Salcura Skincare Goodies

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hello Again,

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely ChloĆ© from Salcura Natural Skin Therapy contacted me about the Salcura brand and it's products. I jumped at the oppurtunity to try out some of their range, as I'm really trying to up my skin care game right now and have vowed to look after my skin a lot more this year. 

On the Salcura website ( you can find all sorts of products, for all sorts of skin types and problems (acne and dry skin to name a few). They also have ranges for children, as well as skin and suncare items that you can find on the Boots and Feel Unique websites.

The first of the three items that I received, is the Face Cleanser which usually retails at £12.99. I have used this on only a couple of occasions so far, but have to say that it has definitely had an impact on my skin...

To use you simply rub or wipe some of the product on your face, and then wash off with some water. So simple, yet so effective-this item really left my skin feeling soft and clean, with no signs of any makeup left over to clog up my pores. It also left my skin feeling very matte, and not greasy at all which is a big bonus when you have crazy combination skin like me.

It's a massive bottle of product as well, so is going to last me a long long time, meaning you will definitely get your money's worth from this cleanser (especially if you have combination skin or wear a lot of makeup like me, and want to have lovely soft skin still!) 

Next up is the Conditioner (especially for sensitive/dry scalps). This normally retails at £8.99, and again you get a big bottle of the stuff so it will definitely last a long time. Especially when, from my own personal experience, you only have to use a little dollop of product on each use.

To use, you simply pop this stuff into your hair and around your scalp after washing with shampoo, and after a few minutes rinse it out (pretty much like normal conditioner really). Like with the other Salcura Products that I received, I have only used this on a couple of occasions. But both times I have to say that my hair felt very soft and silky afterwards, and the odd bit of dryness on my scalp seemed a bit better (however I guess this improves ever more as you continue to use this product).

Finally, there's the Body Cleanser which like the Face Cleaner, costs £12.99. This product (again like the Face Cleanser) contains no artificial fragrance, so if you like a good old fruity shower gel then maybe it isn't for you. However, if you do want a good quality product that, from what I have seen so far, works miracles with dry and damaged skin then it is indeed perfect for you! I have quite dry skin on my legs and back, and from the few times I have used this cleanser I have definitely noticed a difference. The dry patches of skin I once had have definitely become smoother and in some cases not so sore.

This cleanser also leaves your skin feeling nice and refreshed, which is a definite bonus, leaving me very excited to continue using it in the future!

Well, I really hope you all enjoyed finding out a bit more about Salcura and their products. Whatever your skin condition or type, on their website you can definitely find something perfect for you, and I'm not just saying this because I have been sent these products, but I would definitely definitely absolutely recommend them to you all (even if you just try one bottle of something, you will be very impressed,I assure you!)

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

January Favourites

Friday, 29 January 2016

Another month has passed me by, and although January has on the whole been a bit of a dreary one (what with tons of exams and constant wind, rain and coldness), I have still found several favourites from the past few weeks. These particular favourites hold quite a variation of products-fashion, beauty, accessories, and even a DVD series. On the whole though, I feel as though this post is going to be quite a chatty one, so please have a good read, and I really hope you all enjoy it!

Bowers&Wilkins Headphones-I got these earlier this month after my Beats headphones failed me yet again. For ages I had desperately pined for a pair of Beats headphones as though they were the holy grail of the headphone world, but after having them break on me several times I was far from impressed. That's when I stumbled upon these Bowers&Wilkins ones-very retro and compact with amazing sound quality, they definitely live up to their excellent reviews. What's more, with a two year guarantee from John Lewis, I can sleep easy knowing that I'm in safe hands if they are to break (although fingers crossed, they won't!)

Boyfriend Jeans-For seemingly forever I have wandered in and out of shops wondering whether this style of jeans would do anything at all for me. So set in my ways with skinny jeans, I was pretty terrified to escape my comfort zone...but with this beautiful pair from M&S, I can safely say that I am glad I have made the transition. These particular ones sit just below my waist, and feel incredibly comfy and easy to move around in. They also look pretty fab when worn with a tucked in tshirt and a bomber jacket, even if I do say so myself.

