February Favourites

Sunday, 28 February 2016

February is almost over (when this post goes up there will be little more than a day left of this month), and of course, that means another monthly favourites. I just love rounding up the things that I have been loving over the past four weeks, and this month has been no different with some favourite things featured from all aspects of my life. The last month has past me by incredibly quickly, but I am now really excited for the (hopefully) warmer weather to start creeping in over the next couple of seasons, so I can finally get to wear some of my cute spring clothes, and try out some of my lighter makeup!

I recieved my incredible Record Player (you can find it HERE) for my Birthday at the end of January, and have been loving listening to music on it throughout the month of February! At Christmas, my parents discovered a lot of their old records in the loft and as I love music from years gone by (the 80's etc), I thought it would be great to have a record player to listen to all those songs on. This player is a cute little briefcase style one, that I can take anywhere in the house to plug in and listen to. It's dark blue in colour, so fits right in with the theme of my bedroom as well! 

Although I have quite a few good records to play already, I can't wait to buy more over the next few months...only the other day I bought a Beatles one from HMV that I am really enjoying listening too, but obviously there are so many more that I also want.

On the makeup front, there's definitely one product that has been standing out amongst my collection this month..that product being my Morphe 35 Warm Palette! I did talk about this palette a few weeks ago in another post, but since then I have used it almost every single day and can't get enough of all it's beautiful shadows. The range of colours in this palette is incredible, and you can create all manner of looks with it, for all manner of occasions. Each and every shade is incredibly pigmented too-something that I was very impressed with for the price of only £15.95, and with free delivery on Beauty Bay as well.

Going on to fashion, and I have to say that I have been obsessing over lots of my skirts and dresses this month, in particular my lovely denim skirt in the above photo. A week or so ago, I wrote a post detailing how I had gone off jeans and found myself in turn looking towards skirts and dresses as an alternative. I found this gorgeous denim skirt in the sale in M&S for around £20, and have worn it many times throughout the month of February.

A denim skirt is the perfect alternative to jeans, as with it being denim (obviously Olivia) you can still wear the same sorts of tops and shirts with it. I have found that I can easily dress my skirt up or down, as it goes amazing with slogan t-shirts, and also with cute patterned tops and blouses.

I had been admiring Tiffany jewellery for many months, and for my birthday I was lucky enough to received the beautiful necklace above as a present! The simplicity of my necklace makes it incredibly versatile to wear on both a day to day basis, or with a more dressy outfit too. You can find the Tiffany range of necklaces HERE - there are so many lovely styles on the website that I was hard to choose just one, but looking back I'm extremely happy with my choice now. The box that my necklace came in was also adorable (if you have had anything from Tiffany, you will know what I mean!), plus the fact that I have worn this item of jewellery on most days since I recieved it, firmly cements it into my February Favourites.

Now a bit of a random favourite, but after visiting Starbucks a couple of weeks ago I just knew that I had to talk about the lovely drink that I had during my visit. The drink in question is the Burnt Caramel Latte, which is a new drink to Starbucks and one that I fear is only a temporary addition to their menu. However, it's definitely worth the try as it was lovely (although caramel lattes are normally lovely from Starbucks anyway), and the caramel on top just adds to the gorgeous taste. You can also have it with cream, but at the time I was eating a bacon sandwich so wasn't feeling tonnes of cream as well!

I started watching Orange is the New Black sometime last year, but for some reason it took me months on end just to get to the end of season 1. Lately though, I have started watching again from where I left of and am now obsessed with this great series. I'm now onto season 3, and am loving getting to know all of the characters and am really enjoying all the story lines and the comedy aspect that's also added in.

And that's it, another month done with! As I previously said though, I am really looking forward to the spring and summer months as I am going to be doing lots of exciting things, and will in turn be producing many interesting posts that you will all hopefully love! 

Olivia xo

P.S. Thank you for all reading my everyday posts over the last two weeks! Sadly, I'm back at school tomorrow and won't be posting so often now, but I can't wait until my next holidays to start up the daily posts again!

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Latest Fashion Purchases

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Over the past two weeks, I have been on holiday from school and have therefore had a fair amount of free time to go shopping! Therefore, now the holidays are almost over, I thought it would be nice to tell you all about some of the bits and bobs that I have recently picked up...those things being mostly fashion related as I don't feel as though I write enough fashion posts at the moment.

