New Makeup Revolution Purchases

Thursday, 31 March 2016

I really am very much in love with Makeup Revolution and it's products- not only is their entire range incredible value for money, but it's also fantastic quality (I would even go so far as to say that some of their products hold the same quality, or a higher quality than that of some of the higher end products I own or have tried in the past). Two of those particularly good Makeup Revolution products, are those that I recently picked up: those being the Vivid Baked Blusher and Vivid Baked Highlighter, which I will now go on to tell you more about...

Skincare Saviours

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hello Again, 

When recently sorting through all my skincare bits and bobs, I decided to round up the main products that I use on my skin, and create a bit of a post about them. Upon looking, I found 5 particular products that I use on a daily basis (or thereabouts), and will now go on to tell you a little about each one of them...

Sephora Wishlist

Sunday, 27 March 2016

In a few months, I will be heading over to the US for a holiday which means a lot of shopping will be in order. Last time I visited, I wasn't all that into my makeup so have sadly never been to a Sephora store before...this time though, I am definitely going to change that and make it one of the first shops that I visit on my trip. Therefore, I have comprised a little Wishlist of the things I would quite like to purchase whilst there for you all to have a read of...

Baking- Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Friday, 25 March 2016

Hello Again,

I really enjoy baking, mostly because it gives me some time out of revising at the minute and I also get some nice food at the end of it all (if everything goes right, that is)! The other day I thought I would make some chocolate chip cupcakes just as something to do on a lazy day, and was pretty happy with the yummy products that I got at the end- they weren't the best looking cakes in the world, but they tasted pretty good and for that reason I thought I would just share the recipe today.

I have wrote about a very similar cupcake recipe before some time last year though, so sorry if this seems a little repetitive. However, this is the main recipe that I use to make cupcakes as I know that the cakes made will pretty much always be lovely and golden on top, yet soft and fluffy inside at the end. Despite the similarities, this recipe is about chocolate chip cupcakes (I think I talked about vanilla ones last time) so I suppose there is a bit of differentiation there!


110g Butter or Margarine
225g Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
Plain Flour
Self-Raising Flour
Vanilla Extract
Chocolate Chips


1. First, I heated the oven to 180c and lined my cupcake tin with 12 cases. Then, I beat the sugar and butter together in a bowl until it resembled a creamy mixture, before adding in the eggs one at a time and mixing after each addition.
2. Next, I mixed the two flours together in another bowl and measured out the milk and vanilla extract into a measuring jug also. I then added a third of the flour to the mixture, and stirred before also adding a third of the milk/vanilla combination and stirring again.
3. I repeated the above step until all of the flour and milk was mixed in, and then also sprinkled in the chocolate chips (you don't have to use milk chocolate ones like me, as dark and white ones work well too, especially if you mix the types of chocolate together!) and mixed them in too.
4. After, I separated the mixture between the twelve cupcake cases and sprinkled ever more chocolate chips on top (see image below) and placed them in the oven for around 25 minutes, or until golden brown.
5. When the cakes were cooked, I left them to cool for a while and took them out of their tray- they were a little stuck together upon removal, so looked a tad messy around the edges but still tasted really good!

And that's it really- I suppose you could also add icing (maybe chocolate buttercream/some Nutella or something) to these cupcakes, but I didn't want to go too sickly or overboard with them so just stuck with what I had after cooking.

I hope you all enjoyed this post anyway, as I enjoyed writing it and eating the cupcakes mentioned :-)

Olivia xo

BB Cream vs Foundation

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

BB Cream or Foundation? Foundation or BB cream? 

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot recently, because as a teenager with rather tempremental skin I find it hard to decipher which product looks best and works best at a certain time. Chances are, that quite a few of you out there have faced a similar struggle to me in terms of which product is the one for you, so in this post I will be discussing some of the pros and cons of suing both bb creams and foundation, so as to show you how each one fairs for me...

The BB Cream that I will be talking about is the Maybelline Pure BB which costs around £7.99 from more drugstores, whilst the foundation is question is the Bourjois Healthy Mix which costs £9.99 again from many drugstores.

First up, I'll talk about the BB Cream...

