinterest board dedicated purely to flowers. 

The flowers in the above photo were some of my favourites that we have had in my house recently- sadly though, they were only the kitchen table, which leads me to want my very own cute vase full of floral beauty in my bedroom too!

Next up, I have two old favourites that I have recently rediscovered my love for. The first of the two is my MAC Politely Pink Lipstick- an item of makeup that I actually bought around a year ago, and have found myself reaching for again and again in the month of May. Politely Pink is absolutely the perfect lip shade for all occasions, as whether it be day or night, this light pearlescent pink definitely hits the mark. 

Mid way through May, it did get a bit warmer and sunnier here in the UK (although that quickly passed, and as I sit here now writing, it is pouring with rain outside), so such a colour of lipstick was perfect to wear with lighter makeup, and to just add that bit of a healthy shine to the lips without looking too much!

As well as my lovely MAC lipstick, I also found myself loving my good old Naked Basics 2 palette thought the month of May. After getting my Morphe eyeshadow palette a few months back, I sort of forgot about the one Urban Decay palette that I own, and in retrospect now feel very annoyed at myself for deserting this item as I so did!

However earlier this month, I decided to give this palette another go- after building up the gorgeous smoky shades as I once did, I found myself falling right back in love with these shadows. The range of colours in this palette is perfect to make a nice, simple eye look and also a more full on, darker one too. For that reason, I have been frequently using this versatile palette this month, and whilst I still adore my Morphe palette, I will be trying my hardest to carry on using this one too in the future.

I just love cute shoes, but for me I struggle to find gorgeously pretty shoes that are also insanely comfy. However this changed in the month of May, as after an earlier shoe disaster (and I mean a disaster- full of blisters and cuts all over my feet due to extremely uncomfortable shoes) I desperately needed some new shoes. That's when I stumbled (quite literally stumbled as my feet were hurting that much, that I was practically limping) upon this lovely little pair- from M&Sthe above shoes are not only very pretty, they are also real leather so are incredibly comfy and just feel like slippers to wear!

Since their purchase, I have worn these shoes quite a few times, and have been able to walk miles in them without sustaining the slightest blister or cut on either of my feet. Due to their neutral colour, I have also found them brilliant when it comes to pairing with my outfits- they go so well with skirts, dresses and trousers of all styles and colours, which is another reason why I love them so.

And that's it from me for this month- June is set to be a very exciting month for me though, as my seemingly endless tirade of exams will actually reach a finale, and I'm also going on holiday to California. Therefore, I am absolutely going to be back with lots more (hopefully) interesting posts about all manner of things, from details of my travels, to what I buy over the summer months!

Anyway, bye for now,

Olivia xo

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1 Year of Blogging

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hello Everyone,

I don't really know how to start this post, or what to contain within it, but I felt it absolutely necessary to write such a post as it occurred to me the other day that it has in fact now been a year since I started blogging...

Summer Lip Colours on a Budget

Sunday, 22 May 2016

On the most part, I simply cannot leave the house without putting on a decent coat of lipstick. Spring and Summer especially, are the months where I really want to add that extra something to my makeup, as when the temperatures rise I try to turn down the fullness of my base and eye makeup, and hence need something to replace that colour. 

In a world full of high end lipsticks, it can be difficult to want to pay out such a price just for a new lipstick, for a new season- hence why, today I have rounded up three of my favourite drugstore lip products that are perfect for the next few months, and will hopefully save you some money at the same time!

Baking- Bread & Butter Pudding

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

It really feels as though I haven't posted a baking-type post in the longest of times (7 weeks to be exact), which is a great shame considering I do love writing about the latest things that I have attempted (emphasis on the attempted) to try my hand at in the kitchen. A couple of weeks ago however, I baked a classic Bread&Butter Pudding from a recipe I had found on BBC Good Foodand after it decided to turn out quite well, I thought to post a photo of it on Instagram. Said photo recieved quite a lot of love, hence why today I have finally got round to sharing the recipe for this rather lovely tasting (and looking) pudding with you all!

Barry M's Coconut Infusion Nail Polishes

Sunday, 15 May 2016

It was upon reading through a magazine a couple of weeks ago, that I first saw an advertisement for Barry M' s New Nail Polish Range- that range being the Coconut Infusion line of products.

The polishes themselves immediately eminated the feeling of summer from the glossy page before me, and their claims of rejuvenating and caring for nails thanks to the added coconut water and oil really intrigued me. Plus, with the extensive range of beautiful pastel-like colours that were on offer, I just knew that I had to get myself at least one of the lovely polishes lined up in front of my eyes...

How to: Avoid Exam Stress

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It's that time of year again... It's EXAM SEASON (cue cries of panic and woeful looks of worry from all). And yes, while I know that it is a very scary prospect that these exams and results mean quite a lot, it is important that you don't stress yourself out all that much about said exams. I know from personal experience, as someone who seemingly loves to work themselves up about absolutely anything, that freaking about exams and results is not a good thing for you, or for anyone around you- therefore, today I will be sharing some of my tips for keeping stress levels as low as possible with you all...

A Day in the Life - Shopping in Birmingham

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hi Everyone,

I must say that I have never put all that much thought into sharing my daily life on my blog, but after having this little space on the internet for almost a year, I kind of liked the idea of detailing what I have done on a particular day in a post. Last weekend, I went shopping in Birmingham and whilst I was there thought that such a day of retail therapy would be perfect to share as my first 'Day in the Life' post, as it definitely gives an insight into how I like spending my days!

Another MAC Lipstick Purchase...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Of course it was only necessary when I went into the MAC Store in Grand Central Birmingham last weekend that I had to treat myself to a little something... The store itself is incredibly beautiful, as it is pretty large and as soon as you enter, all you can see is masses of makeup ahead of you (hence why I just had to buy something)!

April Favourites

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Hello Again,

It was upon turning the page on my calendar this morning, that I realised how quickly this year seems to be passing me by! We are now into May, and by next month we will be half way through 2016, and I will also have finished high school (definitely a scary thought considering I'm sure that it was January only a couple of weeks ago).

Anyhow, despite my concern for how fast the year is passing, I will now get on with my April Favourites (favourites that include quite a mix of different bits and pieces from shoes to dry shampoo)!

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