Olivia Burton Watch-This was another replacement item, after my Daisy Dixon watch decided to let me down greatly (it's rim of rose gold all but chipped away despite the fact that I only wore it on a couple of occasions). After drooling over all the beautiful Olivia Burton watches for quite some time (and being kind of intrigued considering we share the same name), I trusted that such a brand would have their items made to a much better standard than my previous watch. This particular one (you can bask in its cuteness just below!) cost me £70, but I have already worn it several times and am simply in love with its style and elegance.

Miss Selfridge Blouse-This was one of the items that I bought from the Boxing Days Sales, and is by far my favourite as well! It's quite spring-appropriate, I have to admit, but it fits so well and just generally looks so girly and pretty. The way it flows and floats about is gorgeous, and the pattern on it only entices me ever more (as well as the little tie up feature on the front).

NYX Eyebrow Gel-I already own the NYX Brow Pomade, and have to admit that I am pretty in love with it! I adore how you can make you brows look either incredibly subtle or a lot bolder very simply, and with just the stroke of some product on a brush. Therefore, after seeing many other bloggers and youtubers both use and recommend the NYX Brow Gel I decided to also try that out. In the shade Brunette, just like my pomade, this cost me only £5.50 and I can safely say that I love it as much as (if not more than) my brow pomade. It's little squeezy bottle makes it perfect to pop in my handbag/travel bag, and it's consistency makes my brow routine very quick and easy.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick-Put simply, I am obsessed with this lipstick. Bought just before the new year, I have now wore it on a number of occasions and cannot get enough of it-it's shade is an insane nude, and it's bottle shape and consistency make it easy to apply and wear. It's not too thick and clogged on my lips, but it's staying power is enough that it will stick in place even while I eat and drink. 

Futurama-After catching Futurama on Pick Tv a few times over the Christmas period, I quite quickly became hooked and shortly after purchased this DVD box set of season four from Amazon. As a big fan of the Simpsons, I have to say that I really love this programme as well-it contains the same standard of great characters and humour as the Simpsons but is so different and unique that I can't wait to see more episodes and buy more box sets, (although I have a long way to go before I catch up with the amount of Simpsons DVD's I own!)

And that's another favourites done and dusted for another month....

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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My Lesser Worn Wardrobe Items...

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I'm always buying new clothes and accessories (but of course those of you who regularly read my blog already know that), and naturally I tend to wear some bits and bobs more than others. Upon recently looking through my wardrobe and it's surrounding storage, I found quite a few items that I'm sad to say I haven't used or worn to their full potential. So hopefully by creating a post like this, detailing a few of those forgotten items, I can keep a reminder to myself to use and wear them in the very near future!

I bought this cute little tie up top from Topshop back in the Autumn, and have unfortunately only worn it once (I know, tragic!) After seeing this style of shirt on Instagram feeds and blogs alike, I really thought I too would love wearing them myself...and don't get me wrong, i do, but I just felt at the time that I was getting way too cold in such a thin and open top. 

Therefore, once it's the spring I am going to make this top of my wardrobe priorities to wear, as I think once I get used to the style I will be able to style in in many ways and with many things.
I also got this denim jacket last year, and I have to say I just adore it-from Forever 21, it was incredibly affordable and also fits so well on me! However, last year I tended to wear a lot of jeans and in turn didn't want to wear this as well (a fear of double denim sent tingled down my spine at the sheer thought of committing such a crime.)

So, this spring and summer I am going to make the effort to pair this cute little thing with some different bits and bobs-dresses and skirts etc-so I can actually get my wear out of it.
This scarf must have cost me about £9 from the Asos Sale last year (it's from the Jack Wills section, and I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw a picture of it) but I feel like I haven't really worn it all that much. It's really soft, and from what I can remember it went well with all sorts of things, yet like so many things that I own it just ended up at the bottom of a drawer and I only recently rediscovered it.