Of course, this BB Cream is cheaper than the foundation mentioned in this post which is always a big plus when you are on a budget, but there are all manner of other creams out there for different prices if you don't mind spending a little more (Garnier apparently offer a great alternative, as well as brands like Rimmel and Soap&Glory stocking fantastic products. Also, this BB cream is very lightweight so let's your skin breathe and doesn't clog up pores, as well as being quite light and easy to blend which makes for very swift makeup application. What's more, it has an added SPF factor of 15 which makes it a good product to use on summer days, or to pop in your travel makeup bag.

To be honest, I don't believe that there is that much of a shade range for this product and for BB creams on the whole, which could prove difficult for some people. Also, although the lightweight-ness of this product may be helpful for some of you, this often causes problems for me when I am having a breakout as it fails to cover much of my skin's redness, and can often wear off rather quickly throughout the day.

Now onto the Foundation...

There is a broad price range of foundations out there so you can easily pick one up on any budget- this particular one offers, what I would class as, a fair price for such a product as you get a large bottle that last for quite a longtime. Plus, with this foundation I find that I only have to pump out a little each time as such a product can go quite a long way, as opposed to BB creams that require a lot of product for a decent layer of makeup. Foundations like this one have much wider shade range, and a lot better coverage than BB creams also, which means that on bad skin days you only have to add a little concealer on top to be ready to go out.

Yes, as I previously mentioned, foundations have better converage but that extra thick layer of makeup can sometimes just act as a catalyst for more spots and break outs. I experience this viscous circle most of the time, as I merely want to cover up my skins imperfections, but end up just causing more problems instead. This problem can't really be helped though if you want to get on with your everyday life and wear makeup, so all I really do to try and help the matter is wear makeup for as little time as possible, and make sure that I keep my skin clean and fresh between applications.

After weighing up the pros and cons of both makeup products, I have to say that despite everything I do prefer using Foundation as it makes for a much more flawless makeup base than BB cream on the most part. It can clog pores, (so if you want to clear your skin up a bit, BB cream is probably better for you), but can definitely cover said spots and blemishes a lot more, and does last a lot longer on the skin than most BB creams that I have tried! 

I would love to know your thoughts on using these products as well though, so please let me know what you prefer using in the comments below!

P.S. You can find both products mentioned in this post HERE

Olivia xo

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Sunday, 20 March 2016

I love NYX makeup a little too much, and thanks to it's superb quality and price, I am always looking online through their vast collection of products and makeup tools. The proud owner of several NYX products, I have to say that the items I currently love the most from their brand are their Soft Matte Lip Creams, due to their amazing colour collection and low price which makes them a fantastic alternative to some of the more expensive lip options out there. 

Today, I will be telling you all a little about my NYX lip cream collection which sadly only contains three products at present (although I am thinking of buying several more in future, but due to the massive choice am completely stuck with what shades to next invest in), so if any of you are interested in purchasing a NYX lip product you can get a bit of a heads up on what they're are all about....

The three beautiful NYX lip creams that I already own are Abu Dhabi, San Paulo and Monte Carlo (from left to right in the above image). I picked all three of them up at the Clothes Show in December where they had a phenomenal NYX stand, for only about £5.50 each. However, you can also find these beauties and a whole host of other NYX products on the Boots website, and also on Asos and Feel Unique too!

I decided to buy three very different shades of the lip creams to start me off with my collection, so I could see how each shade looked when paired with my rather pale skin tone. All three of the above colours work well though, and even the gorgeous red on the end fails to wash me out, which left me very impressed with the quality of these products. They are very much in the style of a lipgloss in terms of packaging, with a bottle and brush just like you would normally expect. However, just as you can probably imagine from the hinting of 'matte' qualities on the bottles, these products instead dry as you would expect a lipstick too. Don't fear though, the matte-ness of these lip creams does look simply flawless, with no hint of chapped or dried lips in sight (and the colours stay firmly in place on the lips for quite some time, which is of course, a massive bonus)!

I thought I would also swatch my lip creams to help you all see what sort of colours they actually come out like, because as we all know, bottles can sometimes be very deceiving in terms of lipstick shades. 

Abu Dhabi is a rather subtle nude that isn't as dark as I was originally expecting- when I first applied this lip colour I was rather shocked at how light it actually was (I think I was expecting a dark, more Velvet Teddy-esque shade). Despite that though, I have grown to love this colour over time, and now wear it when I wish to go for a more simple, natural makeup look.

San Paulo on the other hand is quite a vibrant pink, which I haven't worn all that much since I bought  it in the winter, as I think it would look a lot nice when applied in the spring and summer months. I really cannot wait to start wearing brighter pinks throughout the next few months though, so I'm sure I will eventually get my wear out of this lip colour.

