Friday, 15 April 2016

I think the title of this post, (and the above image for that matter) say it all in terms of what this post is about! Yes, it's recently been the Easter holidays, so yes, I have been shopping again and have a fair amount of bits and pieces to share in a haul with you all all that's really left for me to say, is enjoy!

Firstly, I will mention the two skirts I that bought in recent times- the first being the one above that is a lovely, long flowing skirt from New Look. This particular skirt only cost about £16, but is going to look perfect over the next few months when worn with cute t-shirts and camisoles to give a really nice Spring/Summer look. The skirt itself is really stylish, with a sweet drawn in waist, a belt, and also buttons that go all the way down the front. Plus, the material is incredibly light and airy, so this skirt will be perfect to wear in warmer weather as well!

My other skirt purchase is this gorgeous pleated number from Primark, that cost only £10! This price, to me, seems incredible considering I have seen so many pleated skirts around the highstreet stores recently, on sale at much higher prices. Despite the low price, the quality and style is still at a really high level with this skirt- the material again is really flowing and cool, plus the pattern is pretty one of a kind, and different, as opposed to other plain skirts that I already own.

To go with the above skirt, I also got a cute little black camisole from Primark which again, was incredibly cheap at only £4!

You can't go wrong with a simple camisole like this though, as not only does it fit well (despite being a bit sheer), but it will go with all manner of different outfits- it looks lovely with the above skirt, as well as some other skirts and shorts that I own and want to wear on holiday! For £4 to be honest, I wouldn't even mind popping back over to Primark to buy a couple of other ones in different colours, as these camisoles are definitely a worthy essential in my wardrobe.

(Before I start to talk about these beautiful shoes, I just want to add that the red mark on my left foot is there because I was leaning on my foot, sat cross-legged, before I took this photo haha!)

Anyway, I got these lovely black lace-up ballet pumps from Debenhams while I was away in Weymouth, because I already own a pair of similar shoes in a tan colour and just love how pretty and Spring/Summery they look! Little tie up shoes like this are perfect for all occasions as well- they look lovely when worn with a more dressy outfit, as well as with a casual, everyday one also!

I also bought a couple of new tops recently- one of which being the lovely orange/tan (it's probably more tan in real life) shirt above. I bought this from H&M for about £12 a few weeks ago, and absolutely love it due to its flowing shape and blouse style. It also has a little cut out at the back where you do it up, which just adds that little something extra to the shirt as a whole.

In addition to this, I also bought just a plain black t-shirt (the one on the right here that you can't really see, sorry) from Zara for about £5. I bought such a top as I just wanted something plain and casual to pair with some of the skirts and trousers that I own, and for such a cheap price I couldn't resist this purchase. Plus, I know that items from Zara, in my personal experience, are always very good quality so I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of this t-shirt too!

I also bought this bag over the past few weeks, although I won't go too much into the details of this purchase as I mentioned it in my March Favourites last week. It is from Accessorize, and cost about £22- but what really drew me into this bag was it's stand-out colour, as the mustard yellow of it is just (even if I do say so) rather beautiful, and seems to look lovely with every outfit! 

Finally to my last purchase of recent times, and let me just start by asking- How cool is this shirt? 

To some, yes, it may look a little crazy and a little 80's (very Club Tropicana-esque), but the moment I saw it I just knew that I had to have it. I bought this shirt from Harper & Lewis which is a clothing store that sells quite a lot of one of a kind bits and pieces, as well as quite a few cute vintage numbers. This rather extravagant shirt of mine was found along with a row of other different, patterned shirts at the back of the store and cost me £25 (a price I don't mind paying for something so unique and interesting as this)! I wear this shirt with black cigarette trousers, and due to its bagginess, tie it at the front and tuck it in a bit at the back so it looks more fitted and dressy!

After all this shopping recently, I really feel like I need to start saving up my money again so I can buy lots of pieces when it's gets to the holidays again in a couple of months! Anyway, I do hope you all enjoyed this post...

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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  1. I love your style, these are all so pretty. Excited for you that you get to have spring and summer soon. Also I love what you did with the collage for the thumbnail. Be-U-tiful. xxoBeka

  2. Great haul!! I almost got a similar skirt from hm ! Love the shoes!

    1. Thank you!! I'm obsessed with the tie-up shoes right now

  3. Such a beautiful haul, in love with those shoes! xxxxx

  4. Love this haul and love all of your purchases! I have a skirt from the same range (I think) but with vertical black and white stripes which looks lovely with so many things. I can't wait to wear it as it gets warmer and I'm sure you'll enjoy doing the same with yours! X

    Steph/Love Steph x

    1. Yay! I can't wait to wear mine in the warmer weather either- it will look so pretty!

  5. Very nice haul :) I've got the same shoes but in a suede-like fabric so I can but confirm this is a great buy you'll get a lot of wear of. Plus I'm craving for a pleated skirt, yours is beautiful.
    Margaux x

    1. Ohh I also have a tan pair that are suede-like! They are an amazing shoe style!


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