Denim Skirt- since I'm really embracing skirts at the moment, I couldn't resist this lovely denim one from Topshop when I recently went to their ginormous store in Birmingham. It cost £29, and is very different from my other denim skirt as it is has subtle stripes on, and is void of any buttons unlike the other one. I think that this skirt will look lovely in the spring with a white t-shirt (like the one featured in the above photo), and a lighter pair of brogues (also like the brown ones featured in this post).

White T-Shirt- I got this plain t-shirt from New Look to take with me on my holiday in the summer, as I think it will look incredibly cute when paired with patterned shorts or a nice stripy skirt that I have. For £7, I think this top will look lovely with many things, and for such a low price it isn't really an issue if I get sun cream splattered all over it!

Brown Handbag- again, this bag was brought from New Look for the sole purpose of being practical to sling over my shoulder when exploring on my summer holiday. It again cost around £7, but is very sturdy, secure, and has lots of little pockets inside to pop my phone and other bits and bobs in when I'm walking around during the day.

Brown Brogues- I absolutely adore brogues, as I feel you can wear them with so many outfits, whether they be casual or more dressy. This particular pair caught my eye in Sainsburys (would you believe it?), as they are very different from any other brogues I have owned before, and their lighter colour makes them perfect for spring. Upon trying them on, I have to say that they feel very comfy which is fantastic considering I already have many outfits lined up to pair them with!

Black Brogues- as I said, I do love brogues, and although you may think me rather boring for getting two pairs, these are quite different from the pair I just mentioned. I feel like the patent aspect of these ones from Debenhams makes them a little more dressy, and for that reason I am probably going to wear them with some of the more smarter dresses and skirts that I own. Again, these seem very comfy,  and due to them being plain black I am sure they will look good with lots and lots of different outfits. 

Grey Sweatshirt-I noticed this sweatshirt in the sale in Two Seasons (it was £22.50 instead of £55), and couldn't resist it's soft, cosy charms. Although I bought the smallest size they had, it is still quite baggy which makes it perfect for travelling in, especially on a plane journey as it is lovely and warm to snuggle up in!

Well, those are the more fashion-based things that I got over the last two weeks...thankfully my mum helped me out to buy quite a few of them because I am currently saving up for my holiday to California, where there are a hell of a lot of things that I want to buy!

Thank you for reading anyway,  and thank you also for helping me reach 3000 followers on my Twitter (@oliviabethxo)!

Olivia xo

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My Travel Bucket List Continued...

Friday, 26 February 2016

The other day, upon planning future blog posts, I realised that it has been quite a long time since I wrote a travel post, or in particular, a travel bucket list post. A few months ago, writing posts featuring the destinations that I want to visit one day was something that I really enjoyed doing...and then, I seemed to just forget about such posts. However, today I have redeemed myself and compiled another little list of places that I would really love to go to someday! Dreaming of visiting all these amazing cities and destinations really gets me through the mundane school days and piles of revision that I frequently have, so hopefully reading this post will give you all a bit of an escape from reality too...

Let's start off closer to home, in Europe-

I have been to Spain many times over the course of my life, but am yet to visit one of the big cities there! Barcelona, in particular, is a place I would love to go to in Spain-the shopping, the food and the tourists attractions there just look incredible. As you can see in the above image, Barcelona looks like a really beautiful city with some amazing buildings; plus, it's only a couple of hours away on the plane and you are bound to get a great tan whilst walking around.

I feel like there are so many lovely, interesting places to visit in Europe that my list could potentially be never ending. However, when whittling said list down I would definitely place Berlin near the top as it just looks like such a beautiful, historic city. I really want to go to Germany at some point in the near future, and Berlin seems like the perfect sightseeing city....ideal for a few days away to have a good old explore of!

I have never been to France either, which is pretty bad considering here in the UK it only seems to be within touching distance. In a previous post I mentioned that I would really love to visit Paris one day, and today I want to talk about somewhere a little different-that place being Cannes. The idea of going to Cannes really appeals to me, as being in the South of France, it's bound to be a lot sunnier so as well as sightseeing, you can squeeze in quite a bit of sunbathing too. Cannes also seems like a very glamorous destination (very film star-esque), and I think there would be many amazing photo opportunities there!