Monte Carlo is probably my favourite of all three shades though- it's red tones make it the ultimate classic lip colour, that you can wear both on a daily basis or when getting a little more dressed up. I love red lipsticks, but feel that sometimes such a shade can wash me out, however as I previously mentioned, this colour does nothing of the sort which is why I love it so much!

As you can probably tell, I have nothing but a good experience using these NYX lip creams so far, and can't wait to buy more of them in the future. Hopefully, if any of you are looking to buy one of these products or were once a bit on the fence about it, you now know a little more about what you are getting after reading this post!

If you do own any of the NYX Matte Lip Creams in different shades from those I have mentioned, please let me know what they are like in the comments below!

Olivia xo

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Spring Handbags

Friday, 18 March 2016

I adore handbags! So much so that I have quite a vast collection of them, and am constantly adding to my hoard throughout the seasons. We are now into spring, and for that reason, I thought I would dig out some of my more spring/summer appropriate bags and tell you a little about each one...

I got this lovely Ted Baker tote bag last year, but am ashamed to say that I haven't really used it all that much yet. However, this spring and summer I cannot wait to pair this bag with all manner of outfits, as it's neutral colour makes its incredibly versatile. Ted Baker bags are gorgeous anyway, and whenever I see stands of them in shops I immediately get drawn in- hence why I fell in love with this particular bag at first glance (plus its cute little rose gold bow is irresistible). Also, seeing as this bag is plastic I think it will make for the perfect beach bag for when I go on holiday in the summer as it won't get dirty or wet when exposed to the sand and sea.

Onto a couple of my smaller handbags, and currently I am really loving the cute little bag above. I recently dug it out of one of the depths of my room and now cannot wait to start using it, but cannot remember where I got it from for the life of me! Despite that, as an over the shoulder bag, this floral number is going to look lovely when worn with my many skirts and dresses over the next few months.
Plus, for quite a small looking bag, inside it is rather roomy and contains a few pockets to keep all my bits and pieces in.

The above bag was also bought last year, and was from Primark so only cost a few pounds. I love how this bag can be used as both an over the shoulder bag, or a clutch bag if you simply tuck the chain inside (because of that, you can use this bag in both a casual or dressy way which is a great bonus)! It's sturdy for a little bag, but is still incredibly light weight and easy to take around with me if I only want to carry my phone and makeup etc. The colour of this handbag also makes it very versatile, as even in the warmer months black can still look great and will pair well with all manner of outfits.

I love my Cambridge Satchel so much, and I really want to use it as much as possible over the next few months as it definitely wasn't a small purchase. There's no getting away from the fact that this bag is incredibly beautiful (in both style and colour), and it also has a lot of room inside to pop all my bits and bobs in. However, even without anything inside this bag it can be quite heavy and for that reason it does hurt my back after a bit. For that reason, I have shyed away from using this bag as much as I would like, but over the next few months I am determined to give styling this handbag a go again!

I have mentioned the above bag in a post before, as I bought it for the sole purpose of being handy to take on my summer holiday. From New Look, this bag is small and lightweight but has plenty of pockets inside to pop all my holiday essentials in for when I'm out exploring during the day. The colour of this bag also appealed to me immensely as the tan just looks like a very summery colour, and will go well with lots of the outfits I have already bought for my holiday.

That's all for now with regards to my Spring/Summer bag collection! As I said at the start of this post, I absolutely adore handbags and can't wait to buy more in the future as you can never have too many- plus, I recently noticed some lovely looking Kate Spade handbags in TKmaxx which definitely caught my eye!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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Celebrity Style- Emma Stone

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Hello Everyone,

It's been such a long time since I made a Celebrity Style Post, and considering that every time I flip through a magazine or look online I notice someone with a gorgeous sense of fashion, I just knew that today was the day that I started creating such posts again. 

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, today I will be talking about the style of the one and only Emma Stone- someone who I admire as both an actress, and a fashion icon. I can remember first noticing Emma emerge in magazines a few years back, and was immediately struck by how effortlessly glamourous she looked whilst merely walking down the street, or gliding up the red carpet, as I will go on to explain in this post....