I think it will look perfect this coming spring though when it's still that little bit chilly, as it's light but still keeps your neck warm. It will look seriously cute with just a jumper or long sleeved top as well....and now I just can't wait to find the oppurtunity to wear it!
Oh, my dear Cambridge Satchel, how I raved over you upon first purchase! And now I feel as though this beautiful thing is just simply sat in it's dust bag beside my wardrobe, and has only been used a couple of times...

I do have a reason for this however, I hurt my back not long after getting this gorgeous bag and struggled to wear it on my shoulder for quite a while after. Then, it got to winter and I again found it difficult to wear this atop all my layers of coats and jumpers and best galore. So, as we approach the spring I feel that I have no excuses when it comes to wearing this fine thing-thankfully it is a very versatile colour so it's sure to still look lovely with all my prettier, spring outfits as well as those darker ones that I wore in the autumn.

Just writing this post has really reignited my love for all of these items, and I now can't wait to get round to wearing and using them once again. Hopefully you can all relate to me with my forgetting of items etc, so I'm definitely going to reupdate you all later in the year once I have tried each and every one of them out again!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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Instagram Envy

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Instagram is definitely my favourite, and most used app and form of social media (with Twitter a close second). I spend hours on it everyday, and really enjoy posting my own photos as well as scouring through my feed and seeing everybody else's.

Therefore today, I thought what better way to cement my love of this app than by sharing some of my favourite accounts and their feeds (get ready for some seriously beautiful photos!)...


I have been obsessed with Cliona's Instagram feed (and her blog for that matter) for quite a while now-all her posts are just so pretty! Her clothing and outfits are beautiful, and her makeup and stationary posts always give me major photo envy! Her theme is constant and really cute, as she seems to keep to the same simple colour theme throughout; something that I struggle with greatly on my own Instagram.


I have spoke to Ciara a few times on Twitter, and I have to say she is a lovely person, with an amazing Instagram to match. She regularly updates us with her gorgeous outfits and makeup buys, keeping her feed incredibly beautiful at the same time. Her taste in fashion is just amazing, and one of her latest photos documenting her Too Faced purchases had me a little too excited!


Ellie-May's photos are incredibly beautiful-each and every one of them looks so well thought out that her feed just oozes cuteness. From new shoes to makeup, all her photos are crisp, and well, just perfect really and a great source of feed inspiration. Her photos as I said are always extremely good quality as well, which is something I really need to up the game in on my own feed!


If you are looking for a one of a kind fashion and style feed, then Lauren's Instagram is the one for you! From gorgeous denim jackets to cosy slogan jumpers, every picture is bound to make you want to buy something new for your wardrobe. As with all of my favourite feeds, this Instagram again has a very constant feed-something I adore especially in Lauren's photos is that they all seem very minimalistic, but so vibrant at the same time!


Olivia is a girl after my own heart anyway considering we have the same first name,  plus as you can see above her Instagram feed is pretty insane. Again, each of her photos look so well thought out and placed, and I also now well and truly hooked on her page due to the influx of New York photos she has been posting-just think Tiffany Boxes, New York Streets and American Sweets and I'm sure you'll have the same reaction as me :-)

And there we go....obviously I adore so so many more Instagram feeds also, but these are the main five that have me hooked right now. Each and every one of them have me up and ready to improve my own feed as I approach 4,000 followers (thank you so much!)

Please continue to follow me on Instagram as well--@oliviabethh

Shoe Shopping!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Shoes, like makeup, are something that I buy a lot of and in all honesty, tend to hoard. The bottom of my wardrobe is piled high with boxes of shoes that I love or can't bear to part with, and now there are two new members to my collection after I went a bit over the top with shoe shopping on the weekend...

Both pairs are from Dorothy Perkins, a place that I feel does pretty good quality shoes for a pretty good price-both of these were also only £16 (originally £23 but with 30% off each), which is incredibly cheap considering I am bound to wear them on countless occasions.

The first pairs are the gorgeous tan lace-ups above...

I had been envying these sorts of shoes on other people's blogs and instagrams for ages, and knew with Spring approaching that I had to get my hands on a pair too! They do them in both tan and black, but as I own a lot of black shows I opted for this lovely brown, suede pair I think they will be more suitable for the Spring and Summer months. They are pretty comfy, and although I won't wear them to walk miles and miles in, in my head I have already planned many an outfit to pair them with (just think boyfriend jeans and cute stripy tops and floral blouses!)

