How to: Balance Blogging and Studying

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Universally Loathed Exam Season is upon us, and after scrolling through my Twitter feed and having a read of some blogs, I recently discovered that there are a whole lot of people facing the same predicament as me- that problem being the task of balancing both Blogging and Studying over the next few weeks.

Therefore, I thought I would summarise a few tips and pointers on how to balance both parts of your life throughout the next couple of stress-ridden months, which I hope prove helpful for at least a couple of you out there who are struggling to fit everything into your schedule...

(P.S. I do however stress that I am not in any way an expert on giving advice like this though, and have merely summarised the things that have helped me throughout this post)!

Plan Ahead

I feel as though I always say this as part of advice posts, whether it be about studying or blogging (or both together in this case), as I have to say that in my own personal experience planning is a very important factor in getting jobs done.

In terms of studying and revising, plan ahead with what you want to work on, and when you want to do it. Never leave studying until the last minute, as that's where stress (and I mean lots and lots and lots of stress) starts to arise; instead start revising the subjects and areas you think you need most practice in quite early, to try and make some progress before the actual exams start.

In terms of blogging, I would again suggest a very similar process- plan ahead with what posts you want to write, and when you want them to go live. When you know what you want to write about, take all the photos you need, edit them, and then start to write. For me, I can write blog posts as I please (coming and going from post to post and adding bits where necessary before they go up on my blog site), which is the beauty of planning ahead, as by starting early I feel no need to rush my writing and can check back and change my content numerous times if I wish to.

Find a Balance

This is also a really important part in getting your act together where balancing blogging and studying is concerned. Think of the two parts of your life as being on opposite ends of a seesaw or scales (your probably thinking 'What on Earth are you on about Olivia?', but just bear with me on this one), you give too much to one aspect and the other drops and you start to fall behind, but if you give too much to that one in return, then the other drops too. 

It's therefore important to find a balance in your life between the time and effort spent on blogging and studying- don't spend all your time solely devoted to one outlet, instead spread your time evenly so you do well in both. For example, you could revise for an hour, and then work on your blog for the next hour. Or if your exams are getting ever closer, study for an hour or two and then take some photos and write for your blog for half an hour or so afterwards.

Either way, if you want to succeed and/or stay on top of studying and blogging, then you definitely need to find a way to devote a bit of time to each. This, of course, is easier said than done, but writing down what you need to achieve and setting reminders on your phone for what you need to do and when, can really help.

Only Write if your Heart is in it

Ultimately though, if you are worn down by the burden of school and exams, and feel in no state to write a blog post about something that you currently really couldn't care less about, then don't do it. It's a great feeling to keep your blog posts regular on top of school work, but if your heart's not in it then it's really not worth sacrificing your blog content for a half hearted post.

I have been there before, and I'm sure a lot of other bloggers have too- sometimes it's worth just holding off for a couple of days to get your writing up to scratch before you upload. Of course, that doesn't mean stop posting altogether for months on end, but just posting once or twice a week instead of, say three times, over the exam period can sometimes help with the workload.

Obviously though, I would still advise that you do put your school work first (boring, I know), as when the exams have passed you can happily write and upload until your heart's content. Balancing blogging and studying is definitely possible, but if the worst comes to the worst, I would say to absolutely put that extra effort into your school work as I know right now, in most cases, it's only a month or so until the real exams start, and you will feel a whole lot better going into the exams knowing that you have revised and worked as hard as possible before hand (I'm really sounding like a teacher now)!

Anyway, I hope at least some of you found this post helpful, and if you are like me and will be sitting exams soon-good luck!!!

Olivia xo


  1. Wonderful advice. Balance is so important between blogging and studying or even life itself. Sometimes you have to step away from it and put the other stuff first.

    1. Thank you! And I definitely agree with you!

  2. Wonderful advice - on a topic that I understand whole heartedly. Unfortunately I feel into the 'my heart isn't into writing' through this academic year, but I'm hoping once classes are over I'll get the blogging spirit back!
    Thanks for sharing great tips!

    Amanda Gouthro 

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you will start to feel more into blogging again soon!

  3. With exams just round the corner I feel like this post is really relevant. It also has some great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Katie |

  4. Such great tips! I think it's always important to write what you believe yourself and at the same time that can be both really hard and easy. University has just consumed my life lately and I rarely have time to blog but at the same time I know my study is really important. Such a great post :) xx

    Kathy x

  5. Great post! I am finally learning that I really need to plan earlier on. Utilise half terms to give me a head start. Last term I was a lot slower at posting because I didn't want to post rubbish. I'm going to plan, plan, plan. So I can keep on top of everything.

    1. Same here! I definitely need to start planning my posts for exam season in advance :-)

  6. Fab tips, planning is definitely key! I have to say though, it was so much easier to find time to blog when I was studying rather than working haha

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. I can imagine! I don't know how I will manage when I have to work full time!

  7. These tips are so useful! I'm definitely guilty of leaving my studying to the last minute and prioritising the wrong things! Thanks hun xx

    1. Don't worry, I was like that too a few months ago! Glad you found the tips useful though! X


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