Street Style

I love how minimalistic Emma's style is on a day to day basis- when searching for images of her street style, 99% of the pictures were merely of her in jeans and a shirt. Yet, she looks so effortless in each of the above images, that it's clear to see that Emma is just one of those people that can pull off simple outfits, and make the basics of a shirt and a pair of jeans look incredibly chic. 

I adore the stripy blouse that she's sporting in the middle image, and also love how she adds that bit of extra detail into each outfit with a gorgeous pair of shoes (from wedged boots to sparkly sandals), instead of just opting for trainers as others probably would. Also, I have found myself edge away from wearing jeans lately, so sifting through images of Emma wearing them has really given me some inspiration in terms of styling denim again.

Red Carpet Style

Emma's Red Carpet looks have been something that I have admired for a long time, as she just seems to look so glamourous at every event that she goes to. I love how she so often wears simple dress styles, and in turn makes them look timelessly elegant (especially the white dress on the left, that reminds me of something straight from the by-gone days of Hollywood style and beauty).

I can't really recall a time when Emma has made a dress or outfit blunder on the Red Carpet, and is fantastic at pairing together her lovely ensembles with equally gorgeous accessories. Furthermore, I just love how she isn't afraid to step outside of the norm with cute outfits like the trouser and top one (above on the right), that she pulls off so well!

Well, there are some of my favourite outfits as worn by Miss Emma Stone! I really enjoyed writing a celebrity style post after such a long time, as I forgot how fun it is to compile some of my favourite outfits from some of my favourite people.

Thank you for reading, and please let me know whose style you love in the comments below.

Olivia xo

P.S. All of the above images are from Pinterest

Makeup Brush Roundup

Sunday, 13 March 2016

A makeup collection just wouldn't be a makeup collection without a good supply of brushes, right? I definitely think so anyway, and over the past few months have been attempting to expand my makeup brush collection, with many more brush sets and types on my Wishlist for future purchases too. So today, I will just be talking you all through the current items in my brush collection, and also mentioning some of the brushes and accessories that I would like the pick up over the next few months as well!

First and foremost, I have to say that my Real Techniques brushes definitely have to my favourite makeup brush additions! I was a bit slow to get on the Real Techniques wagon, but now I have tried this brand's products, I have to say that I will never go back and can't wait to buy more of their items (especially some of the Bold Metals brushes, that just look beautiful) in the future. Currently, I own the Core Collection (my favourites in that set being the Buffing brush which I use almost every day to apply my foundation, and the Contour brush that I also use on a daily basis), with the later purchase of the Expert Face Brush, after reading tonnes of amazing reviews on it.

As you may well know, these brushes are super pretty and more importantly, are fantastic quality- the Buffing brush in particular being incredible at blending base products, and also being very easy to clean with just some shampoo and water.

I'm also a big fan of the Nanshy brushes though, and after buying a couple of their products at the Clothes Show back in December, I also can't wait to buy more of their lovely looking brushes. From Nanshy, I own the Foundation Brush and Angled Detailer (which is amazing for applying brow pomades etc) and love both of them, due to their fantastic quality and the overall cuteness of their design.

I really do want to invest in some more of the Nanshy brushes in the future, as I would really like to carry on collecting the rest of the items from the white handled collection. However, Nanshy brushes aren't exactly cheap, and in terms of High-End brushes, I also really want to try some of the Zoeva brushes so might try and save up for those before I try to add to my Nanshy collection.

The rest of my brushes are from all manner of differing brands and are for all manner of uses. I have some smaller, kabuki style brushes from Primark, Ted Baker and Bourjois that I use when applying powder, blusher and bronzer. All three are pretty good for popping on powder products, and I especially love the Primark one which was incredibly inexpensive but is so amazingly soft!

I also have a set of Jack Wills brushes (the blue and pink stripy ones) that can be used for everything from applying powder products to sorting out my eyeshadow and eyebrows. These brushes are okay, and were a pretty good present that I recieved a couple of Christmases ago, but I do find that their bristles can be quite rough in comparison to some of my other brushes. There's also my thin Ted Baker brush which is great for eyeshadow application, and my Brow and Eyelash brush/tamer from M&S that I just bought on a bit of a whim a few years back. 

Of course, I do have several other brushes in my collection but didn't mention them in this post because I rarely use them anymore because the brushes I have actually featured in this post have proved a lot more useful and reliable in my eyes!

I hope you all enjoyed this post anyway, and if there are any other brush brands out there that you think I would like to try, then please mention them in the comments below...