The second pair I got are the cute black loafers above (again £16). These are more the sort of shoes I would wear now with tights and a skirt of with black jeans, but I also think I would be able to make them work in the spring by using them to dress up some more casual outfits. 

I really like how they are part patent and part suede, because it makes them look that little bit more dress. Plus, the gold on the tassels takes away the school shoe vibes they might otherwise attract.

Again, they probably aren't going to be the comfiest shoes in the entire world, but I will give a good go at wearing them in. They also sell these in blue and brown I think if you don't want to opt for the black as I did!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this more fashion orientated post; you can find both pairs of shoes on the Dorothy Perkins website. 

Olivia xo

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First Impressions-NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Despite claiming to focus my spending on only fashion items over the next few weeks, I did make a purchase from the Boots website the other day. Within my purchase was the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder (which I love and had to rebuy), the NYX Brow Gel in the shade Brunette, and finally the NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in the shade Tea & Cookies...a lipstick that I will be sharing a bit about  with you all today.

I am so so happy that now stocks NYX cosmetics, because after purchasing some of their products at the Clothes Show, I just fell in love with their brand. Their lip products in particular stood out to me, so after hearing about the Liquid Suede Collection, I just knew I had to try one for myself.

The colour range is pretty extensive, with shades ranging from nude to purple, but I eventually went for the pink shade of Tea & Cookies as with Spring approaching I thought it would the perfect addition to my ever-growing lipstick collection. I wasn't wrong to pick such a colour either, as upon first application I could tell that I was going to adore wearing this product in the future.

It's a lovely soft pink, and it's so natural looking that it will work perfectly on a daily basis, or with a more full coverage look too. The Lipgloss element to the packaging makes it extremely easy to apply (no more going over the lines of my lips for me!), and it helps achieve a very even coverage...

Going onto the coverage and quality of the lipstick, and I have to say that so far I am very impressed. You can hardly feel the product on your lips, and because of its suede qualities it dries pretty quickly, which leads to a matte effect after a while. However, I haven't really worn this product for long periods of time yet, so I can't say for sure whether or not it actually stays like this;but if it's like any other of my NYX lip products, I know it will stay in place for a while.

Finally, the price of this lipstick was very good as well-at only £6.50, I do think that it is very affordable, especially considering that the product you get is to a pretty high standard. Therefore, I am incredible happy with my purchase and am definitely going to purchase more of the Liquid Suede Lipsticks in the future (the lovely nude Soft-Spoken and the deep red of Cherry Skies are definitely leading me in to spending more money!)

Have you ever tried any of the NYX Lip Products before? If so, which ones and what did you think of them?

Olivia xo

P.S You can find the NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks here...

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Revision Tips & Tricks

Sunday, 17 January 2016

As a student in my final year of high school, I know the pressures of exams all too well-even as I speak I am sitting two weeks of trial exams ahead of my real GCSE's in the spring. To make myself confident for my exams, I really do think that doing some revision is the best thing as I personally have to write and answer questions in order for subjects and topics to get into my head...

I don't claim to be the best at revising, but I have definitely learnt which methods work the best for me now (about time after nearly five years), and for anyone who is struggling to study or put their mind to revising, in this post I will just be sharing a few of my simple revision tips.

Get Comfy...don't be sat at the kitchen table on a rock hard chair that numbs your back/bum beyond belief, as that is simply a recipe for you to get bored and move away from the revising pretty quickly. Instead, I always sit or lie on my bed surrounded by lots of pillows and cushions so I can move around every so often to avoid the dreaded pins and needles.

Don't Forget The Snacks...obviously don't over indulge too much, but maybe just keep a drink and a bowl of sweets or a packet of crisps handy to dip into every so often. Normally, I will just have a cup of tea by the side of my bed and a plate of biscuits by my side, because food makes everything better right?