And now further afield to the USA-

I wouldn't want to take a long holiday to Las Vegas, but I would love to just go at some point to say that I have been. At the moment, I'm too young to go for the gambling, but even when I am old enough I wouldn't probably visit for that reason anyway. Seeing all of the different, amazing hotels on the strip would be incredible, as well as standing by the famous sign in the photo above. Plus, I have heard that there are some pretty good shops there (I do love a bit of shopping after all)!

I have been to Florida three times, and had amazing holidays in Orlando every time. Therefore, if I were to visit Florida again I would love to go to Miami as it just seems like the complete opposite to Disneyland (even though I adore Disney)! It would be nice to see all the beaches down South, and do a bit of relaxing, as going to all the amusement parks in the centre of Florida can be pretty full on. Perhaps because of that, a week in Orlando and then a week in Miami would be a great holiday plan, as it just mixes in a bit of everything.

I love writing Travel Bucket List posts like this, as I love going on holiday and can't wait to travel the world! Hopefully, when I create a post like this again in the future I can feature some more different places in different continents such as Asia and Oceania, as I pretty much stuck to the North America and Europe in this post.

Also, if you are having a read of this and thinking of some other cool places that I would maybe like to visit, please tell me about them in the comments below!

Olivia xo

New MAC Lipstick

Thursday, 25 February 2016

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you will know that I recently visited the MAC store...which means a new MAC purchase! A visit to the MAC store can be kind of pricey, so I only came out with a lipstick. But boy oh boy, it is a lovely lipstick, and today I will be telling you all about it...

The Lipstick I got is in the shade Creme De La Femme, which is a frost consistency lipstick and is a gorgeous pink. Like all MAC lipsticks, it cost £15.50-a price that I think is quite high for a lip product, which is why this is only the fourth addition to my collection (I also own Chatterbox, Politely Pink and Velvet Teddy).

Despite the price tag, it is still an incredibly good quality lipstick, and I'm sure any of you who own a MAC lipstick will back me up on how good these items actually are. Creme De La Femme is lovely, creamy lipstick and with its sleek black bullet packaging it looks perfect when popped into the front of my lipstick holder on my desk!

This lipstick also looks gorgeous on the lips as well! It's quite a subtle, shimmery pink that works really well with my pale skin, and doesn't wash me out in the slightest. I normally wear it with my nude NYX Lip Liner in the shade Peekaboo Neutral, as the two blend really well together. Although due to the staying power of this lip product, you probably could just wear it on its own too.

Sorry for such a short post about this lipstick-I have only worn it couple of times, but already know that I'm going to love wearing it in the future...so I feel there isn't much more to say about it!

Thank you for reading anyway,

Please recommend some other MAC lipsticks that you are loving, in the comments below...

Olivia xo

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How I Edit My Photos...

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Between my blog, my Twitter, my Instagram and my daily life, I take an awful lot of photos and post quite a lot of them for you all to see. However, it occurred to me the other day that I have never thought to show you all how I actually go about editing and prepping my photos for the public eye...so today, I will be showing you just that!

Firstly, I better explain what apps and tools I use to edit my photos-there are three apps that I use on a daily basis to tweak my pictures, and each of them are free to download from the Apple App Store.

As you can see in the photo above, they are:

and last but not least, INSTAGRAM

And now, I will just go on to tell you how I use each one of the above apps, and explain why they are my go-to features for making my blog and social media images actually look presentable.

I will start with Moldiv, which is an app that I came across by chance a few months ago when merely searching for a photo editor on the Apple App Store. It is free, as I previously mentioned, although you can purchase add ons if you really want to. 

I was really surprised with how good it's editing tools actually are-it has a vast range of features to brighten, highlight, crop, trim, rotate, colour, blur, and clarify your images (a range that is almost, and I mean almost, close to rivalling Instagram's editing selection)! A lot of the photos on my blog have now been edited using this app, and I have to say that I'm really happy with how the majority of them look. All too often I have found myself in a dodgy quality photo situation, but with just a touch of brightening and sharpening, this app has somehow managing to save my bacon!