Olivia xo

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Applying Eyeliner - Tips & Tricks

Friday, 11 March 2016

Eyeliner is that one makeup item that I hardly ever leave the house without wearing-I just love the timeless glamour of a cat eye flick, and adore how you can excentuate the eyes with the simple stroke of a liner pen. However, I am very well aware that applying eyeliner is considered one of the most difficult tasks within the makeup routine. So, after years of trying to perfect my own liner, I thought it would be nice to share some of my tips and tricks with those of you who do struggle with the perfect winged look.


Be Patient...this definitely needs to be said to anyone before they make a start on applying eyeliner, because unless you are just naturally gifted at drawing liner flicks, it is definitely going to take you some practice before you get it right. If you are going to try eyeliner, then make sure you put aside some time to do so, because even after a good few years of wearing liner, some days it still feels like it takes me forever to get it right.

Apply Liner First...I learnt this tip a little too late, and spent quite a long time messing up my base makeup because of wonky or uneven eyeliner. Nowadays, I tend to put on my eyeshadow, wipe off any fallout or messiness into straight lines and then follow those eyshadow lines when I apply my liner afterwards. That way, it doesn't matter all too much if I mess up, as I can simply pop some concealer over the messy areas later on.

Makeup Wipes are a Necessity...which ever way you apply your liner, and at whatever point in your makeup routine that you do it, you are bound to need wipes to clean up mistakes or smudges. Baby wipes or Makeup wipes will suffice, and will also come in handy to straighten up your flicks even after years of applying liner.

Ideal Products

Soap&Glory Supercat Liner... I have been using this product for a couple of years now and definitely won't be straying far from using it in the future. The pen on this liner is really thin at the end, but has the potential to create thicker lines and flicks too, which makes for really simple application. It also wipes off really quickly and easily (perfect for when you do make mistakes), and it doesn't dry out for months on end, which gives you excellent value for money.

Bourjois  Intuitive Liner... If you are just starting out with applying eyeliner, then a product like this with a dotting tool might be perfect for you. Although I have never personally tried anything like this before, I have heard many people rave about how simple it makes applying neat eyeliner. Plus, from a company like Bourjois I would definitely trust this products quality as all the other products of theirs that I have tried, have been great.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner... However, if a pen product just isn't working out for you, then something like this might be right up your street. When I first started wearing eyeliner, I actually used a brush product similar to this and I did find it quite easy to use for cute little flicks. Now, I do personally prefer a pen product for doing my eyeliner, but of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to make up and for only £6 or so, this brush product is definitely worth a try!

I do love wearing eyeliner, and feel quite naked if I am to leave the house without it on! Liner is such a classic addition to any makeup routine, and therefore, I really do hope that these few tips and product recommendations helped some of you out!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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10 Reasons that I Love Spring & Summer

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A few months ago, at the start of Autumn and Winter, I wrote a post talking about the reasons I love those months as a sort of reminder of why I do like them, and something to look back on when I start to have doubts about the qualities of those seasons. That particular post proved helpful to me when I got fed up of the cold and dreariness of winter, so now I will be making another post about why I love the next two seasons, Spring and Summer...

1.  Warmer Weather - at the start of Autumn and Winter, I really found myself looking forward to the prospect of more chilly weather. Yet, now after seemingly endless months of being cold, I simply cannot wait for the weather to get a lot milder here in the UK. Although we don't really have a 'summer' (more like a few days of sun, and then just endless days of rain), sometimes we can get lucky and have some warm and sunny days, which are definitely something to look forward too.

2. Light Nights and Mornings - unlike a lot of people, I really adore the dark nights as I find something very peaceful and calming about them. However, I have to say that I hate dark mornings as they are, in my opinion, the least inspiring thing to wake up to and fail to give me any enthusiasm for the day ahead. When I wake up now though, it is mostly light which gives me a great feeling and more of a willingness to get up and go!

3. Easter - I just love the holiday of Easter because I find it, on the whole, incredibly cute. Wherever I go now, all I see in the shops are cute pastel eggs and stuffed animals ready to decorate our houses for the coming event. Obviously, another massive draw to Easter is the chocolate (even though I know that the main idea of Easter is more to do with religion) ,and the massive hoard of eggs that we have in our house for weeks after does make me very happy indeed.

4. Flowers - it's so nice to see all the plants start to bloom again after gardens and fields being sparse for so long. I love pretty flowers, especially spring-related ones like tulips and daffodils, and when they are sat around the house they just look so sweet and bring add just that extra bit of brightness to a room.