Listen To Music...I know that some people find this incredibly distracting, but I honestly do not know what I would do without my music in times of revising. When picking my music, I try to choose slower and more relaxing songs so I can still focus, but have a sing-a-long at the same time.

Add Some Colour...boring school books and text books are enough to put anybody off studying, so instead get out the coloured notebooks and pens to make your work a little brighter. I also find that making my notes, and correcting my work in bright colours helps me to pick up little pieces of information when quickly scanning through my revision the night before my exams.

Take Breaks...this is definitely the most important part, as flat out revising is probably the worst thing to do-in my personal experience is merely stresses me out, and to be honest my brain starts to reject any additional information after a while anyway. Therefore after about an hour/half hour of studying, take a break. Watch the TV, go on your phone, or perhaps even start a new series on Netflix that you can catch up on between revision breaks.

I really do hope at least one of these tips might prove a little useful for those of you struggling to find your way when revising. Personally I can't stand studying, and always find it a bit of a chore, but when I add a few of the above tips into the mix it becomes almost bearable.

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

Yet Another Shopping Trip...

Friday, 15 January 2016

Shopping is one of my main hobbies, so if I didn't produce a haul or two every so often, what kind of shopaholic would I be?

Last weekend, I again went on a bit of spending spree and bought a few fashion bits and bobs that I'm going to just talk about today-I actually bought no makeup for once (I know, big shock!) but I really just wanted to dedicate some shopping time to only clothes for a change...

Normally when I go to Birmingham, Victoria's Secret is my first port of call, and this visit was no different. As you can see, I bought some new underwear (sorry if that's a bit tmi to actually show the underwear, but I love buying pretty pants and in all honesty just love all the underwear from Victoria's Secret)! These were 5 for £20, so each pair of pants averages out at £4, which I don't think is that bad actually considering that from my personal experience these are amazing quality, and seem to last for ages.

In the new Grand Central shopping centre/station in Birmingham (which is amazing by the way) they now have a Cath Kidston store (as well as a Mac store that I'm sure to spend a lot of time in in the future). Cath Kidston isn't somewhere that I would normally prioritise visiting, but I actually bought the beautiful skirt above for £22 (it was reduced from £45) on this visit.

I knew immediately that I loved this skirt, and have really been wanting to wear more feminine clothes lately as I feel I have tired of simply wearing jeans and a t-shirt all the time (even though I'm going to go on to say that I bought some jeans and a shirt later in the post), so this skirt is sort of my starting point for a bit of a change up of some bits in my wardrobe.

To go with it, I just got a plain black, long sleeved t-shirt to go underneath from Forever 21 (I think this cost about £9), so I can start to wear the skirt even now, in the winter, with some thick black tights and cute loafers.

From the Primark section in Selfridges I then got a couple of bargains; as the above shirt and jeans only cost £10 each! And although, I said only moments ago that I sort of want to branch away from wearing jeans all the time, I still will wear them some times and with some things, as sometimes they are the most practical option.

Although these Primark aren't the most fantastic quality jeans in the entire world, for £10 you really can't go wrong-they fit well, are nice and stretchy and wear quite well too. The shirt is also quite different, and rather over-sized but for £10 again I'm sure to make it work whether it just be by wearing it on its own or over a different top maybe in the spring.

And that's all I bought really. Over the next few weeks I want to try and focus my spending a bit more on clothing instead of just makeup all the time (even though I immensely love makeup, and actually just ordered some from the Boots website), so I can try and create more fashion-inspired posts, and perhaps even a look book at some point, detailing some of the ways in changing my look at the moment!

Thank you for reading anyway, 

Olivia xo

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Benefit-How To Look The Best At Everything

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hi again,

As you may (or may not) have guessed from the title of this post, today I will be talking about Benefit's 'How To Look The Best At Everything' set...

I think I may have mentioned this before, but this lovely set contains;

The Porefessional Primer
Hello Flawless Foundation
Boi-ing Concealers 
Hello Flawless Powder and Brush

As I said, I have been really loving using all the contents of this set; especially seeing as I asked for it for Christmas and was anticipating recieving it for some time. Of course, as always with Benefit, the products are all pretty amazing too so I thought I would just take some time to explain how I use and apply each of them (to do my base makeup)...

