Spring Fashion Wishlist

Friday, 12 February 2016

 A new season is almost upon us, and as promised today I will be sharing my Spring Fashion Wishlist with you all...

As usual, there are so many clothing items and accessories that I have spotted whilst shopping or looking online and am now desperate to own. However, like with my makeup obsession I do have to hold myself back, and limit myself to the necessary purchases only-therefore, the six items below are the things that I have decided to try and put at the top of my shopping list!

  • Hollister T-Shirt Dress-I love love love Hollister, and I would also love to get my hands on a tshirt dress right now after seeing several people wearing them either whilst out and about, or in a magazine that I have been reading. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I have a denim jacket that I would like to get a lot more wear out of this spring, and it recently came to me that a tshirt dress would be the perfect thing to pair with it. Hollister's quality of items is always excellent, and although I haven't seen this top up close, I can only imagine how soft and comfy it is!
  • H&M Bag-A big bag like this is exactly the sort of thing that I need for when I'm travelling or going away for the weekend. Similar bags have been floating about in H&M for as long as I can remember, and I'm definitely going to make this spring the time that I finally make my purchase of one. I have actually had a good look at one of these bags as well, and inside there seems to be tonnes of room, and the bag itself seems very sturdy and supportive (which is perfect, considering the amount of stuff I carry around with me!)
  • Miss Selfridge Bardot Top-A couple of years ago, I owned a plain black Bardot style top and for that whole spring/summer it was probably my most worn item of clothing. This year I am again seeing many similar style tops in the shops, with this particular one from Miss Selfridge catching my eye on a number of occasions (I am partial to a nice stripe, after all). I know that Miss Selfridge items are good quality and normally fit me very well also, so it would be nice to purchase this top or one that's pretty similar in the future.
  • PINK Leggings-Victoria's Secret is definitely one of my favourite shops, with it's Pink line of underwear and clothing being my current obsession. Last year, I bought a plain black top from there and it is, hands down, the comfiest top that I have owned in a long time. Therefore, I would love to own more clothing items from there-starting with some of the many pairs of leggings that they sell, which just look incredibly comfy and will be perfect for traveling and going on long car journeys in.
  • PINK Sweatshirt- For the same reasons as I previously stated, I would also like to own one of the Pink sweatshirts-this one especially looks perfect for me, as it again looks incredibly comfy but is also a very pretty colour at the same time!
  • Bershka Top-I really love Bershka, as it sells such good clothing for insanely low prices! On the weekend, I got a denim skirt and am now looking for some cute tops and tshirts to pair with it. The ballerina style of top is certainly something that I am liking the look of at the minute, and is a style of top that I think will go with so many things and will be easy to dress up or down.
And there we have it, my Fashion Wishlist for Spring this year! I hope you all enjoyed having a read, and if there is anything similar that you are looking to buy over the next few months, please let me know below...

Olivia xo

P.S. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more frequently (hopefully everyday if I can), as I am off school and will be able to produce a lot more good content!

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  1. Lovely picks! The off the shoulder bardot top is so romantic and sweet! xxxxx


    1. Aww thank you, it's so pretty isn't it?!

  2. i just follow your blog.   nice work.

  3. Love the striped off-shoulder top!


    1. I think I need to treat myself to it :)


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