10 Blog Post Ideas-Blogmas Day 8

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hello Again,

There's no mistaking the fact that coming up with something new and different to write about everyday for your blog is a difficult task, especially during Blogmas. Therefore, I thought I might be handy to create a little list of 10 post ideas that are mostly festive related, that you can add to your blogging schedule over the next few weeks if you find yourself stuck for ideas!

1. Favourite Seasonal Products-this could be a review of one beauty item you are loving right now, or it could be a top 5 round up of your favourite Christmas lipsticks for example.

2. Favourite Seasonal Clothing-are there certain items of clothing that you are loving right now and wear a lot of? If so, then you could write about a couple of them and explain why you love them.

3. Christmas Wishlists-a Wishlist of things you want for Christmas or perhaps things you want to buy in the sales after is always a good idea as it gives your readers the chance to get some inspiration of things to want and buy too!

4. Christmas Gift Guides-some people struggle with picking out presents for their friends and loved ones, so if you have seen quite a lot of good gift buys, pop them into a guide to help others out. You can do a cheap and cheerful one or maybe even a more high end version if you like.

5. Festive Baking-if you like making Christmas Treats in your kitchen, then sharing your favourite recipes is always a nice idea. Baking posts sometimes make a nice change from the normal beauty and fashion posts, so giving advice on how to make some wintry cakes or cookies is a good shout!

6. Christmas Makeup Looks/GRWM-the festive season mostly involves a lot of going out and getting dressed up, so what better way to show off your look than a tutorial post!

7. Favourite things about Winter-if you are as excited for Christmas as I am then this post is for you. You can make a whole list of things you love or if you like, just describe one part in detail.

8. Christmas Decorating-sometimes it's nice to share how you are decorating your house/room, whether it be photos of the full works or just a few snippets of your favourite decorations.

9. Goals for the New Year-2016 is fast approaching, so a short list of goals and ambitions for the new year is a great, quick and easy post idea that ties in well with winter.

10. Favourite Bloggers/Youtubers-this could just be in a general sense, or as to keep with the festive theme you could go as far as detailing your favourite Blogmas's or vlogmas's.

Well, I hope some of you found at least a couple of those ideas helpful, as I know how difficult it can be to think up blog post ideas every single day!

Thanks for reading,

Olivia xo


  1. These are all such great ideas!

    xo, Liz

  2. Great ideas! Might have to utilise some of those in my blog soon ^_^ thanks!


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