The other feature that I really love in this app though, is it's collage maker which is perfect for blog posts like wishlists and hauls, as it makes putting all the applicable photos together extremely easy. It's also perfect for stitching together my other personal photos from holidays and certain days or events, as you can choose to pop in up to 10 photos (or something around that amount) and style them in which ever way you choose! I normally add in a few pictures, then change the background, or remove the boarders all together for a more simple look. But, on the whole, a good set of photos can be achieved in seconds with this app!

Another collaging app that I love is Layout, which again was completely free to download from the Apole App Store, but gives you a lot in return! It doesn't contain any editing features, but is tied along with Instagram as an app that collages and mirrors your photos in a very sleek way. 

Below and above are photos that I have improved and added that extra bit of finesse too, with the Layout app. The app itself is incredibly easy to use, and only has a few features included to try out and get used to. However, it has quickly become a firm favourite of mine, and I normally go straight to it after editing some of my images on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram...I have to say that although I love the Moldiv photo editor, I don't think you can beat Instagram's editing tools. Instagram is one of my favourite apps anyway, and it's fantastic photo editor only cements it's greatness in my mind.

It has pretty much the same bits and bobs to edit as Moldiv, and many other photo editors that I have tried out in the past, but seems to just go that extra bit further with it's quality. My Instagram edited photos always seem to look just that little bit brighter and clearer, and I absolutely love the many filters included (Aden being my favourite at the moment)!

And that's it really when it comes to editing photos for me! I like to get my photos to the best possible quality, but don't really want to be paying out lots for fancy apps to do so, especially when I already love the three free ones that I have mentioned in this post anyway.

Hopefully, if you are on the lookout for a new app for editing your photos (although I'm guessing most of you already have Instagram already), this post may have helped you out a little...

But, if any of you use a good, free editing app that I haven't mentioned above, please let me know in the comments below :-)

Olivia xo

TheBalm Voyage Palette

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I can finally (and happily) say, that I am now the proud owner of a palette by TheBalm. That palette being The Balm Voyage Palette, and today I will be just giving you all a little run down and first impressions of my new makeup addition...

First of all some facts on this beautiful little thing;

-It's the 2nd Volume of The Balm Voyage Palettes
-It costs around £30, and can be found on Feel Unique
-It's perfect for travelling as it is super thin, and contains all you need in terms of eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers and highlighters

-It contains 
9 varying eyeshadow shades
1 highlighter
1 bronzer
2 blushers
And 2 lip and cheek colours

And now onto some first impressions (because with palettes like this, they count right?!)...

The packaging...
Online, the packaging of this palette really caught my eye with its bold writing and bright images, and as soon as I opened my delivery package of it, I felt just as drawn in. The palette is quite thin and small, so as I previously mentioned is perfect for travelling and popping in your makeup bag/travel bag. Whatsmore, while we are on the topic of travelling, the little mirror on the inside top of the palette will make it incredibly easy to see how your makeup is looking on the go!

The Contents...
All of the eyeshadows in this palette are very wearable colours, and although I didn't get a swatch of them, from testing them on my hand I did see that they are very lovely and pigmented. You can create many looks with all the shadows included as well-a lighter, more summery look or a darker, more deep look...my favourite shadow at first glance, being the lovely turquoise 'Welkom' on the right hand side.

Above, you can see my swatches of the face products-the highlighter in particular being incredibly pigmented and pearlescent! The bronzer is also very nice, as it isn't too dark and harsh so will suit my fair skin very well. The blushes are also lovely, as they are again not too bright and will work well in giving my skin just a bit of a healthy glow.

The lip and cheek products also look very nice-the orangey colour being a lot more vibrant than the red, which comes out as a pinker colour on the skin. When I'm in the sun though, these colours will work really well as lip balms that just add a bit of colour to my lips, without being as cakey as lipsticks would be in the heat.

The Value for Money...
Although this palette certainly wasn't cheap, for a product by TheBalm I would say that it wasn't too badly priced. I already own a couple of things by TheBalm, and know how high the quality of their products are so wasn't to upset at parting with my money this time around. Also, with so many different bits and bobs inside that I can't wait to use, I definitely think that this palette is in fact very good value for money.

