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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I feel as though I haven't seen the sunshine in so long, after a year of constant dreary weather over here in the UK, my skin is horribly pale and my mind is constantly dreaming of sunny paradises. Luckily though (big emphasis on the luckily), in the spring/summer I will be going on holiday to California, where I will be travelling around and going to a few areas-Los Angeles, San Diego and San Fransisco-and visiting lots of sites and doing a lot of shopping. Therefore, I thought it was only natural to begin my holiday shopping now, as I like to be nice and prepared when it comes to my clothes and accessories when travelling and going away!

Because it has just been my birthday as well, (big thank you for all the lovely birthday messages and presents from my friends and family!) I have a bit more money to spend right now, so I decided that it was the perfect time to have a bit of a spend, and hence a bit of a haul...

It was only upon looking through my purchases and taking this posts photos that I noticed a bit of a recurring theme with my items. That theme being orange...

I don't normally opt for orange when it comes to my clothing, but for this holiday I have subconsciously been finding myself getting more and more items in this colour. First came the bikini which I actually got last year from M&S, then on the weekend I also added to this with the sundress from Topshop (which was only £5 in the sale, reduced from £26!), and then the Morgan Taylor Nail Polish which was also on sale in M&S for £2.99.

Although I'm not the biggest lover of orange normally, I do think that it will look pretty good in the sun and with a bit of a tan...especially the sundress and bikini which I'm hoping will look very cute when paired together!

I wasn't expecting to find any new denim shorts when I walked into the typical chaos of the Zara sale, but believe it or not I found a pair for only £7.99 amongst the mounds of clothes. These, like all Zara's denim items, are super soft and comfy which means they will be ideal to walk around in all day whilst sightseeing and shopping. They also fit really nicely, and as they are a lighter shade of denim they won't get too hot in the pounding California heat.

Denim shorts are always a suitcase staple in my books as well, because I feel like they go so well with so many things-whether it be with a tshirt, a camisole or even just with a bikini top, I just love their versatility!

Oh my gosh, how adorable is this bandeau?! I have known for a good while that I want to buy a few bandeaus and bralettes to wear under more, shall we say, revealing (or gapey/baggy) tops when on holiday. This one from Hollister caught my eye from afar, as it sat amongst the other new bits and bobs of lingerie that they now stock in my nearest Hollister. My particular bandeau is, quite clearly, a strapless lace number that I can confirm is incredibly comfy-they also sell a few other different colours and ones with straps that are all, like this one, £14.

Although this particular one was quite pricey as a bandeau goes, I do hope to buy a few more cheaper ones before my actual holiday as I think such items are the perfect subsitute to clingy bras when you're in 30 plus degree heat.

And this is one the tops that I will most likely pair my bandeau top with, as it is quite open at the front (although this is what the style is meant to be like). The above photo definitely does not give my lovely top, also from Hollister, justice so when I actually wear it I will have to take some photos to properly show the style and shape of it. I can tell you that it is really flowy, so will be great in the heat, and slightly comes up at the front which gives it great shape.

Like literally all of the items in this post, this top was also in the sale, and cost me £15.99 which I think is a great price for a Hollister clothing item really (this is one of the main reasons that I love Hollister, and will be getting some more of my holiday clothes from there-they always have a sale section at the back with really nice clothes in!)

Lastly, there's this other bikini that I bought from Asos (from the sale, it was only £13!), that I'm utterly besotted with. I was a bit scared of ordering a bikini online, as I wasn't all that sure if it would fit me well or properly. However, as soon as it arrived and I tried it on, I knew that I had made the right decision-I fits so well and I really can't wait to wear it, as I think it will look especially nice with a tan; and as bikinis go for £13, I still can't really believe my look with this pretty little thing!

I hope you all enjoyed having a little look at some of my holiday clothes. Although I have got quite a lot of bits and bobs for when I go away now (I still have summer stuff from last year that I had little chance to wear due to the disgusting weather), I still have some clothes and accessories to purchase...

Thank you for reading anyway!

Olivia xo

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  1. Such a lovely haul, I love those shorts! x


  2. You picked up some lovely bits! I can't think about buying any thing summer related because it is just so cold haha x

    1. Aww thank you! And I know what you mean :)

  3. Really beautiful haul, especially the bikini! xxxxx


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