5. New Clothes - any excuse to go shopping and reinvent my wardrobe will keep me happy, but I just love the change over from winter, to spring and summer clothing. Although, at the start of Autumn I couldn't wait to begin buying and wearing darker, more snuggled up clothing, yet now it has reached the end of the colder seasons and I again cannot wait to buy prettier and lighter bits and bobs. I have already seen (and bought) so many cute pieces in shops, and the prospect of gorgeous holiday pieces arriving soon makes me even more excited!

6. Lighter Makeup - I really do love the darker makeup shades of Autumn and Winter, but right now I cannot wait to start wearing pinker lipsticks and brighter nail polishes, as I feel like they have been sat away in my drawers for all too long! In the spring and summer months, I like to go for more bronzed, dewy makeup looks so am really enjoying looking for new products at the moment, (in particular I am desperate to purchase some new highlighting products, like the Sleek Solstice Palette which I think will be amazing at creating nice, glowy looks over the next few months).

7. Drinks - it's really nice to see cooler drinks start to appear in places like Starbucks and Costa Coffee, as there is nothing better than a refreshing drink once the weather gets a bit better. Last year, I really enjoyed the Cool Lime Refresha from Starbucks, the Iced Lemonade from Costa and also all the milkshakes that Caffe Nero have on offer, so hopefully a few of those will reappear again this year.

8.  Summer Holidays - even though I am going on holiday abroad, even if I wasn't, I would just really enjoy having the time off school. This summer holidays, I will have an especially long break after my exams and it will be incredibly nice to relax, and do whatever I please after seemingly months of never ending revision.

9. Ice Cream - I love ice cream so much, but like with the iced drinks that I previously mentioned, I don't feel as though I can consume it so much in the colder months. Although last year I was scarred for life after a group of seagulls tried to steal my ice cream at the beach, I'm still looking forward to eating some of the sweet stuff on my holidays and at home over the next few months (lots of bowls of Ben&Jerrys are definitely going to be consumed)!

10. Longer Days - this links in the with the light nights and mornings that I mentioned at the start of this post, and again although I do like the dark nights of the winter, I really relish in having the longer daylight hours of the spring and summer. Longer days means longer to go out, sit in the garden, have barbecues and more importantly for bloggers like myself longer to take photos with a good light!

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited for Spring and Summer and can't wait for the the lighter, brighter days to begin and give me a bit of a lift after months of it being dark, rainy and having a cold every other week.

Please let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to in the Spring and Summer months!

Olivia xo

Benefit Matte Rescue

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hello Again,

I recently got send a cute little sample of the new Matte Rescue, from the Benefit Porefessional Priming collection. Since I opened my package just over a week ago, I have been incredibly excited to try this new product out and give you all a bit of a review on today, that is exactly what I will be doing!

I adore Benefit Cosmetics, and highly recommend their products to everyone, since I haven't had a product by them that I haven't yet loved -my experience with the Matte Rescueso far being no different! Firstly, I will talk about the packaging of this gorgeous little product, and I have to say that the shiny bottle and bright logo are definitely going to make a statement and stand out on makeup stands. The size of this tube is also perfect, especially for me, as I'm always buying new priming products so I would probably never get through a larger bottle (well, not for a long time anyway!)

Onto the actual product, and even though I have only used it a few times so far, I am really impressed with the Matte Rescue's quality. It's consistency is somewhat gel-like, and it smells just the same as the original Porefessional (a bit weird to mention, I know). Because of its consistency, it also feels incredibly light on the skin and dries really quickly-which makes it the perfect base for my foundation and concealing products when I put them on after. To apply, just like I do with my primer, I simply dab this product onto the areas of my face that are more prone to spots and blemishes, as the Matte Rescue's mattifying properties really do help to even out my skintone!

Although this was only a really short review about the lovely Matte Rescue, I can definitely assure you all that I am really loving this product and can't wait to continue using it in the future! (Also, a massive thank you to Benefit Comsetics for sending it out to me, plus you can all find the rest of the Benefit priming range HERE).

