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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hello Again,

My March Favourites come a little later than planned, as we are now a couple of days into April, but they also come bearing all sorts of different items, as I have been really loving a wide range of things over the last month. March was a bit of a weird month- I was back at school for around 3 weeks doing mock exams etc (so that part of the month passed me by in all but a blur), and now I have been off school again for just over a week, and can't quite get my head around what day of the week it is! I also think that I may have had a cold for the entirety of March too (it just won't seem to shift, and even as we speak I sit with a tissue in my hand to aid my blocked up nose), but I have still made time to enjoy certain things this past month: quite random things, mind you, but I hope you still all enjoy having a read...

Last month or the month beforehand, I mentioned that I had recieved a Record Player for my Birthday and that I was very much enjoying being the owner of my own little turntable. Now though, I'm going to turn (that wasn't even intended to be a pun, I promise) my attention to the vinyl record collection of sorts that I am amassing because of my new player. 

My Mum and Dad kindly donated their old records that they could find to me (these contained a vast expanse of 80's albums that I absolutely love, considering I am very much into that genre and type of music). I have also bought myself a couple of new records from HMV over the past month or so- these include one by the Beatles and one by Lorde (the Madonna one was one of those given to me by my parents), which may seem like two very different records, but I adore quite a vast range of music! I also got a few other great vinyl records this month from both charity shops and vintage fairs- these include music by The Police, Lionel Richie and also Blondie whom I'm a massive fan of. So as you can see, March included a lot of record buying and hunting for me, and I'm sure the next few months will too, considering my love for music and the amount of records that I actually want to own!

Onto the topic of fashion, and in March I did buy quite a few bits and bobs; however, I do want to mention those in a haul post in the near future, so today will be only talking about one of my purchases in particular. That purchase being the lovely little handbag in the above photo!

I have mentioned to you all before that I am a great lover of handbags, and quite honestly feel that you can never have, or buy enough of them- hence why, when I went into Accessorize about a week ago, I felt the infinite urge to make this handbag mine. The practicality of this little number is more than I could have ever hoped for (especially for only £22), as not only is the bag itself great quality, it's size and strap make it easy to take around with me on a daily basis. Plus, I just can't get enough of it's deep yellow shade that seems to just work well with anything that I pair it with.

You can also see a sneaky glimpse of my sunglasses in the above photo, which are mostly there to sum up my happiness that we are now starting to see the sun again! I just love sunny days, and sadly last year we didn't have anywhere near enough of them, so to see them creeping in again already makes me one very happy girl.

Finally, I have some rather random pieces to add to my March Favourites. I will start with the watch on the right which is a lovely creation from Abbott Lyon- this brand offer all manner of watch creations, with straps and faces all colours of the rainbow (although I did settle for this rather subdued style, which I think looks incredibly stylish and perfect for spring, hence why I just can't get enough of wearing it)!

In terms of makeup, in March I found myself rather obsessed with the NYX Brow Pomade and of course the brush that I use to apply such a product, (that brush being the Nanshy Angled Detailer). When I first bought my pomade in the shade Brunette, I just wasn't struck by how it looked on my brows. I initially believed the product to look too dark, and too harsh, but now I have seen the error of my ways and instead tend to just sweep on a little of this product to create well arched brows, that still look quite natural and subtle on the skin. I also felt it necessary to give my Real Techniques Contour Brush a mention in this post, due to its amazingness not just in March, but all year round. This little beauty became part of my collection last summer (after I purchased it in the Core Collection by Real Techniques) and since then, I have undoubtably used it everyday to contour and highlight with- it's small, curved brush head makes it perfect to glide along and find the depths of my cheeks, which helps me to improve my otherwise useless contouring skills!

This post has been quite an unexpectedly chatty favourites, but I do hope that you all still enjoyed having a read of what I loved in March, and also that you all had a great month yourselves!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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  1. Fantastic picks and I love your photos as well! Wishing you a lovely April! xxxxx

    1. Aww thank you so much, you too!! :-)

  2. I really really love these favourites .. The colour of the bag is just stunning ... Also I love the sound of that contour brush .. Definitely think it need to pick it up!! Fab post darling !!


    1. Thank you Saira, glad you enjoyed them!

  3. I love vinyls! Good choices you picked up! Lords has such an amazing voice! Have a great April. Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Ahh I'm so glad you love Vinyls too! Pure Heroine is an incredible album! And thank you, you too! X

  4. Great post and lovely items mentioned. Record players seem so cool I feel the need to get one and collect records, I love a different variety of music too :) Xx

    1. Thank you! You must get a record player, you will love it!


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