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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Instagram is definitely my favourite, and most used app and form of social media (with Twitter a close second). I spend hours on it everyday, and really enjoy posting my own photos as well as scouring through my feed and seeing everybody else's.

Therefore today, I thought what better way to cement my love of this app than by sharing some of my favourite accounts and their feeds (get ready for some seriously beautiful photos!)...


I have been obsessed with Cliona's Instagram feed (and her blog for that matter) for quite a while now-all her posts are just so pretty! Her clothing and outfits are beautiful, and her makeup and stationary posts always give me major photo envy! Her theme is constant and really cute, as she seems to keep to the same simple colour theme throughout; something that I struggle with greatly on my own Instagram.


I have spoke to Ciara a few times on Twitter, and I have to say she is a lovely person, with an amazing Instagram to match. She regularly updates us with her gorgeous outfits and makeup buys, keeping her feed incredibly beautiful at the same time. Her taste in fashion is just amazing, and one of her latest photos documenting her Too Faced purchases had me a little too excited!


Ellie-May's photos are incredibly beautiful-each and every one of them looks so well thought out that her feed just oozes cuteness. From new shoes to makeup, all her photos are crisp, and well, just perfect really and a great source of feed inspiration. Her photos as I said are always extremely good quality as well, which is something I really need to up the game in on my own feed!


If you are looking for a one of a kind fashion and style feed, then Lauren's Instagram is the one for you! From gorgeous denim jackets to cosy slogan jumpers, every picture is bound to make you want to buy something new for your wardrobe. As with all of my favourite feeds, this Instagram again has a very constant feed-something I adore especially in Lauren's photos is that they all seem very minimalistic, but so vibrant at the same time!


Olivia is a girl after my own heart anyway considering we have the same first name,  plus as you can see above her Instagram feed is pretty insane. Again, each of her photos look so well thought out and placed, and I also now well and truly hooked on her page due to the influx of New York photos she has been posting-just think Tiffany Boxes, New York Streets and American Sweets and I'm sure you'll have the same reaction as me :-)

And there we go....obviously I adore so so many more Instagram feeds also, but these are the main five that have me hooked right now. Each and every one of them have me up and ready to improve my own feed as I approach 4,000 followers (thank you so much!)

Please continue to follow me on Instagram as well--@oliviabethh


  1. Just been on your instagram to follow you and you have nothing to be jealous of! But love the post :)

  2. They're feeds are actual goals, bet yours is to though!

    lovely post, i really enjoyed it :)
    Daizy from|


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