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Friday, 18 March 2016

I adore handbags! So much so that I have quite a vast collection of them, and am constantly adding to my hoard throughout the seasons. We are now into spring, and for that reason, I thought I would dig out some of my more spring/summer appropriate bags and tell you a little about each one...

I got this lovely Ted Baker tote bag last year, but am ashamed to say that I haven't really used it all that much yet. However, this spring and summer I cannot wait to pair this bag with all manner of outfits, as it's neutral colour makes its incredibly versatile. Ted Baker bags are gorgeous anyway, and whenever I see stands of them in shops I immediately get drawn in- hence why I fell in love with this particular bag at first glance (plus its cute little rose gold bow is irresistible). Also, seeing as this bag is plastic I think it will make for the perfect beach bag for when I go on holiday in the summer as it won't get dirty or wet when exposed to the sand and sea.

Onto a couple of my smaller handbags, and currently I am really loving the cute little bag above. I recently dug it out of one of the depths of my room and now cannot wait to start using it, but cannot remember where I got it from for the life of me! Despite that, as an over the shoulder bag, this floral number is going to look lovely when worn with my many skirts and dresses over the next few months.
Plus, for quite a small looking bag, inside it is rather roomy and contains a few pockets to keep all my bits and pieces in.

The above bag was also bought last year, and was from Primark so only cost a few pounds. I love how this bag can be used as both an over the shoulder bag, or a clutch bag if you simply tuck the chain inside (because of that, you can use this bag in both a casual or dressy way which is a great bonus)! It's sturdy for a little bag, but is still incredibly light weight and easy to take around with me if I only want to carry my phone and makeup etc. The colour of this handbag also makes it very versatile, as even in the warmer months black can still look great and will pair well with all manner of outfits.

I love my Cambridge Satchel so much, and I really want to use it as much as possible over the next few months as it definitely wasn't a small purchase. There's no getting away from the fact that this bag is incredibly beautiful (in both style and colour), and it also has a lot of room inside to pop all my bits and bobs in. However, even without anything inside this bag it can be quite heavy and for that reason it does hurt my back after a bit. For that reason, I have shyed away from using this bag as much as I would like, but over the next few months I am determined to give styling this handbag a go again!

I have mentioned the above bag in a post before, as I bought it for the sole purpose of being handy to take on my summer holiday. From New Look, this bag is small and lightweight but has plenty of pockets inside to pop all my holiday essentials in for when I'm out exploring during the day. The colour of this bag also appealed to me immensely as the tan just looks like a very summery colour, and will go well with lots of the outfits I have already bought for my holiday.

That's all for now with regards to my Spring/Summer bag collection! As I said at the start of this post, I absolutely adore handbags and can't wait to buy more in the future as you can never have too many- plus, I recently noticed some lovely looking Kate Spade handbags in TKmaxx which definitely caught my eye!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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  1. I love these bags! That Cambridge satchel is so pretty and I love ted baker bags too! I just tend to use the same bag all year around, which is really boring x

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you! At least that way you aren't wasting loads of money on bags like me!!

  2. I love all these bags especially the primary one, its gorgeous!x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com


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