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Sunday, 27 March 2016

In a few months, I will be heading over to the US for a holiday which means a lot of shopping will be in order. Last time I visited, I wasn't all that into my makeup so have sadly never been to a Sephora store before...this time though, I am definitely going to change that and make it one of the first shops that I visit on my trip. Therefore, I have comprised a little Wishlist of the things I would quite like to purchase whilst there for you all to have a read of...

  • Sephora Concealer- I do love my liquid concealers (the main item in my collection being the Lasting Perfection Concealer), and it would be great to try out another brand and type, especially when looking on the Sephora website I noticed quite a few good reviews for this particular one. A lot of people do hype up Sephora own brand products, so it would be really nice to try out something from that particular range, and I also know that concealer is something that I am always going to use and get through!
  • Tarte Blusher- It's really high up on my list of makeup priorities to purchase something from Tarte when I go to America, and on the Sephora website they have so many lovely Tarte items that I feel it will be difficult to chose which one to buy. I did come across the Tarte Blushers however, and after seeing them featured on lots of blogs over the years, have decided that such a product is definitely what I want to get from Tarte- this coral shade looks an especially appealing item to me, as I think it would look gorgeous in the summer with a bit of a tan.
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette- I have mentioned the fact that I want this palette so many times in the past, and when I go to Sephora I may well finally get it. Naked 3 contains so many beautiful shadows that look just perfect for summer, (the shimmery pinks look particularly beautiful, and with the high pigment of Urban Decay eyeshadows I'm sure they will really look lovely on the eyes too)!
  • Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick- I have heard so many rave reviews about these liquid lipsticks over the past few months, that I really must try one for myself when I'm over in America. The particular shade that I would love to get is Lolita, which is a nude shade that I think will look lovely when worn all year round. I have never tried anything from Kat Von D before, so can't wait to try one of these lipsticks or at least something from the brand as like I previously said, everyone always seems to rave about it's products.
  • Sephora Brushes- I do love a good makeup brush, and because of that am always on the look out for new brands and styles to try out. Therefore, when I was looking through the Sephora website, I decided upon the fact that it would be a good idea to try out at least one of the own brand brushes as they seem to gain quite a lot of good reviews, and all seem to be pretty reasonable prices. One of the foundation or contour brushes would be a good investment for me especially, as they are definitely the sorts of brushes that I get the most use out of!
  • Too Faced Neutral Palette- I know that I already featured an eyeshadow palette in this post, which means I will probably have to make a big decision as to which palette to buy (mostly because both are pretty pricey products). This nude palette again really appeals to me with its lovely range of shadows, and as its from Too Faced, I know that just like with Urban Decay, the product itself will be a very good quality.
I may well not end up buying any of these products, or I might just get every single one of them (that would probably cost an awful lot though)- either way though I really cannot wait to hit Sephora, and have a good old spend (as you may well have gathered from the contents of this post). 

I hope you all enjoyed this little Wishlist anyway, and please mention any other products from Sephora that you think I would love in the comments below!

Olivia xo


  1. That Too Faced palette is something I use every day and absolutely adore! Fantastic picks dear, I hope you get your hands on them soon eee! xxxxx

    1. It's good to know that the palette is worth the buy!! I hope I get to buy them too :-)

  2. I love tarte blushes so much - they are probably my favourite high end blushes because they blend so nicely! Lovely list of products I myself really want the too faced palette as well, it's just so neutral and you can wear it so many different ways :)

    Kathy x

    1. I'm so glad to hear that the blushers are really good! I can't wait to buy one now!

    2. That is a great wish list. I love sephora!!!!


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