Olivia xo

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John Lewis Nightwear

Friday, 4 March 2016

Last week I got some lovely new nightwear bits and bobs from John Lewis, and I have been incredibly excited to tell you all about them ever since. The pieces that I got are both gorgeous, and hopefully I have captured just how nice they are in my photos (that I really enjoyed taking by the way) throughout this post. I'm a big lover of nightwear, so I jumped at the chance to work with John Lewis and their nightwear brands, as I simply cannot resist cute pyjama tops and bottoms...even if I am only going to wear them to bed!

John Lewis stock so many nightwear brands online and in store, that I fear get forgotten all too often. Online you can find CyberjammiesJoulesCalvin Klein and the John Lewis own brand nightwear collections; all with loads of different items available, so each and every one of you are sure to find something perfect! The pyjama bottoms that I received were from the Joules Collection, and my slippers were from the John Lewis Own Brand Collection - both of which I will now go on to tell you all about.

I am in love with the pyjama bottoms that I recieved by Joules They have a beautiful floral pattern on them as you can see in the above images, and are also insanely comfy so will be perfect to both lounge around in, and sleep in. They fit incredibly well and are a flattering style, as opposed to some other baggy style pyjama bottoms which I have had in the past that, well.... weren't so flattering.

When it comes to pyjama bottoms, I normally always opt for a pretty patterned pair, which is why I love these ones from John Lewis so much. With my trousers I usually then purchase a plain top or vest for a bit of contrast, and in this case will probably get myself a nice pink top to pair with the lovely bottoms!

My slippers are also insanely cute, as well as being incredibly soft and comfy to wear too! These are from the John Lewis Own Brand Collection (as I previously mentioned), and I just love how they are in the style and shape of rabbits. They are beautiful, and a fit really well - plus the fleece lining inside will keep my feet nice and cosy all year long.

I really hope you all enjoyed this post, as I don't believe I have ever really talked about nightwear on my blog before...hopefully though, after reading this post you might all think to take a look at the John Lewis nightwear and loungewear collection next time you want to purchase some new bits and bobs! (You can find their vast range HERE)

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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Spring Makeup

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hello Everyone,

We are now into March, and are therefore now (supposedly) into Spring-although the weather isn't really reflecting that where I live! Anyway, because we have entered a new season, I thought it only right to show you all how I create a simple makeup look for the spring, using some of my favourite products....

Although I normally start my makeup with eye products (I feel doing my shadow and liner first sometimes looks more effective, as I can neaten it up later with my concealer and powder), but for the sake of this post I will start with my base products instead. 

Firstly, I dab some of the Benefit Porefessional Primer onto my nose, t-zone and chin (so mostly in the areas that I have more pores), and then blend my Benefit Flawless Oxygen Foundation in with my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge. Concealer-wise, I pop some Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer under my eyes, and Benefit Boing Concealer on my blemishes and discoloured areas. Finally for my base, I just dust some of my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder all over my face to mattify my skin and makeup.

Next, I go onto my contouring (or attempt at contouring) and highlighting, by starting with my Clinique Contour Stick which I apply in the hollows of my cheeks, down the sides of my nose, at the bottom of my chin and also around the outside of my forehead. I then blend in this cream bronzer, before dabbing some Benefit High Beam atop my cheek bones, and on the other high points of my face (eg the arches of my brows). Then, I dust some of my TheBalm Frat Boy Blusher on my cheeks to give my face a bit of a healthy glow.

Onto my eyes, and firstly (after applying some concealer to cancel out the veins on my eyelids) I apply my eyeshadow-you can find one of my everyday eyeshadow looks created with the Morphe 35 Warm Palette HERE. Then I draw on my Soap&Glory Supercat eyeliner, before just cleaning up any smudges with concealer on a thin makeup brush. For mascara, I use my Soap&Glory Thick and Fast which is perfect for getting to all those little stray lashes, especially in the corners of my eyes. Finally, I draw in my brows using the Soap&Glory Archery Pen, and again neaten up with some concealer. 

The brushes that I use in my makeup are featured in the photo below (minus my Beauty Sponge), the blush brush on the left being from Primark, the thin pink brush from Ted Baker, the thin black and gold one from Wilkinsons, and the two on the far right are from the Real Techniques Core Collection.

Above is a bit of a photo of what my makeup looks like after all that applying. I normally just pop on a pink lipstick as well to add to the spring vibes...right now I am loving MAC Creme De La Femme and NYX Liquid Suede Lipgloss in the shade Tea & Cookies.

I really hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and gained a bit of an insight into how I like to do my makeup in the spring!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

Affiliate Links were used in this post :-)

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