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Friday, 26 February 2016

The other day, upon planning future blog posts, I realised that it has been quite a long time since I wrote a travel post, or in particular, a travel bucket list post. A few months ago, writing posts featuring the destinations that I want to visit one day was something that I really enjoyed doing...and then, I seemed to just forget about such posts. However, today I have redeemed myself and compiled another little list of places that I would really love to go to someday! Dreaming of visiting all these amazing cities and destinations really gets me through the mundane school days and piles of revision that I frequently have, so hopefully reading this post will give you all a bit of an escape from reality too...

Let's start off closer to home, in Europe-

I have been to Spain many times over the course of my life, but am yet to visit one of the big cities there! Barcelona, in particular, is a place I would love to go to in Spain-the shopping, the food and the tourists attractions there just look incredible. As you can see in the above image, Barcelona looks like a really beautiful city with some amazing buildings; plus, it's only a couple of hours away on the plane and you are bound to get a great tan whilst walking around.

I feel like there are so many lovely, interesting places to visit in Europe that my list could potentially be never ending. However, when whittling said list down I would definitely place Berlin near the top as it just looks like such a beautiful, historic city. I really want to go to Germany at some point in the near future, and Berlin seems like the perfect sightseeing city....ideal for a few days away to have a good old explore of!

I have never been to France either, which is pretty bad considering here in the UK it only seems to be within touching distance. In a previous post I mentioned that I would really love to visit Paris one day, and today I want to talk about somewhere a little different-that place being Cannes. The idea of going to Cannes really appeals to me, as being in the South of France, it's bound to be a lot sunnier so as well as sightseeing, you can squeeze in quite a bit of sunbathing too. Cannes also seems like a very glamorous destination (very film star-esque), and I think there would be many amazing photo opportunities there!

And now further afield to the USA-

I wouldn't want to take a long holiday to Las Vegas, but I would love to just go at some point to say that I have been. At the moment, I'm too young to go for the gambling, but even when I am old enough I wouldn't probably visit for that reason anyway. Seeing all of the different, amazing hotels on the strip would be incredible, as well as standing by the famous sign in the photo above. Plus, I have heard that there are some pretty good shops there (I do love a bit of shopping after all)!

I have been to Florida three times, and had amazing holidays in Orlando every time. Therefore, if I were to visit Florida again I would love to go to Miami as it just seems like the complete opposite to Disneyland (even though I adore Disney)! It would be nice to see all the beaches down South, and do a bit of relaxing, as going to all the amusement parks in the centre of Florida can be pretty full on. Perhaps because of that, a week in Orlando and then a week in Miami would be a great holiday plan, as it just mixes in a bit of everything.

I love writing Travel Bucket List posts like this, as I love going on holiday and can't wait to travel the world! Hopefully, when I create a post like this again in the future I can feature some more different places in different continents such as Asia and Oceania, as I pretty much stuck to the North America and Europe in this post.

Also, if you are having a read of this and thinking of some other cool places that I would maybe like to visit, please tell me about them in the comments below!

Olivia xo


  1. I would love to go to Spain! It looks so gorgeous there and it's so cool you've been there a lot! For a while I really wanted to go to Norway and Croatia, but lately I've been thinking maybe Thailand or Australia (which are totally different from each other haha). But honestly, anywhere would be good for me. Exploring new places (and food!) is so fun!

    Sam |

    1. Same here, I really just need a holiday! But I would love to visit Thailand and Australia too, I will have to mention them next time!

  2. Olivia, it is so amazing that you have posted every day recently, I must go and catch up on all your posts now! How do you find the time? Berlin is a place I would love to visit too, it looks amazing! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Aww thank you Erin, I have no idea how I have posted everyday-I suppose perseverance is the key for me! X

  3. Love these posts they make me realise there is so many places I want to go one day. Barcelona is amazing, went on a school trip a couple years ago and had so much fun. Berlin is definitely high on my travel list as well, so much history xx

    Sophie |

    1. Ohh that's good to know that Barcelona is nice! And I agree with the historical-ness of Berlin!


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