As you can see a couple of images above, this palette also comes with a little guide of how to pair all the different products of the palette together, in order to create a few lovely makeup looks-I particularly want to try the second look down, as it looks nice and light for when I'm on holiday, and contains the eyeshadow 'Benvenuto' which is a lovely shimmery pink that I am in love with already!

On the whole though, as you can probably tell, I am very happy with this latest makeup purchase of mine, and cannot wait to start using it! I think I'm going to save it for a while though and keep it fresh for when I go away at weekends or abroad in the summer, as with it in my makeup bag I won't have to pile in loads of other products because this palette covers all parts of my makeup routine!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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Why I love...Soap&Glory Bath and Body

Monday, 22 February 2016

Last week, I wrote a post detailing my love for the Soap&Glory makeup range, but what's the cosmetics line without the bath and body products that started off my obsession? Therefore, today I thought it necessary to talk about all the bits and pieces of S&G skincare that I own-I will talk a bit about why I love each of my products, and also mention which items I would like to buy in the future, as I did in my makeup last time....

I really adore the body lotions from Soap&Glory, which is a good thing considering I own quite a few of them. After receiving some little ones and some big ones as parts of sets over the past few months, I have really fell in love with these creams-with one in particular, Smoothie Star, standing out to me as it smells a lot like cake mixture!

Because of my love of this particular scent, I would definitely like to get a big bottle of the Whipped Clean Shower Gel (I think it's this one) in the future, as I'm pretty sure that it has the same sort of scent. I also really like the original S&G body lotion from the image above though, as well as the Sugar Crush one which is quite zesty, so will therefore be perfect for keeping me feeling nice and fresh in the summer.

Soap&Glory's shower gels are another thing that I really love, with the little bottle in the image above especially coming in handy when I go on holiday, or go away for the weekend. Clean on me is very creamy and leaves my skin feeling very soft, and as a body scrub, The Scrub of your Life, just amplifies that smooth feeling afterwards.

Talking of softness, I would really love to try some more of the S&G hair products! I already have a little shampoo of theirs lurking somewhere in one of my travel bags, but in the future I would definitely like to purchase a bigger bottle of this and also one of their conditioners, as I can only imagine how lovely they smell, and how silky they will leave my hair feeling!

Although it's not really in shot here (sorry about that), I am really loving using the Hand Food hand cream at the minute too. Throughout the winter months, my hands can become quite dry and chapped, but with a little bottle of this in my handbag, my hands have stayed nice and smooth for quite some time. 

I would also love to try some of the Soap&Glory skincare products in the future (e.g their cleaners and face moisturisers), as I always see a little stand of them in Boots and feel quite intrigued by them, but am yet to actually try any of them. On many an occasion, I have seen bloggers talk about the skincare range and give it quite good reviews;so as someone with combination skin, I am unsure why I haven't bought any of the products yet!

Hopefully, this and my last Soap&Glory post have summed up why I love this brand and its products so much-I own quite a lot of S&G stuff, and can't wait to buy more in the future! I also hope that these types of brand centred posts have showed those of you on the boarder line about buying new products, whether or not you should actually make the purchase, as I know that this is something I would find helpful...

Thank you for Reading anyway,

Olivia xo 

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Nail Polish Neutrals

Sunday, 21 February 2016

I'm all about the neutrals when it comes to nail polishes at the minute, and what better way to celebrate this new found love than a post dedicated to my favourite shades. Today, I sat down and painted each nail on my one hand with a favourite neutral polish of mine-starting with one from Mac (which I actually bought for my mum, but love to borrow every now and again)! 

Mac Nail Polishes cost around £10, and this one in the shade Skin, is probably worth every penny. I adore the brushes and bottles of all Mac nail products, and this one is no different as its thin brush helps the polish to easily glide on my nails. To get such a level of colour on my thumb, I merely applied a couple of coats-this gave me a nice thick coverage of this light shade, but it still dried incredibly quickly and didn't feel thick and gloopy at all.

Next, I went for my new YSL polish that I recieved with my Black Opium perfume for my Birthday. The colour of this product is definitely one of my all time favourites, as it's a lovely light neutral shade that works well all year round. These polishes normally cost around £19, but again you definitely get what you pay for, with a nice even coverage of product that dries very quickly and stays in place for a good few days. 

