February Favourites

Sunday, 28 February 2016

February is almost over (when this post goes up there will be little more than a day left of this month), and of course, that means another monthly favourites. I just love rounding up the things that I have been loving over the past four weeks, and this month has been no different with some favourite things featured from all aspects of my life. The last month has past me by incredibly quickly, but I am now really excited for the (hopefully) warmer weather to start creeping in over the next couple of seasons, so I can finally get to wear some of my cute spring clothes, and try out some of my lighter makeup!

I recieved my incredible Record Player (you can find it HERE) for my Birthday at the end of January, and have been loving listening to music on it throughout the month of February! At Christmas, my parents discovered a lot of their old records in the loft and as I love music from years gone by (the 80's etc), I thought it would be great to have a record player to listen to all those songs on. This player is a cute little briefcase style one, that I can take anywhere in the house to plug in and listen to. It's dark blue in colour, so fits right in with the theme of my bedroom as well! 

Although I have quite a few good records to play already, I can't wait to buy more over the next few months...only the other day I bought a Beatles one from HMV that I am really enjoying listening too, but obviously there are so many more that I also want.

On the makeup front, there's definitely one product that has been standing out amongst my collection this month..that product being my Morphe 35 Warm Palette! I did talk about this palette a few weeks ago in another post, but since then I have used it almost every single day and can't get enough of all it's beautiful shadows. The range of colours in this palette is incredible, and you can create all manner of looks with it, for all manner of occasions. Each and every shade is incredibly pigmented too-something that I was very impressed with for the price of only £15.95, and with free delivery on Beauty Bay as well.

Going on to fashion, and I have to say that I have been obsessing over lots of my skirts and dresses this month, in particular my lovely denim skirt in the above photo. A week or so ago, I wrote a post detailing how I had gone off jeans and found myself in turn looking towards skirts and dresses as an alternative. I found this gorgeous denim skirt in the sale in M&S for around £20, and have worn it many times throughout the month of February.

A denim skirt is the perfect alternative to jeans, as with it being denim (obviously Olivia) you can still wear the same sorts of tops and shirts with it. I have found that I can easily dress my skirt up or down, as it goes amazing with slogan t-shirts, and also with cute patterned tops and blouses.

I had been admiring Tiffany jewellery for many months, and for my birthday I was lucky enough to received the beautiful necklace above as a present! The simplicity of my necklace makes it incredibly versatile to wear on both a day to day basis, or with a more dressy outfit too. You can find the Tiffany range of necklaces HERE - there are so many lovely styles on the website that I was hard to choose just one, but looking back I'm extremely happy with my choice now. The box that my necklace came in was also adorable (if you have had anything from Tiffany, you will know what I mean!), plus the fact that I have worn this item of jewellery on most days since I recieved it, firmly cements it into my February Favourites.

Now a bit of a random favourite, but after visiting Starbucks a couple of weeks ago I just knew that I had to talk about the lovely drink that I had during my visit. The drink in question is the Burnt Caramel Latte, which is a new drink to Starbucks and one that I fear is only a temporary addition to their menu. However, it's definitely worth the try as it was lovely (although caramel lattes are normally lovely from Starbucks anyway), and the caramel on top just adds to the gorgeous taste. You can also have it with cream, but at the time I was eating a bacon sandwich so wasn't feeling tonnes of cream as well!

I started watching Orange is the New Black sometime last year, but for some reason it took me months on end just to get to the end of season 1. Lately though, I have started watching again from where I left of and am now obsessed with this great series. I'm now onto season 3, and am loving getting to know all of the characters and am really enjoying all the story lines and the comedy aspect that's also added in.

And that's it, another month done with! As I previously said though, I am really looking forward to the spring and summer months as I am going to be doing lots of exciting things, and will in turn be producing many interesting posts that you will all hopefully love! 

Olivia xo

P.S. Thank you for all reading my everyday posts over the last two weeks! Sadly, I'm back at school tomorrow and won't be posting so often now, but I can't wait until my next holidays to start up the daily posts again!

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  1. Love your February favso and love your blog.
    Wanna follow each other?

  2. Omg I need that palette the colours are beautiful and I can't believe it's so cheap!! I also love that skirt, I've been trying to find one that suits me for ages, no luck yet!! I wish I liked coffees and then I could go to Starbucks and photograph all their beautiful drinks, honestly they all look and sound incredible, I'll just stick to my tea and hot chocolate for now hahaha xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. The price of the palette is amazing isn't it!! And never mind, I love love love tea and hot chocolate too though! X

  3. lovely post! Denim skirts are so beautiful, i love them !
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, I'm obsessed with them at the moment!

  4. Great favourites girly!! I followed you on Pinterest and I'm OBSESSED with your pins ♥︎


    1. Thank you! I need to get pinning on there again, I haven't been on Pinterest in a while now!

  5. So jealous about your vinyl player - it's my dream to own one! They're just so rad. I also LOVE your clothes combo. That denm skirt is gorge as are those flats.

    Lucky you receiving that beautiful necklace too xx

    Talia // Floral Anchors

    1. Thank you! The record player is definitely a fantastic investment as it is timeless!

  6. The Morphe palette looks gorgeous! The Tiffany Necklace is so pretty.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin


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