New Year's Resolutions?-Blogmas Day 17

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Hello again,

Recently, I wrote a post detailing my blogging goals for next year, and today I will be continuing with that as right now it is Blogmas so I am posting every day! However, today my goals won't just be focussed on blogging, and will instead be based on my general life aims (sort of New Year's resolutions!)

Do well in my GCSE's-this is probably one of the most important things for me to keep to in 2016, as when it comes down to it GCSE's are a big deal! I know when you move on to a-levels, they become a distant memory but right now I would love to get the best grades I can possibly achieve so I keep doors open for all sorts of future careers. Getting a's and a*'s would be fantastic, but as long as I try my hardest I think I will be happy with my grades!

Grow my blog-after blogging for only a few months and doing quite well, (as well as making lots of new friends), I really want to continue with expanding my blog next year. It would be lovely to get lots more views on my blog, as well as gain more followers on my social media (Twitter and Instagram) because my blog is something that I am clearly very passionate about!

Try new foods-I am a very picky eater, and although I do get a little bit more adventurous each year I want to continue with trying new bits and bobs next year. Some foods, I just tend to turn my nose up at without really trying-so it would be nice to actually give them a go as I may end up liking them!

Don't stress out as much-I do get anxious and stressed out extremely easily, but next year I want to try and stop that. The pressure will definitely be on with all of my exams, but to get away from that I will continue to blog as it is a great outlet for when I am stressed, and try other things like baking and sports that will help me relax.

Although these aims are quite varied, I do believe that they are realistic and not something that I will give up on in a few days. Hopefully, I will stick to them throughout next year (and the end of this year also) and I may have to update you all later on to explain how well I'm doing...

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo


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