Firstly, I will just dot some of the Porefessional Primer on my nose, chin and t-zone (mostly the areas when I have to most redness and visible pores) and blend it into my skin. 

Then, using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I blended some of the Hello Flawless Foundation all over my face and neck. The really nice thing about this particular foundation is that it feels incredibly light on my skin, which is very refreshing when your have patchy skin like me and tend to wear quite a bit of product.

Normally, I will then move onto the Boi-ing Concealer-dotting some of the warmer toned one under my eyes (because I have quite dark circles and feel as though a warmer concealer wakes me up a bit more), and some of the lighter one on another other blemishes that I may have. I also find that the lightest concealer tends to work quite well as a sort of highlighter due to its brightness.

Finally I just brush some of the Hello Flawless powder all over my face, and it does definitely give you a flawless complexion and immediately gets rid of any shiny patches, as well as mattifying my skin completely.

As you can see, I am really loving this set and all its contents-so I'm really happy that my parents actually bought me this for Christmas. I do honestly think it's one of the best Benefit sets I have had in recent times as it is so specialised to skin and base products, and has given me the chance to try out the foundation and powder so I know that I would eventually love to buy their full-sized versions!

Hope you all enjoyed this post,

Olivia xo

P.S. You can find this set on the Boots and John Lewis website, as well as the Benefit one also!

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New Makeup Storage!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

I recently had a bit of a reshuffle in my room, and after moving some of my makeup to my desk area I thought it would be a good idea to purchase some little draws to pop my most used makeup in so I don't have to root through my draws everyday. Following a quick Amazon search, I found the 3 draw acrylic holder that you can see below (it cost about £9), and now that it has arrived I really want to share the makeup that I have put inside with you all...

In the top drawer I have placed the main skin/base products that I use on a daily basis;

Loreal Infallible Foundation-in the shade vanilla (I do like this foundation, but am still not completely set on its matte qualities after using a more dewy foundation before)

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer-in the shade fair (many of you will know how much I love this, and most probably own it yourselves too)

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation-(this came out of my 'How to Look the Best at Everything' set, and I have put it in my drawers to inspire me to use it more)

Benefit Porefessional Primer-(I am seriously loving this right now and will probably do a more detailed review in a week or so on it)

Benefit Boing Concealer- (this is normally in here as well, but I think I may well have put it back in one of my main makeup drawers by mistake)
In the second drawer I have my other base products, like contouring stuff etc;

Soap&Glory Powder-(I have literally only just started using this, so am yet to form a concrete opinion on it, but I will be sharing my thoughts pretty soon)

Benefit High Beam-(I promise this is not a Benefit ad, but I just love this highlighter as its pearlescent glow can brighten up my face when worn with any makeup look)

Clinique Contour Stick-(again, this is pretty new but I am loving it so much due to its creamy texture and easy to blend-ness)

Then in the third draw I have my eye and brow products;

Smashbox Eye Primer-(sadly, this is very close to the end of it life as I have loved using it on a daily basis)

Naked Basics 2-(I love love love this palette, and adore all the shades in it as they are so wearable and easy to pair together for any occasion)

Soap&Glory Supercat Liner-(the best liner ever, in my personal opinion obviously...)

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Primer-(again, I love both of these. The primer lengthens my lashes and the mascara on top just makes them stand out in such a full way)

NYX Brow Pomade-in the shade Brunette (after using this I really want to invest in some of the other NYX brow products, like the gel)

Soap&Glory Archery-in the shade Brownie Points (I have raved about this product so many times, so to save getting on everyone's nerves I won't go on about it again this time!)

Also whilst I'm still on the subject of new makeup storage, I can't help mentioning this cute little brush holder from Lakeland (However I just found the exact same one one Amazon). It literally cost me like £2/£3 and fits so many brushes in, as well as looking super beautiful whilst just sitting on my desk.

P.S. The brushes inside the pot are from Real Techniques, Nanshy and Ted Baker and Bourjois.

Well I hoped you enjoyed having a little nosey inside my desk-top, makeup storage...

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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