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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I love my nail polishes- so much so that I have collected a very large collection of polishes over the past few years, and pride myself on having a lovely selection of colours for each occasion and season. Spring is a particular favourite season of mine when it comes to nail colours, as it's a great new period of time to dig out some bright new colours, and also some old favourites.

In this post, I will be sharing several of my favourite nail polishes shades for spring from three different colour types (blues, citrus shades and pinks) to hopefully give you all some nail colour inspiration for the coming weeks and months... 

Beautiful Blues

I definitely have a thing about blue nail polishes- every time I spot a beautiful blue shade from baby blue to turquoise, and anything in between, I am just immediately drawn in...

Essie Cocktail Bling- my favourite blue nail polish, by my favourite nail polish brand; I just adore Essie as a brand due to their amazing, affordable polishes and love this colour, because it's certainly very beautiful. Two coats of this polish, and I'm on my way- it stays firmly in place on my nails for a good few days without chipping, and moreover works well when worn all year round (even though I definitely am loving this shade on my nails throughout the spring)!

Topshop Abrasion- I have only tried a couple of polishes by Topshop before, and I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the vast shade range that they possess in their stores, and the overall good quality of the polishes themselves. This blue is just so pretty, and looks rather pearlescent and glossy once applied to the nails- hence why I love this shade so much, and have found myself wearing it rather often over the past few months.

Citrus Shades

Maybe you wouldn't put this into the mix for Spring nail polishes, or maybe you would. Either way, recently I have developed a new found love for citrus shades, and really want to get into the habit of wearing such colours a lot more in the near future.

Essie The More the Merrier- I have had this nail polish buried deep within the expanses of my collection for quite some time, but fell in love with it again recently, upon realising how much of a lovely shade it is! It's quite quirky and out there as a colour, which is why I love it so much- quite frankly,  it's very dissimilar to that of any other polish that I actually own. As I previously mentioned, I really love the Essie quality, and for £7.99, the gorgeous green of this polish stands out for quite some time (which is why I really want to wear it more often, especially when I think such a colour will work well going into the Summer months also).

OPI I just can't Copecabana- this particular polish came as part of one of OPI's gorgeous sets a year or so ago, and I have just loved using it, and adored the colour ever since I first got it. I really want to get some new OPI polishes in the near future, as I just adore their high quality and amazing colours- this shade in particular is so different and vibrant that I just can't wait to wear it as much as possible over the Spring and Summer of this year.

Pretty Pinks

Finally, to the pinks- my personally favourite colour for spring, and the colour that I often like to bring out more often throughout this season.

MAC Girl Trouble- this nail polish actually belongs to my Mom, but that definitely doesn't mean that I can't borrow it from time to time! I adore this shade as it is a perfect subtle pink that includes shimmery tones to make my nails look just that little bit healthier. MAC nail polishes, just like all other MAC products that I have tried, are amazing quality- for £10, you get a brilliant nail polish in a beautiful shade (they have loads and loads of shades on the MAC website) that dries quickly, and stays firmly in place on your nails for days to come.

OPI Bright Lights, Big Colour- as I previously mentioned (and as I have mentioned many, many times before) I just adore OPI nail polishes- they are fantastic quality products, all in beautiful shades that last for days! This particular shade is definitely one of my favourites for Spring, thanks to its lovely coral tones and shimmery texture. It's a nice, bright colour that is incredibly versatile, and even though it costs £12, it is definitely worth the price tag as I'm sure it will work when worn well into the summer months also. 

If you are on the hunt for some new nail polishes for the Spring and Summer months, I really do hope this post gave you a little pinch of inspiration on what to buy. I love each and every one of the polishes featured in this post, and can't wait to start wearing them more and more over the next few weeks (hopefully as the weather improves, and it's gets a bit brighter and sunnier outside), as well as going out to buy a few more polishes as well!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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  1. The MAC shade is stunning, I definitely need to go and buy that! I also love the blue shades in particular the Essie one, so pretty!

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. It's definitely one of my favourites from MAC! And I am so obsessed with blue polishes right now!

  2. theres a wee part of me that wants yellow polish so badly and another part of me that thinks would i wear it? I'm so indecisive xD I'm also slightly obsessed with blue polishes right now. Rimmel have a gorgeous light blue one and I'm in love with it! Great post!

    Anne //A Portrait Of Youth

    1. I felt like that at first about my yellow polish, but it's definitely worth having one in your collection as they look gorgeous in the summer and on holiday!


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