In this post, I will be documenting my love for two OPI nail polishes...the first of which being this cute travel sized on in the shade Tickle My Francey. This is quite a similar colour nail polish to the YSL one on the finger before it, but it definitely has more pink tones in it, which makes it a lot more of a warm neutral colour. I talked about the set that this product came in a few weeks ago-the set itself cost around £29 and has 4 other little polishes apart from this one, all of differing colours. 

As I will go onto explain with my other OPI polish, this item is extremely good quality and I think I only had to apply one coat of the stuff to get this rather full coverage colour on my nail. It also dries immensely quickly, and stays on the nails for quite some time, with only a little touch up needed after a couple of days!

This Essie polish cost me £8, and was my go-to nail colour throughout most of last year. Now however, it is starting to run out, and I am simply getting the last dregs out of the bottle in an attempt to still showcase this beautiful colour. Buy Me a Cameo is a lovely metallic looking neutral, that is so different from any other nude colour that I have owned before. One coat of it will suffice, and again drying time is super fast, plus it stays on the nails for a reasonable amount of time. However, the reason that I love this nail polish so much, is because it creates a very pearlescent look on the nails so that they immediately look a lot stronger and healthier than they did before!

Finally, there's my other neutral OPI nail polish (this one cost around £12, and is in the shade Berlin There, Done That). It's quite a bit darker than the other four colours featured in this post, and is therefore probably more suited to the Autumn and Winter months as it, on the whole, looks better when worn with darker outfits too. Even so, as I previously mentioned, it's quality is fantastic and you definitely get what you pay for with this product. OPI is definitely up there with my favourite nail brand, and polishes such as this absolutely show the high level of their products!

I hope you all enjoyed this little neutral nail polish roundup, as I really enjoyed detailing all the things I love about my collection! Neutral and nude polishes are definitely something that I am going to opt for when buying nail products in the future, over brighter and more vibrant colours, as after wearing all of these shades I have now seen how incredibly versatile they are...

If you have any nail polish shades, or brand recommendations please let me know in the comments!

Olivia xo

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Baking-Carrot Cupcakes

Saturday, 20 February 2016

I have been baking again! And this time, it's Carrot Cupcakes-something that I have never tried before, but have been keen to try due to my love of cream cheese frosting. I found a couple of different recipes to complete these cakes (one for the actual cake, and one for the icing) from MyRecipes and BBC Good Food. Both worked together to make a really cute batch of cakes, that did take quite some time to get right, but taste pretty good!!


For the Cakes-

2 Large Eggs
60ml Milk
170g Plain Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
8tbsp Unsalted Butter (this confused me too, but I just soften the butter and spooned out 8 lumps)
130g Light Brown Sugar
100g Grated Carrot
Some Chopped Walnuts

For the Frosting-

100g Unsalted Butter
300g Soft Cheese (like Philadelphia etc)
100g Icing Sugar, sifted


1. Firstly, I preheated the oven to 180c and lined a 12-hole cupcake tin with cases. Then, I measured the milk out in a measuring jug and added the eggs to it, before whisking together.
2. Next, in a bowl, I mixed the flour, salt, cinnamon and baking powder together. In another bowl I then creamed the sugar and butter together, until they resembled a fluffy mixture.
3. Adding half of the egg mixture to the sugar and butter combination, I mixed well and then added half of the flour as well and mixed again. I then repeated this step once more, mixing well after each addition.
4. Finally for the cakes themselves, I folded in the carrots and walnuts before separating the mixture equally between the 12 cases and popping them in the oven for around 30 minutes, (or just until you can put a knife or skewer inside the cake, and no raw mixture comes out on it).
5. Whilst the cakes cooled, I made my cream cheese frosting-for this is put my butter in a bowl and softened it, before also adding the cream cheese and icing sugar and mixing until smooth.
6. Then, I spooned the icing onto each cake and smoothed it out using a knife. On top, I sprinkled some more chopped up walnuts for a cute finishing touch!

And that's all there is too it really! It's quite an easy recipe to follow, but it takes a good while to prepare everything, bake, and ice the cakes, so perhaps if you haven't got so much time on your hands you could just simply make the cakes (like in the above photo) and not add any icing-they will still taste really lovely, I can assure you!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

P.S. I'm really enjoying writing baking posts, so if any of you have an ideas on what I should bake or cook in the future please let me know in the comments!

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